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For Music Connoisseurs Only

Metallica: Enter Sandman (Smooth Jazz Version)

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4 Responses to For Music Connoisseurs Only

  • Might be my favorite version.
    I like how people seem VERY unhappy with it.  I’m in the minority and enjoy it when they stray from their normal stuff – I thought Load and Re-Load were two of their best albums ever…

  • Aw that was sweeeeet!
    I’ve lost a LOT of respect for Metallica over the years (and I disagree with Scott above in that I found Load / Reload to be crap. Death Magnetic was better). But I will definitely say this was a GREAT cover of their own music.
    And all that whining over piracy has really done a number on Lars. He looks positively ancient these days.

  • Wait a second – This isn’t done by them, it’s by some other guy who just used the video.
    Still a great version nonetheless.

  • Yeah, the guy just pulled Lars’ vocals then wrote and played the music to match. Genius.