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SEIU = thugs

Last Sunday, while you were enjoying the day off and the mild weather with your family, SEIU thugs were in the process of trying to intimidate the family of a Bank of America executive.  They did it without the press (well, they had a friendly HuffPo blogger there to whom I’m not going to link) and they showed up without notice.  They, the 500+, did it strictly to intimidate the executive (a “we know where you live” type of demonstration).  This, apparently, is the new tactic of the thugocracy.  Unfortunately for the SEIU, Nina Easton of Fortune happened to be the bank exec’s next door neighbor and she writes about it.  She also snapped this pic:

As it turns out, the only occupant of the home at the time was a terrified 14 year old boy, the bank executive’s son, who locked himself in the bathroom. The rest of the family apparently was at the Little League game of a younger son.

While the executive, Greg Baer, is the deputy general council for corporate law at BoA and based in DC, it’s unclear what the SEIU and the Chicago based group called “National Political Action” targeted his house other than it was convenient. Why not BoA headquarters or some other BoA institution? Because, as Nina Easton says, this was an attempt at nothing more – nothing more – than pure intimidation. 14 school bus loads – 500 people – on your porch banging on your door and terrifying your family.

There’s some irony here. The Baer family is not exactly the scripted “evil Republican corporate capitalist” family that thug organization like the SEIU like to portray as the enemy of “the people”.

A lifelong Democrat, Baer worked for the Clinton Treasury Department, and his wife, Shirley Sagawa, author of the book The American Way to Change and a former adviser to Hillary Clinton, is a prominent national service advocate.

This is and always will be unacceptable behavior from any group. But it seems to be something the SEIU and other unions have decided is fair play. Easton sums it up nicely:

In the 1990s, the Baers’ former bosses, Bill and Hillary Clinton, denounced the “politics of personal destruction.” Today politicians and their voters of all stripes grieve the ugly bitterness that permeates our policy debates. Now, with populist rage providing a useful cover, it appears we’ve crossed into a new era: The politics of personal intimidation.

It is an “era” which needs to be nipped in the bud now. If ever there was a group displaying fascistic tendencies, it is the SEIU and the groups like National Political Action with which it is associated. This is unacceptable behavior and we need to let the SEIU know it and know it now. Politics is a rough and tumble game – we all know that. But keep families out of it.

Action like the SEIU and NPA took last Sunday were the tactics of thugs. And and unless and until those tactics are abandoned and an apology issued to the family the union attempted to terrorize, they’ll continue to be referred to as thugs.


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14 Responses to SEIU = thugs

  • What scares me is that I read that the police can only ask the demonstrators to desist if the homeowner requests it.  The teenage son isn’t the homeowner, so I guess he couldn’t ask the demonstrators to leave?  Does this mean that you can just walk all over anyone’s property at any time, provided that you’re carrying a protest sign?
    But what scares me the most is that there are 500 ADULT people who think this sort of behavior is acceptable.  I would never trespass on someone’s home to protest, and neither would any civilized person.  Since the object of a protest is to have your voice be heard by someone in power, a protest should properly be carried out in a public location, not where the only people who can you are a terrified teenager and a few uninvolved neighbors.

  • You know where these punk SEIU thugs WON”T pull this kind of stunt?
    Here in Texas. Where the Castle Doctrine is in full effect. Those thugs are clearly trespassing (over-running his yard, driveway, and doorway).
    There would have been a lot of blood-soaked purple shirts had this occurred on a private residence in Texas. And the the law would have clearly favored the homeowner, who would merely have to state that he was in fear of his life, and was simply trying to stop the threat that was on his private property.

  • Oh kids, it gets better – there’s a (or soon will be)  piss fight brewing between the DC Metro police, who are alleged to have escorted these buses to the location to monitor it, and the local Montgomery County cops where the property is.    There’s all kinds of fun in asking if it’s normal for DC cops to escort people into other jurisdictions to help them break the law (Trespass,  No Permit for their little shindig, etc).
    The DC Metro Police spokesmen are already refining the nuance in their stories as the Washington Post works to ignore it.

  • They need to be very careful how they proceed.  It’s a sad but undeniable fact that there’s plenty of people on both sides who are itching to go at it but are just waiting for someone to ring the bell (ie – some sort of justification)

    Keep it up, they’ll attract a counter-mob sooner rather than later. 

  • And I see our Thug In Chief will be going to Chicago for vacation rather than the Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery.
    He and the Misses are so proud of their country, but you know, a promise is a promise and they just haven’t gone back to Chicago as often as he promised they would.  I’m feeling confident that no one will mind…

  • A lifelong Democrat, Baer worked for the Clinton Treasury Department, and his wife, Shirley Sagawa, author of the book The American Way to Change and a former adviser to Hillary Clinton, is a prominent national service advocate.

    Really?  Well, in that case… the Baer household was picketed by angry teabaggers pretending to be SEIU members!

  • Well the “lifelong democretin” has now been mugged. I wonder whether it has been a “come to Jesus” moment or, whether from his elite perch he will blame the social inequity of conditions for those oppressed “purple people beaters”?

  • Man, id be at my doorstep, shotgun in tow 5 seconds are they stepped into my yard. No need to even use it, they would disperse. Just grab a chair and sit on my porch.

  • “Smithers… Release the hounds.”

    • He better have a lot of hounds. Plus some of the SEIU folks are quite large and need more than one hound to bring to ground.

  • This is Union thugs showing union supporting nitwits who holds the leash.

  • Once again, we see the left using the law as a cudgel to beat down its opponents.  Had anybody in the house done anything to defend his property and (potentially) his life, HE would be in jail while MiniTru would be deluging us with tearful stories about vicious, unprovoked attacks on peaceful union workers exercizing their First Amendment rights to protest greedy banks throwing poor people out of their homes.  What is the home or business owner to do?  Wait peacefully inside for the police while an angry mob tramples his property, hoping all the while that they don’t decide to either drag him out or toss a molotov in through the window?

    As a friend of mine said, the erosion of the rule of law (where the hell WERE the cops???) can only have a bad end for everybody: either some lefty hoodlum is going to go a bit too far with his “intimidating”, or some target of intimidation is going to get so scared that he opens fire.  And I also think that shark is right: there are people ready and even eager to push back very, very hard.  I can only hope that the thugs have the good sense to confine these tactics to DC, NYC, Chicago, and other bastions of liberalism where people have no other choice but to cower in a locked bathroom.  Oh, and that they’ll also not remember to do a little checking and make sure that IF a reporter lives right next door to the target of their goonish behavior, the reporter is either out of the house or else gets the word to put a lid on the story before it’s published.  I wonder how many other incidences of this sort of intimidation have occured and NOT been reported.

    Finally, it has been noted that the SEIU owes BoA a huge pile of cash.  This is one way to (ahem) persuade the banks to extend the loan!

  • Just a hypothetical:  If the homeowner demanded trespassers leave the property and they don’t, can the homeowner physically compel them off the property his property?  i.e. 12Ga. worth of persuasion.
    What if the homeowner felt sufficiently threatened?

  • A couple of  trespassers, probably not, even if they had knives. The court would likely say that you should have secured the house and called the police or fire department and/or just waited them out. Now a mob of 500+ (seems a high number…) is a different story. You could argue that even though you (and your family) were secured in your house and you called the police/fire departments, you felt threatened that they would break in. I really don’t know how this would play out unless it was a trial with a jury of young mothers. In that case, you would own the SEIU.

    Keep in mind mob psychology. It is easy to say just blast a few of them with 12ga or shoot over their heads and they will run away. They may but they may also stampede in your direction. In that case, you had better have hundreds of shells/rounds available and someone to help you reload. When you have 50 people running at you, there isn’t a civilian legal firearm that has that capacity. Even pre-Clinton handgun magazines only held about 14 or so rounds and unless you have perfect aim, you will be reloading quickly. The bottom line to me (with 9mm with several magazines and 12ga) is that unless they actually penetrate the house, break the windows, or toss firebombs, just load up your weapons and wait them out. Property damage can be repaired and argued over later but once a life is gone, it is gone.