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Hideous witch from the animated movie Spirited Away also an anti-Semite

Yes, this woman apparently thinks the Jews ought to just get their butts back to Germany and Poland where they belong. You know, back to the countries where six million of them were murdered.

Helen Thomas lookalike

Oops, sorry, wrong picture. It’s from the movie Spirited Away. I often get that one mixed up with the one below. They’re pretty much the same except for the walnut stain dye job and the horribly out-of-place trollop lipstick on the second one.

Ugly leftist harridan anti-semite

Ugly leftist harridan anti-semite

Anyway, courtesy Briebart, here’s the video, where you can see her spewing her leftist tripe for yourself.

It is a testament to the leftward bias of our legacy media that this harridan holds a place of honor in the White House Press Corp.

Now let us breathlessly await her suffering any consequences whatever. I’m anticipating a long wait.

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28 Responses to Hideous witch from the animated movie Spirited Away also an anti-Semite

  • Watch carefully when she chuckles and you can see her cough up a cloud of dust ($1 to Jim Treacher).

  • Jews have only occupied Israel for couple of thousand years, I guess give how old she is, this seems like recent history to her.

  • It is surprising is that so few Jews in America see that the left has always hated and tried to kill Jews. The French revolutionaries, the soviets, the national socialists, and various left wing groups since then.
    And now the far left is in an unholy alliance with Islamic Jihadists. It is mind boggling, because these idiots do not understand that they would be among the first to be killed in any extreme Muslim state.

    • That has been a source of mystery to me for decades. I also don’t get why the left hates the Jews in the first place. I understand the fact that the Jews were a convenient scapegoat for National Socialism, but why does the modern American left persist in anti-Jewish sentiment while excusing acts of barbarism from Islam? The Jews are made to be the bad guys even when they’re clearly not (as in the recent flotilla incident), while Islamists can put feminists and homosexuals to death and the left yawns.  

      The only provisional answer I’ve found is that Islamic supremacists are a convenient ally for the left in battling the Enlightenment-based society the left wants so desperately to bring down. As a part of that alliance, the left has to overlook atrocities by Islamic supremacists and manufacture rationalizations for how bad the Jews are, just to create common cause with Islamic supremacists and Jew-haters. Throw in a dash of idolatry for those “noble brown people” and you’ve got one of the strangest political alliances in history.

      • The only provisional answer I’ve found is that Islamic supremacists are a convenient ally for the left in battling the Enlightenment-based society the left wants so desperately to bring down.”

        Now, that’s about the best reason I’ve heard yet.

      • Just what is it we’re talking about when you say the “American Left”?  How large is this contingent  that hates Jews and is allied with the Islamists?  Couple of thousand people?  Couple of million?  More?
        And if you think it’s more, just how would y0u come to that conclusion?  Save the unusual position this old hag retains, a few examples exhumed from obscurity surely wouldn’t suggest a large representation, would it?  And if one would equate a few comments on a left wing blog to be indicative of the American Left being anti-Jewish, then couldn’t the same be said about a few comments on a right wing blog to be indicative of the American Right being racist against black people.  Right?
        Would you suggest that it is the lack of condemnation?
        Just curious.

        • I suggest you open your eyes, it is a lot more than a few thousand. True, it is much more pronounced in the European left, but it is quickly taking a place among the academic left in the USA.
          Of course they can’t often come right out and say it like this hag did, but you can read it into the vehement condemnations of Israel and the attacks against (code words) big Bankers and multi-national corporations.
          Now I am talking about (so far) the far left, but those kinds of things have a way of metastasizing.

          • You sound like the Left when talking about the Right being racists.  “Open your eyes, don’t you see they use code words?”

        • Sure, a few blog comments….wait, she is the elder stateswoman of the White House press corps.
          Plus, I will grant you – probably racism is more widespread then apparent and so is the left-wing anti-semitism. Just see which one costs someone their job…hold your breath.

          • You’ll notice I stated “save this old hag…” before talking about blog comments.
            I don’t know why you guys are so comfortable with blanket statements like “The American left is anti-semitic.”  Don’t you see that it is the same when the Left makes blanket statements like “The American right hates black people”?
            Both statements are false – you guys just seem to be comfortable embracing one but condemning the other. Which doesn’t bode well for your credibility.
            And pointing to Thomas doesn’t help you much.  There are countless examples of racism on the Right, most recently the S.C. gubernatorial Republican candidate calling his fellow republican and Obama a “raghead.”

      • But, the left, as usual, is deluding themselves if they think they can survive in a world where Islamic supremacists rule.  The very first group they would then destroy is the group of liberals that supported them.  Somehow the left thinks that if they help those guys, they will be exempted from retribution and requirements.  You have to be on the left to believe that.

    • The best explanation I heard was that its a consequence of the legacy of Stalin’s propaganda.
      Basically leading up to WWII, Stalin and his communist allies were in a propaganda war against a competing brand of Socialism.  Hitler and Nazism were accused of being ‘Right Wing’ as a smear on them.  Later the left continued that smear, but for the reverse effect.  They associated Nazism & Fascism with being Right Wing as a smear on the Right.  This perception is so ingrained that many on the Right will even parrot this connection not realizing how wrong it is.
      Later Jews associated Right politics with Hitler and Nazis.  Over time the focus of their opposition, with the help of the Left’s propaganda, was focused on the Right.  The reason they dislike the Right is almost forgotten now.  So you can’t even correct it by trying to denounce the false Nazi/Right connection.

  • Dang it, I too thought immediately of Yubaba, but rejected the comparison because Yubaba actually has some decency and integrity.

  • When I first saw this clip, I thought it was some sort of parody: surely NO American outside of the skinheads or klan really thinks this way, much less says it publicly.

    This hateful, loathesome woman is a pure, unadulterated anti-Semite.  That she feels confident enough to express her views so clearly AT THE WHITE HOUSE tells me all I need to know about her employer and the rest of the press corps.

    I also note that many jokes are made about her appearance, which is truly hideous.  But jokes about her hag-like face diminish and obscure the truly hideous fact that she publicly and brazenly made statements that would be right at home in Tehran, Damascus… or a klan rally.

  • Sarah Palin said it best — and most succinctly! — yesterday on Twitter:
    Helen, Helen, Helen … unimaginable misunderstanding of Jewish history … & unconscionable indecency. Press corps colleagues calling you on this?

  • Isn’t she of Lebanese descent? It will be interesting to see what comes of it and how hard a hit Bush will take because of it? 

  • Slap some ruby slippers on her and stick her back under that house.

  • God, warn a man before you post close-ups of that old hag…
    I’m gonna be dry-heaving for an hour…

  • She’s  first generation Lebanese Arab . . . what would you expect.
    Maybe she should go home . . to Hisbullahland

    • Yeah, why isn’t that pig doing us a favor and wearing a burqa?  God knows Islam treats its women SOOOOO well…

  • Helen Thomas suggested that the Jews simply drop the whole “Israel deal”.  They should go home. This suggests that they are the problem.  They are the reason for so much misery.  What a bothersome, burdensome people.  Why do they insist on imposing so much misery.

  • The irony is that the Left believes that if Israel didn’t exist, there would be peace in the Middle East and Friendship with our Muslim Brothers.
    My guess is that it would take somewhere from 6 months at the earliest to a couple years at the latest before some group or nearby country would take their place.

  • @Raq Will no-one rid me of this troublesome race???

  • When she dies, I have something special to water her grave with.