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  • The statement made by Helen Thomas is terrifying.
    I am one of those rare liberals.  I am a liberal who supports Israel.  Period.  And I do believe that if liberals were true to their creed, they would support Israel, too.
    However, attacking Helen Thomas by referring to her as “old,” “ugly,” etc., isn’t necessary.  Don’t use an anti-woman bias to illustrate her anti-Israel bias.  It puts you on her level.
    Thank you for showing this.  I wouldn’t have known.  How can an educated person, such as Thomas, say such a thing?  She is making an ultra conservative statement by the way in that she doesn’t believe that Israel should have a homeland.  Neither do many ultra orthodox Jews.  But for Thomas who is rather rational to say such a thing, it must be the twisted sickness that is anti-Semitism.  Labels like “liberal” and “conservative” are all rather relative.
    I am just stunned.

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