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Speaking truth to power – NJ version

If anyone doubts that teacher’s unions are the power within the education establishment, they simply haven’t been paying attention. And if that same person is satisfied with the results of that education establishment over the years, they’re simply asleep at the switch.

In at least one state, a governor – Chris Christie of NJ – is attempting open warfare with his state’s teacher’s union in an effort to actually improve education, and you can imagine the result. That hasn’t stopped him from doing something the liberals always like to claim as their prevue – speaking truth to power:

“Parents and children who are being failed by a public school system whose costs are exorbitant and whose results are insulting deserve a choice. We don’t have to look far around the country to know that vouchers and experiments in school choice are working, that they’re producing results.

In D.C., those in that program are now reading 19 months ahead of their peers outside of the program. This isn’t a coincidence, we know it’s not a coincidence. We know that there’s over five-million children trapped in over ten-thousand failing public schools around America.

And I use the word ‘trapped’ and I use it directly. They are trapped by an educational bureaucracy, they are trapped by a selfish, self-interested, greedy school union that cares more about putting money in their own pocket, and the pockets of members, than they care about educating our most vulnerable and needy children.”

The rhetoric is interesting to me. Using the style of most union attacks Christie cites “greedy”, “selfish” and “self-interested” school unions as the problem. He’s using “for the children” against the liberal establishment to move his agenda – one which will actually provide children in NJ with a choice. Imagine that. And since it advances liberty, it puts me squarely in his camp applauding his effort.

What he is doing is what government should be doing – freeing the citizenry to decide for themselves and forcing marginal or poor schools to heed their customer base or “go out of business”. The message is “the free ride is over” as it is certainly not a free ride for taxpayers.

Christie points out that in Newark, NJ, taxpayers pay $24,000 per pupil per year. So in a class of 20 you have almost a half a million dollars spent. I’d like to say “invested” but its hard to do with a system Christie characterized as an “absolutely disgraceful public education system.”

So cheers to Christie. I continue to follow his battles in NJ with interest and, yes, hope. If he can be successful in triming back government and making it more effective while saving taxpayers money and breaking the power of government unions, he’ll be someone many politicans should, and I hope would, emulate. He is indeed one of the few governors using his state as a “laboratory of freedom”. I wish him good luck.



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  • President Christie if he’s not careful….

    • I doubt it.  Can you imagine the fun SNL would have with his weight?  He’d be an object of national ridicule before the end of the day he announced.

      • Makes me ill to think the ass-hat writers and actors on SNL have to be given that much consideration.
        Then again, Dave Letterman seems blissfully unaware that George W. Bush is no longer President, so…why not.

        • It makes me ill that so many of my fellow citizens have their perception of the world dictated by Hollywood.

  • If he succeeds in fixing NJ then indeed, he will be President.

    Which is why they will destroy him.

    • I was thinking the same thing – he better be ultra squeaky clean personally and professionally because the better he looks, the more dogs they’ll put on his trail to find something.   After all, they have all those blood hounds that have gone virtually unemployed since Imeme announced his candidacy for President….
      If what he’s doing works – he’s cooked, even if they have to make up quotes about how he can see California from his house.  Conservative success cannot be tolerated, it interferes with the narrative.

      • Yes, they’ll just lie if they have to, and retract it much later after the damage was done. See what they did with the Limbaugh “racist” quotes that never existed.  Didn’t stop anyone from busting them out as “fact” even after Limbaugh forced retractions.

  • I pay about 14K per year to send my daughter to an AWESOME private school.  How can someone pay twice that for garbage?

    • All you need is the right union and some friends in the legislature….

    • I pay about $7K per year for my zero amount of children to go to school!!
      How about that garbage?
      You want your money back?  Cool with me.  Can I have mine back please?  Seems only fair.

      • You are not paying for your nonexistent children, you are paying so that some children grow up to be meaningful producers and taxpayers to pay for your pension etc in your old age. Or at very least you are paying to keep an army of ignorant little brats off of the street.
        But at any rate, you and everyone else is being screwed by the lack of quality.

        • Well then, isn’t that what meagain is paying for as well?  To keep an army of ignorant brats off the street, etc.
          Then what is he complaining about having to pay twice for?  Not only is he paying for his child’s education, he is also paying for some children to grow up to be producers and taxpayers to pay for his pension, ect.
          Bottom line is, if meagain is paying for one half extra that he’s not getting, then I am at least paying once for something that I’m not getting.  Why can’t I have my money back if he wants his???

          • “Christie points out that in Newark, NJ, taxpayers pay $24,000 per pupil per year.”
            He’s not dude – he’s telling you he pays 14k a year to get his daughter a good education, and the post indicates in Jersey they’re paying 24k a year, just under twice what he pays, and it’s rubbish.
            “How can someone pay TWICE that for garbage” – not “I have to pay twice for this garbage”
            Note, he didn’t bitch about ALSO paying for public education in addition to the 14k, though I’m sure he’d like to.

          • And I need to read BEYOND where I’m at, don’t I…..damn interruptions why do people keep expecting me to work!

      • How can you possibly be paying for it, Pogue?  Don’t you know that it’s free?

      • Hey Pogue – I wasn’t asking for my $ back, just wondering how we have a great school at half the price.  And for the record, I own two homes in the same county and STILL pay for a private education for my girl.   But if you can get it back for us, I’ll send a bottle of jamison’s your way 😉

        • Ahhh…  My bad.
          Anyway, I do have a lot to say on the matter.  Most people who wish for some sort of voucher system scoffs at my notion that I should get my money back too.
          Which basically means that they want their money back so that they can pay for their education how they see fit, but me – I should be made to pay for the children of others (for the good of society, of course).  And that just doesn’t fly.  Everyone seems to be a progressive, they just want wealth redistribution spent the way THEY want it spent… for the good of society.
          If it is the government’s role to educate the youth, for the good of society, then it is not a far cry to suggest that it is the government’s role, for the good of society, to provide health care.
          It’s a good discussion to have, anyway.

          • Is it the same though?
            Isn’t there a difference between merely ‘providing’ health care and FORCING everyone into it?  And this whole argument has construed health care, and health insurance to be the same item, and they are not.

          • Isn’t there a difference between merely ‘providing’ health care and FORCING everyone into it?  And this whole argument has construed health care, and health insurance to be the same item, and they are not.
            Whatever.  Forget Obamacare for a moment.  Taxpayer provided healthcare, then.
            The voucher system would be more wealth redistribution, pure and simple.  Worse, in fact, that it would be taking my money and giving it to someone else so that they could spend it how they wanted to.
            And “principled conservatives” blatantly ignore that fact.  Wankers.
            “Limited government”
            “Private property”
            It’s all a bunch of bullsh!t when it comes from proponents of a voucher system.  And what a bunch of whiny babies…. boo-f*cking-hoo, pay your taxes like I have to and send your worthless rugrats to a private school on your own f*cking dime.
            Happy Friday. 🙂

          • I don’t think you should have to pay for other’s education, however I do think vouchers are a step in the right direction compard to where we are now.

            But the voucher should be pulled from the money already going into education, not additional taxes or deficiet.

            I would like vouchers to increase school choice, and also cut back as much as possible on public education. Vouchers may not be an ideal libertarian solution, but they are a usefull step in the right direction.

          • Well Pogue you know the charicature of the heartless greedy libertarian-fiscal conservative that the left always talk about?  You sure seem like that guy right now.
            Man up and stop whining, vouchers would at least be a way to get some competition and good results for the money we are all paying.

          • I am 100% for you to have your education-funding property taxes back.

          • Thanks, Grimshaw.  I hope I do too.
            Whatever happened to the idea of a completely privatized educational system that is contracted by the government (taxpayer, of course)?
            Private firms could operate schools that follow a national guideline.  I would want one of the guidelines to be requiring the schools to be secular – the Lemon test, as you would.  Religious schools… well, you’ll have to foot the bill.

          • The voucher is designed to provide better educational results, not as an actual money reward. Now the child tax credit….

  • In the style of most liberal attacks (i.e. using the style against them) he sites a “greedy”, “selfish” and “self-interested” school unions as the problem.

    And don’t forget — It’s for the children!

  • Christie is fast enough on his feet to turn his weight to his advantage:
    “I am setting an example Don,” Christie responded. “We have to spur our economy. Dunkin Donuts, International House of Pancakes, those people need to work too.”
    Ya gotta love the guy. He doesn’t back down.

  • Its triming fredom ghandi progressivisim exits…

  • Hey Pogue,
    I’m in the no kiddies boat too, but I’d be happy were I only able to give my share as a scholarship or a voucher instead of a blank stuffed envelope to the school district. With the murder rate in Boston, I don’t even feel like I’m paying for protection. Just a big shakedown.

    • Consider it simply Karma for your taking so much from social security without providing 2.1 taxpayers that would have kept the system solvent.