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What is the formula for electoral success?

I have to wonder if it isn’t being refelcted among the Dutch right now. In the Netherlands, the VVD, as the Liberal party is known, has come from so far down in the polls they couldn’t see any of their competitors to leading in the polls for the next parliamentary elections.

So, how did they manage that? Well, with an unlikely combination for a liberal party – austerity and immigration. On the austerity side:

As in other European countries, the need for painful spending cuts has risen to the top of the political agenda, and with it the fortunes of the VVD. “On June 9 we’ll find out who the voters think is the best party to guide the Netherlands through the crisis, to put matters in order, to give our beautiful country new prospects so it can emerge stronger from this crisis,” Mr Rutte, dressed in Diesel jeans and a blue shirt, tells a small crowd in one of the town’s squares. “We’re being honest and saying everyone is going to feel this.”

Of course, theonly lingering doubt about all this is while they may agree with the concept, and even vote for it, will the Dutch really put up with the cuts?

The VVD certainly hopes so and is betting it will give them some electoral longevity assuming sucess.

On the immigration front, it is fairly straight forward – the Dutch are looking for a hard line to be taken there. More control, less immigrants, and certainly the expulsion of any illegal immigrants.

Of course, I’m sure by now you’ve figured out why I brought this up. Mid-terms here in November, presidential election in 2012.

Where do you think those two issues will play here and how will they influence votes?

Your learned speculation and wild-ass guesses are welcomed.




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8 Responses to What is the formula for electoral success?

  • … the Dutch are looking for a hard line to be taken there. More control, less immigrants, and certainly the expulsion of any illegal immigrants.

    As the President of Mexico, Manuel Labor, recently indicated visa-vi the Arizona law, this sounds like more opportunities to racial discrimination.

    According to that link, the Deemocrat secret weapon seems to be Obamic coat-tails…  (Palm-plant)

    • Oh, I get it now. The Democrats are ONLY PRETENDING TO BE UTTERLY INCOMPETENT TO LULL REPUBLICANS INTO A FALSE SENSE OF CONFIDENCE! Wow, ur right, brilliant plan! The only question is, at what time to Democrats need to stop pretending to be idiots for the plan to work?

      Is it part of the Democrats’ Master Plan that the country would add a mere 40,000 private sector jobs this month – that’s 40,000 in a country of 300 million plus citizens? Was it also part of this great secret plan for the stock market to drop more than 300 points today? Gee, I am in awe of these geniuses. Only a guy at a practically bankrupt Newsweek would admire the plan.

  • Doesn’t liberal mean classical liberal in Europe?

  • Immingration and austerity have totally different ramifications between us and Europe though. Leaving aside the orders of magnitude worse that the EU money crises are, “immigration” there is basically a synonym for “Islamification” instead of “pandering for latino votes” like it is here

    In American terms though, both issues are short-term winners for the GOP in the mid-terms. It won’t matter a whiff in the 2012 Pres. race because it will basically be a referendum on “is America gonna be racist and vote out the 1st black President?”

  • The argument I’d like to see over the next two years is over how to grow the economy.  Let the Democrats and Obama talk about eating spinach, we should be talking about government policies that liberate the marketplace and create jobs. We are sorely in need of a new breed of political leaders who can bring some sunny optimism to the country.
    The good news about Obama is that Americans have now “proved” they are not racists, so more people will feel free to treat him like Jimmy Carter.