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Quote of the Day – Obama’s governing style version

Kyle Smith spends the majority of his column talking about the Obama administrations relationship, or lack thereof, with the UK. He also talks about the way the administration is attacking BP, far above and beyond the call of duty as he sees it.

BP after all is British Petroleum, and one of the mainstays of the economy whose profits fuel pension funds there, etc.

The quote? Well, again, it is one of those great one sentence summations and contrasts that grab you as true when you read it:

Obama seems to think corporations are alien invaders sent here to destroy us and should be handled accordingly — yet seething peoples who actually do want to destroy us should be confronted with diplomacy and listening.

Given the last 16 months or so, it is hard to mount an argument that would refute his point.



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10 Responses to Quote of the Day – Obama’s governing style version

  • That’s funny, I was just on a fark forum where a Brit guy was lamenting on how much Obama pissed all over Gordon Brown, and generally hates on Great Britain.  So yeah, they sort of noticed it. All except Sir Paul McCartney I suppose.
    Hate your friends, kiss up to your enemies, show both petty belligerence and weakness at the same time, Yup it is looking more like Jimmy Carter all over again.

  • Obama still hasnt learned that Leadership is more than giving speeches.

  • An excellent example of succinct, pointed rhetoric.  Others will, of course, disagree, BUT corporations are just organizations of people.  Nothing more, nothing less.  You can expect them to be as good or as bad as people are, and each at any given time can only be judged individually.  Obama has an apparent loathing for the British which is utterly consistent with his radicalism, and utterly dangerous to the world.

  • Obama seems to think corporations are alien invaders sent here to destroy us and should be handled accordingly…

    This is only half-true.  Yes, Imeme looks at SOME corporations as alien enemies to be destroyed with the photon torpedo of government regulation, intervention, and destruction, but he looks at others as cash cows to be coddled either for his own gain or for the gain of his power base.  Hell, BP used to be his pets… until they embarrassed him and he had to fire photon torpedoes to try to stop people wondering how they got all those waivers, approvals, and safety awards.

  • Now, I am waiting for Scott to tell us about acceptable uses of power and determination in international relations.  Whom needs allies anyway.  Bring on more enemies.

  • So we’re 7 weeks into Katrina II and Obama still doesn’t know who’s ass to kick … pathetic

    Perhaps Obama missed the “Kick Me” sign pasted to his back … just wait till he sees it … he will kick his own ass … as soon as he catches himself

    Would President Biden be equally stupid ?

    • It’s hard to say if Biden would be as stupid. He would certainly appear to be as stupid. But some capacity for leadership might have rubbed off on him. I think that his trained instincts in foreign policy, which are not necessarily openly hostile to the United States the way Obama’s are, might be able to correct some of the enormous damage Obama has done in just 18 months.

      I’m recommending Andrew McCarthy’s “The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America” on the basis of the first four chapters. This is the homework that American scholars just refuse to do in the face of Islamic intimidation and the impossible situation of the Left’s complicity with the jihadists. The prose is a little cloudier than I prefer, but the subject matter is so compelling that the defects in the writing are hardly noticeable. And McCarthy, a supremely rational man, nails Obama as a vanguardist in the title’s theme.

      Obama is a fifth columnist and is only interested in destruction. He never learned anything about being competent to lead because it’s of no interest to him. He was able to pose for the big lie machine that projected him onto the big screen of America like a social realist painting. But that was campaigning. His idea of being president is never shutting his mouth and always being ready to jump back into the social realist painting as called for. But his intent has always been to destroy, and that’s what he is doing.

      He is a man who has not spent even a minute of his life being honest. He is exactly the catastrophe that everything about him told us he would be. He could no more “grow” in office than a cat could turn itself into a dog. And I think that by now everyone who is going to be able to see it as it is already has. The only saving grace of this ordeal is that these people are egregious jerks, which has made it impossible for the formation of any bonds of affection beyond the original deception that put them in office.