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Dale’s Observations For 2010-06-10

If you think AT&T's data network sucks now, wait 'til iPhone 4 users start streaming HD video. Or trying to, anyway. #

Obama kills the mortgage interest deduction in the 2011 budget. Drowning kittens in a sack would be more popular. #

Jebus Cripes, how is it that we here in California keep sending this dolt back to Senate?! #

The whole point of uaving a CEO is so the board doesn't have to oversee every decision. #

Gibbs to press: O hasn't spoken to BP CEO 'cuz the board has to approve the CEO's decisions. Pure BS. Corporations aren't run that way. #

5 Responses to Dale’s Observations For 2010-06-10

  • Maybe the BP CEO hasn’t talked to O because he’s being sued?  There’s no point in him talking anymore
    until that’s settled.

  • Killing the mortgage interest deduction is one of those throw away items to bargain for something else equally as bad

  • Does anyone honestly think Gibbs understands anything other than government?  And, even his understanding of government is suspect.  Gibbs is smooth talking, know nothing, incarnation of Obama.  They go well together.

  • <blockquote>“<a href=””>BLS</a> is responsible for developing and implementing the collection of new data on green jobs,” said the note in the Federal Register, which is widely read by government bureaucrats and almost never seen by the general public. But the notice said there is “no widely accepted standard definition of ‘green jobs.’” <strong>To help find that definition, the Labor Department asked that readers send in suggestions.</strong></blockquote>
    Pathetic.  <strong>I call for Obama to resign.</strong>