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Democrats new immigration approach? Talk like Republicans

It may soon no longer be cool among Democratic legislators to call those that show up here illegally “undocumented workers”. Polls tell them to say “illegal immigrants”. Because that’s what the vast majority of Americans call them.

And drop the “earned path to citizenship” stuff too. It should be “unacceptable” that 12 million illegals are living here. Government should “require” them to “get right with the law”. That means “Obey our laws, learn our language and pay our taxes” or they’re out of here.

Those are the recommendations of some Democratic operatives that have been studying the issue since the 2007 defeat of comprehensive immigration reform. They’ve done extensive polling and what that has told them is, well, Republicans have the lead on this one.

Here’s the new Democratic pitch:

“This time around, the message starts with a pledge to secure the borders and crack down on employers. It then moves to this: “It is unacceptable to have 12 million people in our country who are outside the system. We must require illegal immigrants to register for legal status, pay their taxes, learn English and pass criminal background checks to remain in the country and work toward citizenship. Those who have a criminal record or refuse to register should be deported.”

Of course the devil is not only in the details but in the implementation. We’ve heard all the happy talk about securing the border before. And yet it remains terribly porous.

I can’t wait to hear these yahoos try to spin this as the plan all along. I can’t wait to hear the reaction of tha part of the Latin community that looked to the Democrats to ease their path. And, of course, I can’t wait to here Mexico’s reaction.



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14 Responses to Democrats new immigration approach? Talk like Republicans

  • They’ve controlled congress since 06, but we’re supposed to believe this NOW?

  • And drop the “earned path to citizenship” stuff too. It should be “unacceptable” that 12 million illegals are living here. Government should “require” them to “get right with the law”. That means “Obey our laws, learn our language and pay our taxes” or they’re out of here.
    That would be more correct.

    • Could someone disable the formatting buttons that don’t work?  Will try again in HTML.
      And drop the “earned path to citizenship” stuff too. It should be “unacceptable” that 12 million illegals are living here. Government should “require” them to “get right with the law”. That means “Obey our laws, learn our language and pay our taxes” or they’re out of here.

      That would be more correct.

  • Breathe deeply and often you will have a long wait…

  • Frankly, without first enforcing the current immigration laws, what is the point of new laws ?
    That said, it should be impossible to pass yet another immigration regime without first securing the borders of this nation.  I said it should, but many of these Congress-critters get their heads to far up their backsides and before you know it we have yet another bad law.
    As far as I’m concerned, I have no problem giving citizenship to those who are at least acting lawful in all respects except their “undocumented” status.  But I’m not in any mood to do this why the borders are wide open .. and I won’t take any more of those poor attempts at the “Jedi Mind Trick” by promising to do something in the future with money to be appropriated in legislation to be determined at a later date.
    Secure the borders now or stick amnesty and the rest up your backside.

  • If I had to show proof of income or assets and sign an affidavit that I would accept all financial burden if my wife were to use welfare (i.e. I am on the hook) then any newly minted amnesty immigrants  should have to do this as well.

  • I was recently talking to a student in Austria, and he agreed with me that “illegal immigrant” is a racist code word. So it is.
    As I’ve often told you, I’m a pragmatic moderate who doesn’t align with either party. So don’t start up with how I crowed about Obama’s win and have shilled for him 18 months, just don’t start. Why I worked for a Republican senator! I still remember the experience. I could tell you even today exactly how he likes his coffee.
    So, as a non-affiliated pragmatic moderate, it pains me to see the Democrats adopting code-word racism terms just like the Republicans. Of course, this is just an idea from some misguided Democrat reasearchers, and not true of the whole party they way it is for Republicans, but still.
    Yes, this horrible racism is just wrong. Those noble brown-skinned people who somehow can’t seem to get their own country out of hellhole status deserve our help. And we can help them by letting them come in by the million and vote for inspired, wise leftists, which of course they will do after we finish <del>indoctrinating</del> informing them how the Republicans are vicious enemies and committed to tearing up their families. We know exactly how to do it – all we have to do is dig out the playbook we used for the oppressed blacks and update a few things.
    Racism is morally wrong, just as healthcare is a moral right. Even though natural rights don’t exist and we are just carbon-based life forms that make up whatever rights or wrongs we want. So just shut up about this “honor” and “responsibility” and “honesty” stuff and how those are moral issues. That’s only a valid point of view as long as we wise leftists are not finished <del>indoctrinating</del> educating the next generation in how silly that is by teaching them post-modern principles.
    Which I don’t buy. Except when I do, like the times I’ve defend post-modernism to the hilt and explained multiple truths to you dense righties. And there’s no contradiction in any of that. By the holy writ of post-modernism, I decree it.
    Thank goodness you thick, immoral, Nazi-like, inbred, sterile righties have me to explain all of this to you. I’m happy to say I’ve had lots of time the last few days to lecture you endlessly on the things you don’t understand. Isn’t it wonderful? What would you do without me. Especially on the healthcare issue, which is a moral right, but not a natural one as I said. Which I suppose means it’s an unnatural right.
    Oh, and the Palestinian issue, where you guys are just hopeless. You actually believe the Israelis have the right to defend themselves and that the Palestinians are committing terrorism! How thick can you get?
    Don’t you know you can’t be pro-Israeli without being pro-Palestinian? Or pro-environment without being pro-filth? Or in favor of a balanced budget without being in favor of debt? Obama completely understands that last one, unlike you silly righties who doth protest too much.
    I’ll explain even more about these principles, which are not either trite meaningless nonsense, in my next book “Righties in the Mist: The Antics of Adolescent-Behaving Fools on the Right in Their Natural Blog Habitats.” See, I already have advanced degrees and another book, so that shows what a serious scholar I am and how what I say isn’t opinion, but is rich, creamy analysis. And just shut up about how my degree was only granted to get rid of me and how I’m a low-paid professor at a cow college that doesn’t even grant PhDs and how my book is from a vanity press that suckers gullible social science academics. Because none of that is true, no matter what so-called “evidence” you have in favor of it. I decree it.
    I have to go now. Something just came up. It’s just an unlikely quantum event driven by dead cats affected by the Hindenberg Uncertainly Principle, but it means I’ll have to come back and <del>talk down to</del> bring you more rich, creamy analysis later.

  • “secure the borders and crack down on employers.”

    That should do it. And, since that is the current law, we don’t need to pass a new law.  

  • Our immigration laws are much too lenient but the federal government has not been enforcing them.  Visitors and students are overstaying their visas.  Others have no visas at all.  It is a lengthy and complicated process to emigrate to the US or even get a green card.  Why reward illegals with citizenship ahead of those who are obeying the law?

    We should not allow employers to hire illegals when our unemployment stands at 10%.  Nor should we allow illegals to file for the Earned Income Tax Credit, use our public services or attend our schools.  They should not be given driver’s licenses or voter registration cards.  “Illegal immigrant” means they have broken our immigration laws and they should be deported.

    It may have been on this blog where a woman commenter made this brilliant observation.  She said, if you come home and find the bathtub overflowing, before you run for the mop and the bucket, turn off the water.

  • I love it when Dems admit they’re wrong. I too eagerly await how they will spin it so it looks like they were for Republican policies before Republicans were, and how the GOP stopped their progress.