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Bush gets higher marks in Louisiana than does Obama

I’m sure it will somehow become a matter of race, but a recent Public Policy Polling survey showed that 50% of the state voters rated President Bush’s performance in 2005 after hurricane Katrina as better than the effort by President Obama today. Only 35% picked Obama’s performance as the best. That’s not to say the state was satisfied with either response. On the contrary, 62% said they disapproved of Obama’s handling of the crisis while 58% said they disapproved of Bush’s performance.

Meanwhile, another new poll finds that Obama’s approval rating has hit a new low:

Rasmussen Reports released a new poll Wednesday showing Obama’s approval rating hitting a new low — 42 percent. The daily tracking poll puts a 20-point spread between Obama’s strong approval and disapproval, 24 and 44 percent respectively.

That last poll tracks with the poll reported previously that found a majority of Americans didn’t believe Obama deserved re-election.

The continuing bad news in the polls has got to be worrying the crew in the White House. It’s not at a point, given the election is still 2 years off, that anyone there has to panic, but they’ve got a job on their hands turning this around. The building conventional wisdom seems to be that Obama is an administrator, not a leader, and that, given his performance, is going to be a tough meme to kill. The other CW seems to be he may be in over his head. The polls reflect both of those perceptions.

The president and his staff have got to find a way to cast Obama as a decisive and competent leader. That’s a real problem right now, although unfortunately, given the simmering international situation, they may get more opportunities than they ever sought to make the attempt.

Of course many of the upcoming international opportunities, we’ll learn, will come about precisely because Obama isn’t a strong and decisive leader.

Irony, it seems, has a warped sense of humor and always seems to throw more opportunities at those that want them least.



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  • “The president and his staff have got to find a way to cast Obama as a decisive and competent leader.”
    As the great Texas sage Roy Macavoy said, “You define the moment or the moment defines you.”
    Obama continues to try hitting the same cut 3 wood instead of taking a drop. We all remember Roy’s 12 on the final hole of the US Open because it was so dramatic. But then, it’s a movie.

  • How could you possible write such a post,  McQ?  Scott constantly assures us Obama is a “giant”.   He will be along shortly to say it again.  Unfortunately, for the “big lie” technique to work, you need more than one person believing the lie.

  • The answer here is clear. Americans are not sophisticated enough to appreciate a man of Barack Obama’s stirring intellect and inspired leadership.

    America is failing Obama.

    • Funny to have the two allusions you and Rick make juxtaposed like that…ones that both hark back to Hitler and his buds.
      I am not making the Obama=Hitler connection.  I am restating a theme that I can’t get away from; this guy is acting like a dictator.  I’m in good company:
      “Of course, every President tries “jawboning” to restrain steel company price increases or something similar. But to create specific enactments and actions without any authority — now Mr. Obama’s specialty — is so at odds with the law of the land that it terrifies me. These are not the acts of a teacher on Constitutional law. These are the acts of a big city boss or a third world dictator. If you want to know why business has pulled in its horns and hunkered down, and why people at tea parties and elsewhere are scared, look no further than Barack “I Am The Law” Obama.
      Is there anyone in Congress to stop him? Is there anyone in a black robe to stop him? Or is everyone already too scared to challenge the Duce in the White House?”

  • I suppose that part of it is that it’s been years since Katrina and LA has been rebuilding since then, while the oil spill is current and remains a growing concern.  Another factor (IMO) is the coverage– Bush was initially savaged by the press and thus over time the perceptions soften.  But the oil spill was short-stroked at the beginning, and as time passes the news gets worse and worse, as does the perception of how Obama has handled it.  Yet another factor is that this issue is one that Obama had publicly promised to deal with before this disaster occurred, which means it’s not something that he can easily fob off on Bush.
    I mean, think about it– a disaster involving a big oil corporation, and Obama has taken all of the heat for it.  Who would’ve imagined that?  If there was one area where “Blame Bush” could have worked, you’d figure that it would be something to do with the oil industry.  That’s how bad this is for Obama.

    • Or it could be that people remember that 50+ days in the aftermath of Katrina, help was there and working. And 50+ days into this the containment effort seems to still be chaotic.

    • Bush’s Katrina problem in large part due to the press. Obama’s spill problem is despite the press.

  • I wonder what that 35% thinks Imeme has DONE?

    • To those 35%, it doesn’t matter what he’s done.

      • I haven’t bothered to look…is there a break-out by race?  Betcha I could predict a major component of that 35%.  I could be mistaken, but that is one of the few things holding his general approval ratings up…to the extent one can say “up”.

        • Don’t discount the portion of the population that isn’t even paying attention to what’s going on that helped elect him, and the portion that will continue to blame Bush for the crucifixion of the Christ.
          They didn’t watch his speech(s), they don’t know understand that what he IS doing isn’t leadership, or helpful.  I mean, dude, HE believes what he’s doing is effective, why wouldn’t some decent share of the population think that his mere existence is a sign of his effectiveness.
          You know, the Erbites.

  • Geeze even John Stewart is going at him with the wire brush.