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Dale’s Observations For 2010-06-22

Why doesn't McChrystal just do the right thing and resign? Not offer to do it, do it. #

RT @MelissaTweets @TeresaKopec: We need to win [in Afghanistan]. | Define "win" in a tribal region with no effective central government. #

RT @MelissaTweets @CalebHowe: [W]hat [McChrystal] said is true. | Immaterial. It was highly improper, not to mention UCMJ-actionable. #

A new Twilight movie. How did vampires change from bloodsucking fiends to whiny emo kids whining about their feelings? #

Meeting in London, oil industry execs deplore the offshore drilling ban in the US. #

New Gaga album is finished. I wonder if she prances about in bra and panties to distract from her (ugly) "poker face". #

RT @dmataconis, @thenote RE:McChrystal recalled. I don't understand why he hasn't resigned or been fired yet. He clearly has to go. #

Frankly I don't understand why General McChrystal hasn't already tendered his resignation. #

Investment question of the day: buy gold, or canned ham and ammo? Decisions, decisions. #

May home sales dip 2.2% despite tax credits. Analysts had expected sales to rise. #

As nearly as I can tell, PETA's membership consists entirely of morons. Well-meaning, perhaps. But morons. #

California considers approving electronic license plates that would flash ads. #

Americans want and expect a new magical energy source to appear soon, but appear uninterested in paying to develop it. #

Despite apologizing, McChrystal probably does have contempt for the president. Professionals generally do for amateurs #

The president appears to want to simply make it impossible for private health insurers to remain in business. #

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7 Responses to Dale’s Observations For 2010-06-22

  • <i>Why doesn’t McChrystal just do the right thing and resign? Not offer to do it, do it. #</i>

    According to CNN he has written a letter of resignation. The real decision here is the Commander-in-Chief’s and he doesn’t seem eager to make it.

    Why don’t you let this play out?

  • McChrystal seems to be enjoying this opportunity to mess around with a CIC he views as an REMF.  I think he has sized up his boss and knows Big O doesn’t “pack the gear”.  Yes, it doesn’t justify his insubordination (and he should ultimately face a court-martial).

  • From CNBC:

    “Nearly 1,300 prison inmates wrongly received more than $9 million in tax credits for homebuyers despite being locked up when they claimed they bought a home, a government investigator reported Wednesday.  The investigator said 241 of the inmates were serving life sentences.”

  • Buy enough canned ham and ammo to last a year, then put the rest into gold.  Or maybe silver, since gold pieces may be too valuable to buy the smaller things you’d need.  You don’t want to have to make change with tin snips.

  • It is now the President’s war.  Over the trivia of who said what compared to the billions of dollars, hundred thousands of ment, huge cost of weapons, status in the world there is a teapot tempest of overage teenager words.  ome say ALPHA MALE.
    Forgetarguments about civilian control or military or vice versa.  It is not in the US constitution or Federal code of laws.
    The military and civilians scrap over who gives and who tkes the orders.  The only thing they agree on is they want more salary, bonus and benefits.