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Dale’s Observations For 2010-06-28

RT @dmataconis @dahlhalla: Russian spies? Is this the '80s? | Lots of Russian officials wish it was. #

Ex-president Clinton seems to be arguing that the Navy should nuke the leaking Gulf oil well. #

Shorter WV SecState: We don't aim to do us no senator electin', 'cause…well…we just don't aim to, that's all. #

Compare & contrast Strom Thurmond's passing with that of Robert Byrd. Similar backgrounds, different media narratives. # Pelosi: "serious drawdown" in A-stan in 2011 via House's $ power. | Unless there's a serious drawdown of Dems in 2010. #

RT @mattklewis: Having gone to college in West Virginia… | That's interesting. What was your major: Minin', Strikin', or Feudin'? #

RT @markknoller: Senators expect Kagan to be more forthcoming than nominees she has criticized. | Yeah. Well, good luck with that. #

Look at it this way: We have every bit as much information about what kind of justice Kagan will be as we did about Obama as president. #

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes. You've clogged my phone & email inbox. Appreciate it. # Income, Spending, and Savings Grow in May. That's about the only good economic news for May. #

Turkey announces that it will ban some Israeli flights. If we eject Turkey from NATO now, we'll avoid a lot of drama. #

Supremes declare the Sarbanes-Oxley Audit Board unconstitutional, but Congress can structure a replacement. #

Apple's arrogant response to user complaints about their hands blocking iPhone4 antenna: Don't hold it that way. #

I'm so sick of hearing the Tea Party, et al., being described as the"far right". Echoing the Founders is now radical. #

This is what you call a blinding glimpse of the obvious: Hezbollah not interested in dialog with US. #

Robert Byrd, ex-klansman, segregationist, and conscience of the Senate, has gone to that great rally in the sky. #

Once again, the Supreme Court upholds the second amendment. #

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