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Quote of the day – Iraq is a success edition

Seriously. President Obama thinks if we work really, really hard and do a great job, Afghanistan can be a success – just like Iraq!

And if you look at what’s happening in Iraq right now, we have met every deadline. By the way, there was a timetable in place, and we are – we have – by the end of August, will have removed all of our combat from Iraq. We will maintain a military presence there. We will maintain military-to-military cooperation. And we are providing them assistance, but we’re meeting this deadline.

And I think it is worth the extraordinary sacrifices that we are making – and when I say “we” – not just the United States, but all coalition members – to try to see a positive outcome in Afghanistan, as well.

Of course the "timetable" he’s touting was the one put in place by the SOFA agreement negotiated by the Bush administration.

But you have to admit it is kind of ironic to see the guy who, when a Senator, declared the war in Iraq a lost cause and derided the general he’s now putting in command in Afghanistan, using Iraq as an example of a “positive outcome” don’t you think?



11 Responses to Quote of the day – Iraq is a success edition

  • He’s being pragmatic you see.  When he was a Senator he was pragmatic, and now that he’s President he’s pragmatic.
    As a Senator, unable to influence the policy on a national level enough to stop it, he was against it.
    Now that he’s President, and can actually have an effect on it, he’s for it.
    He has steel, why can’t we see that?  He’s a brilliant foreign policy person, and he has charm, and charisma.
    Mmmmmm KoolAid……

  • This isn’t a presidency, it’s a voiceover.

    • Senor, senor, do you know where we’re headin’?
      Lincoln County Road or Armageddon?
      Seems like I been down this way before.
      Is there any truth in that, senor?

  • Does this mean that Erp is going to change his mind (again) or is he going to agree that O is full of it?

    • Well, it certainly puts Erb’s “he thinks like I do” premise at risk.

      • Two things wrong with that–
        The assumption that Erp “thinks”; and,
        That he’s any more consistent the THE ONE.  There is no consistency in lies (post-modernism).

  • Pres. Bush to ungracious Baracky:  “YOU’RE WELCOME”

  • Don’t get too used to this attitude.  If things go south in Iraq, it’ll be back to “I inherited this” faster than you can say, “FORE!”

    Politics aside, I once again am filled with admiration and thanks for the men and women of our Armed Services.  Where do we get such men and women?  This is their victory.

  • Failure is an orphan and success is a bastard.