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Voter enthusiasm higher for GOP voters

A party can have the greatest candidate in the world, or at least think so, but if voters who favor that candidate and party don’t get out and vote, even a Jimmy Carter can win.  This time around, if the polls are indicative of the voter’s true feelings, the enthusiasm gap is on the side of the GOP.  In fact, pollsters haven’t seen such a difference since 1994.  The Pew Research Center conducted a recent survey and found:

Fully 56% of Republican voters say they are more enthusiastic about voting this year than in previous elections – the highest percentage of GOP voters expressing increased enthusiasm about voting in midterms dating back to 1994. While enthusiasm among Democratic voters overall is on par with levels in 2006, fewer liberal Democrats say they are more enthusiastic about voting than did so four years ago (52% then, 37% today).

The other key, of course, is the final sentence.  And, if you read the liberal blogs, that’s patently obvious.  None of the rah-rah activism we saw when Republicans were in control or in office.  And certainly none of the enthusiasm they displayed then.

Probably the most damaging to the Democratic side, is their failure to hold on to the elderly vote, with which they usually do very well.  The elderly vote and it looks like they’re going to vote Republican this time around (again, assuming the poll numbers hold). At this point, the vast 2006 lead (52% to 38%) the Democrats held among the elderly voters (50 and over) has completely disappeared:

Voters younger than 30 favor the Democratic candidate in their district by a wide margin (57% to 32%). Yet only half of young voters say they are absolutely certain to vote. Voters ages 50 and older favor the Republican candidate in their district by double digits (11 points) and roughly eight-in-ten (79%) say they are absolutely certain to vote.

These polls, of course, provide national snapshots of feelings at the time they’re taken.  Their worth is as indicators and as they’re repeated over time, their ability to spot trends.  The trend now is toward the GOP candidate generically.  Some local races may tend toward a Democratic candidate, but overall, it appears to be shaping up as a GOP mid-term.



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11 Responses to Voter enthusiasm higher for GOP voters

  • As painful as Obama has beem just imagine if McCain had won. We would have all the same problems and stupid solutions we have now (just a little less stupid) and fiscal conservatism (not that Johnny was ever a conservative) would be blamed for it.
    Although this is costing us dearly I think we HAD to have these years with total Democrat control because the American public has to be reminded from time to time, just what these people are all about.

    • Oh don’t worry, the GOP will be blamed regardless, every time by the usual suspects

      • Remember that in 2006 it was, in Pelosi’s words, “…the worst economy in a generation due to Bush’s tax cuts.
        Ah, yes…the unemployment rate was under 5%, the DJIA was over 13,000, economic growth was 3.5%+ annually, the deficit was narrowing…

    • I subscribed to that theory for a while, and I do not have any love for McCain, but I didn’t expect a presidency that would intentionally do everything it could to destroy the economy and bankrupt the country. I expected failure and catastrophe, but not an aggressive political malignancy intentionally eating the country away.

      On the Russian spy case I commented that it’s a laughable diversion when you have a KGB laboratory experiment in the White House.

      And the maximization of DoubleThink with this blundering malevolent fool is only missing the direct infliction of terror to make it the equivalent of the Soviet version. But the slow draining of wealth and the reduction of the middle class to poverty isn’t exactly lacking its own sort of terror.

      • But it might result in people actually paying attention and taking an interest in politics. When things were good, that average voter cared little and didn’t mind voting for “compassionate” liberals and their rainbows and unicorn schemes.
        But when the real world slaps you in the face you actually have to pay attention.

        • What it has already resulted in is public employees advancing toward nomenklatura status with larger salaries and enhanced benefits while close to a fifth of the country clings to unemployment benefits and part time work while their assets shrink in value, their savings evaporate, the economy plummets, and this f***ing jerk in the White House tells them how much worse it would be if not for him.

          People can wake up all they want, but this guy has already shoved a pile of crap health care system down their throats while they were fully awake. No anesthesia. He’s threatening to veto the defense supplemental if it doesn’t include another 20 billion or so for his backers in the teachers unions.

          These midterm elections already come too late. The damage inflicted is cancerous. To paraphrase John Dean, this presidency is a cancer on America. (So take that Michael Gerson!)

      • Yeah, they allowed their Odessa File members to be exposed to take focus off the Manchurian Candidate.

        • By all appearances, that is a ring of couriers, the clerks of espionage.

          The KGB — and Putin is KGB — put people inside the government, where the action is. If this crew leads to that, then we might see something worth paying attention to, like someone bigtime at the State Department or on the White House staff.

          But even the Russians must be worried by Obama. No one knows better than the Russians what a Marxist regime can do to a society. Putin and his old KGB buddies must fear for their stock portfolios. They didn’t steal all that money and invest it to have this idiot come along and destroy it for them.

          • “They didn’t steal all that money and invest it to have this idiot come along and destroy it for them.”
            Ah, the irony – hilarious.  Well… would be if it weren’t so freaking true.

          • you have the truth of it. The other world leaders, even those who don’t like us too much, are scratching their heads and wondering what is the next stupidity to come out of the Obama administration.
            And they are a bit scared of the future, too much uncertainty.