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Why isn’t Felipe Calderón running his mouth now?

Because he has no control over his own country, and it is much easier to shift the blame for his shortcomings and attack Arizona law as a distraction (much like someone else we know all too well):

A drug gang leader says he ordered the killing of a U.S. consulate worker because she gave visas to a rival gang in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, federal police said Friday.

Jesus Ernesto Chavez, whose arrest was announced on Friday, leads a band of hit men for a street gang tied to the Juarez cartel, said Ramon Pequeno, the head of anti-narcotics for the Federal Police.

Pequeno said Chavez ordered the March 13 attack that killed U.S. consulate employee Lesley Enriquez and her husband as they drove in the violent border city, and he said Chavez told police that Enriquez was targeted because she gave visas to a rival gang.

Enriquez’s 7 month old daughter was found alive in the back seat.  Of course I’d like to know what a drug gang member was doing getting a visa, but I’m sure we’ll never hear anything about that.

Last year, 2,600 people were killed in Juarez, a city of 1.3 million.  Just the other day 7 bullets hit the El Paso city hall.  Juarez is a virtual anarchy with fights between rival drug gangs and human trafficking gangs common.

It is here Calderon should be focusing his efforts – not worrying about the immigration laws of his neighbor.  Isn’t it about time for Obama to travel to Mexico city and address their legislature on what they should be doing to secure their border, lessen the threat to American citizens and enforce the law?

Yeah, that’ll happen.

I’m sure Calderon will tell us its our fault for using drugs and not letting anyone in the country who wants in.  And I’m just as sure that our President will agree.


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3 Responses to Why isn’t Felipe Calderón running his mouth now?

  • They needed the visa’s so they could register to vote in the November elections.

  • If we are to believe our leader, Drug Cartel violence cannot be happening because Arizona crime statistics are way down and border crossings are also down.  Governor Brewer is obviously lying again about authorities finding decapitated bodies in Arizona.  She is obviously trying to stir up fear and racism.  However Findlaw supports her fears if not all of her interview statements made without the help of a teleprompter.
    “While the violence in the US has not reached the level of violence in Mexico, cities across the country are experiencing more drug-related kidnappings, extortion and murders in the wake of the de facto Mexican war. While Arizona has been a hotspot for Mexican drug cartel activity and related violence, it is not the only state suffering. According to the US Justice Department’s National Drug Intelligence Center, 230 US cities have been listed as places the Mexican drug cartels have set up shop to distribute their drugs and conduct their criminal activities.”
    I have an idea. Let’s send 1200 troops without bullets to the border sans orders to stop illegals.  Then we can have the DOJ sue Arizona for attempting to encforce their new law and the state constitution.  Bingo!  The the problem will be solved even faster than the “oil spill.”