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NASA’s new frontier – Muslim self-esteem?

It appears so.

Charles Bolden, head of NASA, tells Al Jazeera that the "foremost" task President Obama has given him is "to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with predominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math, and engineering." Thus, NASA’s primary mission is no longer to enhance American science and engineering or to explore space, but to boost the self-esteem of "predominantly Muslim nations."

Seriously.  Watch the video at Powerline.  An 18.5 billion budget spent on self-esteem outreach?  Because, per the Obama administration, NASA no longer has a space exploration mission.  In fact, as Powerline points out, space exploration didn’t even make the top three priority missions Bolden is charged with:

The other two are "re-inspire children to want to get into science and math" and "expand our international relationships.

So essentially NASA’s new mission is a) muslim outreach and self-esteem bolstering, b) exciting kids about science and math and c) expand international relationships, obviously not for space exploration though.  Now that’s leadership.

And you wonder why we’re going broke, heading toward mediocrity and have clueless leadership engaged in misusing an expensive agency for self-esteem projects on your dime?

See the results of the election held in November of 2008.



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35 Responses to NASA’s new frontier – Muslim self-esteem?

  • So NASA becomes just another big…even multinational…community organizing arm?  Un-freaking-real…!!!!
    What has Muslim culture…even assuming some of Obama’s delusions about Muslim history…done in the last 500 years?

  • The Democrats’ “War on Science” personified.

    • The intention is to spend billions in effect to artificially inflate the scientific contributions past the dark ages.  With billions in hand, they’ll make shit up that will become part of US educational canon.

      • I meant to add.  The purpose is to lower Western accomplishment by relatively elevating Anyone Else’s accomplishments.  They can double talk rights and freedom it seems.  But the industrial advancement achieved by the US which has given us this modern age can’t be match.   Until now that they put NASA to work generating BS to contrary.

  • Exactly what HAS the Muslim world added to math and science since the bronze age?

    • Actually, what have they added to ANYTHING recently, except misery, death and suffering?

  • A great catalog of Obamic delusions regarding Muslim contributions can be found by reading VD Hanson from about the date of Obama’s Cairo speech, where he first planted his purple lips on the collective Islamic ass.

  • Well, somebody has to feel good about themselves while Obama is president. And as long as it’s not going to be Americans, then it really ought to be those from whom our most murderous enemies spring.

  • {eyes rolling} More ODS from people who don’t even have degrees in international studies. You guys are just obsessed with Obama, and you don’t even realize how obvious your psychological problems over him are.

    Stop laughing! That’s not either projection! I decree it!

    Look, this whole thing started because we have been hurting the self-esteem of the noble brown savages in the Middle East for centuries. We had the nerve to invent stuff and manufacture it and offer it to them for sale, with greedy and manipulative salesmen and movie makers convincing them to abandon their brown noble savage lifestyle and desire all that stuff we make.

    That hurt their self-esteem. We have to repair that damage, and Obama, peace be upon him, is making a real start at that.

    Second, when they lashed out out at us for hurting their self esteem, we immediately became imperialists who unwisely invaded their lands. We should have been asking why they hate up, but noooo. We actually had the nerve to defend ourselves.

    That led to the biggest foreign policy disaster in our history or maybe any history. The odious Bush, who I am not either deranged about the way you guys are deranged about Obama, actually invaded Iraq! The nerve! I mean, it’s a sovereign country, and don’t start up about Saddam invading Kuwait and not abiding by the cease fire from that conflict. I’m sure his whole Kuwait thing was just a misunderstanding.

    Because it certainly was not an excuse for war, which is just icky. Plus, all the wars and stuff that we’ve been involved in caused them to have even lower self-esteem. Plus the Israelis, who have the nerve to defeat them every time they attack. Can’t you see what that does to their self esteem? No wonder they keep lashing out.

    Obama can’t undo the damage from all our horrible imperialist aggressive actions overnight, but he can certainly start by building back up their self-esteem. I can’t believe that you uncaring, cynical, inbred, mindless, Nazi-like righties criticize him for that. It’s just proof of your ODS. And if you disagree, you doth protest too much.

  • Is this the longest phuckin summer ever?

  • Better than the hundreds of billions spent by the last President to kill Muslims and push the US into post-superpower status.  Obama is trying to clean up a mess left by an administration that weakened the country and destroyed the economy.

    • You’re not even trying anymore.

      Sad really.

    • Have you volunteered the Poly Sci department to teach physics next semester? Sriously dude.
      I think this shows how shallow and one dimensional Obama is. “hey, we have the NASA agency…how can we use it to do something that its not designed to do?”

      • “Have you volunteered the Poly Sci department to teach physics next semester”

        Why not?  Erp is just as qualified to teach physics as he is to teach that other ‘science’.

    • The only thing “post-superpower” about the U.S. is the CINC and his problems as a self-loathing American. Why, he thinks just like you, Scott.

    • What a laughable comment – something more appropriate from the mouth of a high school radical than a so-called professor of political science.  More and more I question your credentials – or should I call them alleged credentials.

    • Scott must have felt he just had to say something.  However, he forgot the old maxim: “Better to remain silent and be thought the fool….”
      The second noteworthy point is Scott attempted to change the topic from Obama and the use of NASA to Bush.  He failed at that, too.

    • Fine, explain how the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the ideal agency for THAT job.
      Has brilliant Imeme made the subliminal association between NASA and Muslims because of  I dream of Jeannie?

    • And this has what to do with the mission of NASA? Hell, I can understand number 2, we need more kids in math and science, but numbers 1 and 3 are the jobs of the State Department, not NASA.

      • Ah, but look at State’s track record lately.  From North Korea to Honduras to Iran nukes to the Turkey / Israel confrontation, State ain’t exactly been dazzling anybody these past several months.  Perhaps The Dear Golfer hopes that the people who put a man on the Moon can also achieve the near-impossible task of figuring out the actual Russian word for “reset”.

  • McQAnd you wonder why we’re going broke, heading toward mediocrity and have clueless leadership engaged in misusing an expensive agency for self-esteem projects on your dime?

    Is anybody surprised that an idiot democrat (BIRM) would pursue such a policy?  I didn’t think it possible, but The Dear Golfer is making me miss the proud, prosperous, optimistic days of Jimmuh.

    At any rate, NASA has always been a giant national self-esteem project.  A pox on Ike for starting it and JFK for making it his darling: space exploration should have been left up to the USAF, which was aggressively building the expertise and technology base for a long-term, stable American presence in outer space even before Shepard’s flight.

    On the subject of Muslim contributions… Despite the backwards, savage and murderous nature of a small minority of Muslims, I do not scoff at them.  Yes, since the Middle Ages they have lagged behind the West / Christendom, just as the West / Christendom lagged behind the Arabs at one time.  The wheel turns all the time.  It is my (hazy) understanding that several Muslim countries are investing heavily in science, technology and education in an effort to make it turn a bit faster.  Witness Pakistan: they brought their own Manhattan Project to successful fruition in a reasonably short amount of time without (to my knowledge) direct technical assistance from an existing nuclear power.  Iran is moving quickly to having their own Bomb.  While nuke technology isn’t exactly cutting-edge any more, it’s still a significant achievement for any country to develop it.  The Muslims are experiencing the same problems that plagued Europe before the Renaissance: how to balance the demands of the Church with the desires of people to increase their wealth through education, innovation, and investment.  Europe solved the problem; I believe that different Muslim countries will, too.  It may well be that, in a century or so, the Muslim world will be the rich, successful portion of humanity just as the West / Christendom has been for the past few hundred years.*

    Certainly this will be so if liberals have their way: they are working hard to turn our own country into a bankrupt, balkanized haven of ignorant, dependent rabble that would be completely familiar to the nobles of any third-rate medieval kingdom.


    (*) Let’s also consider China and India.  What would any of us said about the “contributions” of India after the Mutiny?  Or of the Chinese during the Boxer Rebellion?  How far they’ve come… Think also of Japan after the Meiji restoration: the Japanese went from a feudal society to a world power in less than a century.

    • “they brought their own Manhattan Project to successful fruition in a reasonably short amount of time”

      Don’t forget that the technology is half a century old. RadioShack has better electronics than the original bomb had. The hard part was paying for it. 

    • Copying tech is not the same as inventing it in the first place.

      As far as Islamic tech is concerned, I don’t think they were ever really ahead of the west. Much of what was assumed to be Islamic in origin in fact came from India (damascus swords, for example, and IIRC math advances).

      • DonCopying tech is not the same as inventing it in the first place.

        While I agree that following a blazed trail makes the going a lot easier, there are some trails that are damned hard to follow, and kudos are due to those who can make the journey.  Further, making it to the end of the trail puts one in a position to make his own trail.  Many of even the most brilliant inventors and innovators stood on the shoulders of men who came before them; that they did so doesn’t make them less brilliant or diminish their own achievements.

        In the specific case of the Iranian nuclear scientsts, we may suppose that they were hobbled by their theocratic, reactionary, suspicious and repressive government.  What might those men have achieved if they were allowed to work in an open and free society?

  • NASA’s new mission?  To put a muslim in the White House – oh…wait……(did I say that?  Really?)

  • Since nobody else has said it…
    “Houston, we have a problem.”