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Indie voters approval of Obama’s job performance drops to 38%

One of the things many election analysts continue to cite as a hopeful sign for Democrats in the upcoming mid-term elections is the fact that Obama’s approval rating has remained fairly high.

The thinking, then, is the vote won’t be about him or his agenda and that means Democrats may be successful in keeping the focus local and weathering the storm of electoral anger.

I don’t think so.  And here’s why:

Thirty-eight percent of independents approve of the job Barack Obama is doing as president, the first time independent approval of Obama has dropped below 40% in a Gallup Daily tracking weekly aggregate. Meanwhile, Obama maintains the support of 81% of Democrats, and his job approval among Republicans remains low, at 12%.

That’s right – those that have the power to swing any election have mostly fallen out of love with Obama.  And, one would assume, that would be driven by what he has done or not done as the case may be.  But the point is 4 months before these crucial elections, only 38% of the group that secured him in office still approve of him and the job he’s doing.

You don’t think that will reflect in November?

Democrats and the left, of course, have no where to go but they can stay home – and I think many will.  The Republicans and the right are fired up and energized.  They’re going to turn out.  Whether or not independents turn out or not, it appears they will not be overwhelmingly supporting Democrats because of “good approval ratings” for the president.  In fact, the opposite case can be compellingly made.

I think it is becoming increasingly obvious to everyone, to include Congressional Democrats, that the GOP will win seats in both chambers of Congress.  The only thing left to guesswork is how many.



26 Responses to Indie voters approval of Obama’s job performance drops to 38%

  • I would go further and say that Obama’s high personal approval  numbers are inflated by the desire for people to say things they want the pollster to hear.  After all no one wants to say anything negative about America’s first black president, that could sound racist.
    However, that will make no difference in the voting booth.

    • Bingo. I wonder if you could check his “slightly approve” numbers and see if they are abnormally high versus historical rates.

  • It should have been down to 5% six months ago.

    • I agree completely – I don’t see how he’s only down to 38%.  That’s a freaking miracle in itself.
      Could be my viewing sources, but all his photos lately look angry.  Not that he doesn’t have reason to be angry with himself, lord knows I’m certainly angry enough with him for both of us.
      I think the anger is going to work against him too.  Angry & oblivious.  Let’s see the Democratos turn those into positives.

      • You saw the recent survey of 238 historians who have already ranked Obama at number fifteen among American presidents? He’s ahead of both John and J.Q. Adams, Coolidge, Cleveland, and Reagan.

        After just a year and a half in office in this very very very successful presidency. No doubt the historians were influence by the Nobel Peace Prize Obama received after five minutes in office.

        Is that true greatness or what?

        • I keep forgetting…the dude has the Nobel prize! For what?

  • Pre-emptive to Erb:  You don’t defend Obama by driving by and lobbing a boilerplate anti-Bush screed.

    Now if you actually have something to add, feel free.

    You’re welcome.

    • Have you noticed that with every passing day, as Obama’s favorables sink ever further, Erb’s makes fewer and fewer appearances?   It is as if he is agreeing with us by not commenting.  And you know it’s gotta be killing him to watch his Messiah sink further and further into the abyss.  What would you do if you had sunk you future onto an empty suit such as Obama.  Wouldn’t you want to sink into the background?

      Come on back Erb!  We won’t hurt you – much.

      • It’s the same way he left in a huff when the Climategate stuff was breaking.  He can’t hack it

  • Democrats digging harder than ever for dirt on Republicans
    Does this sound like the Democrats are confident ?
    But I forgot …

    The president [Obama] himself, when that was brought up in one group, said, ‘Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’

    The party may be better off if he stays in the White House and focuses on governing this fall.
    The same goes for President Clinton.

  • are the midterms ever good for a first term president?   nothing new here.   the one thing these polls do show is that the peoples are incredibly fickle.  give el presidente one good year leading into 2012 and he’ll be back in the saddle again.   hell he might even have that oil well plugged by then.   pedro has a plugged nickel that the legion of the miserable here will be bellyachin’ up a storm either way.  pedro loves these quaint gringo traditions.

    • Pedro, I’ll have two of whatever you’re drinking.

      • sure you can handle them l-man?  they’re margaritas, of course.   the real mccoy,  not that lime flavored slush ice gringos seem to favor:  100 agave, cointreau,  FRESH lime juice.  salt and on the rocks.  get that roses lime crap outta here.  ditto for triple sec,  although you can have grand marnier if you like.
        just one of pedro’s especiales might have you putting a framed picture of el presidente cuarenta y tres (2008-2016) on a prominent wall of your study.    once that got onto the internets  you’d be persona non grata.

        • Anything like Legal Seafood?  Do you ship frozen?   You’re gonna need a whole car crate vato, and a hidden campesino to hang that picture after I pass out though, as good as your blend may be no way I’ll ever be in a good enough mood to hang it myself.
          Gotta say, I was sorely disappointed with the ‘mexican’ food last time I was in the Bay State, you need to work that angle some too.   You get one goin I’ll come annoy you in Cambridge next time I get up that way from Tejas.

          • it’s true,  you can’t find good mexican here.   but when i was stationed at ft hood in the 80’s  i was shocked to find that much of it down there was no better.
            the good places WERE very good, just not as many as i expected to find.  up here, we got nada.   pedro, who’s a gringo in real life, has to make it himself, using rick bayless’s cookbooks.

          • Heh – Texmex – not the same, and the quality goes from…atrocious to……   Bayless, good choice – if you haven’t made his mojo de ajo – give it a whirl.
            Maybe we need to do foreign exchange – I’ll ship you some ‘undocumented workers’ and you send me some guys who can do good Greek roast beef like Supreme’s(Danvers), we’d make a fortune.  From what I see you’re playin in Tejas temperatures these days anyway.

        • “the real mccoy … cointreau,…”

          Which cactus is that old Mexican tipple Cointreau made from? 

    • Here ya go Pedro – you’re gonna wanna pour yourself a tall one before you watch the video….
      Well, if you’re half honest you will, after all, it’s all good, we got nothing to complain about with this administration, do we…..

      • pedro complains about el presidente incessantly.  and mostly for reasons just like those in that video.  he’s JUST LIKE bush boy!   take away the pigmentation, the health care platform,  and the thin veneer of intelligence and they’re twins.    this is what mystifies pedro about the most vehement of el prez’s detractors.  if they liked bush boy then at the very least they should be neutral about obama.

        • Of course, none of us liked Bush, Obama is ten times worse, and your act is getting old.

          • sorry kyle.  i’ll try to keep it as poppin fresh as YOUR act is in the future.  tissue?

        • Ah, I get it, they have taught you well at that gringo school, how to be a good Masswachusetts Democrat.
          Doesn’t matter if the man does something wrong, what matters is if the previous man did something wrong…see it all the time.   Lousy morals hombre, you ain’t passing that shit on to los ninos  I hope.   But hey,  Tradition lives on, when in doubt, blame Bush.

          • i blame them both.  can’t put it any plainer than that.

    • are the midterms ever good for a first term president? 

      >>>> I may be wrong, going from memory, but didn’t the despised W  increase his party’s share in his 1st midterm?

    • “hell he might even have that oil well plugged by then.”
      OK, I laughed. You are growing on me.