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Dale’s Observations For 2010-07-09

This is, sadly, quite insane. Yet it's still better than any job creation program Obama's come up with. #

If the 10th Amendment kills DOMA, then it should also kill the Health Care Reform law passed this year. #

Bad polling news for California's pot legalization initiative. #

Joe Biden at a Barbara Boxer fundraiser last night. That must have been like Einstein meeting with Fermi. But opposite. #

Obama touts green jobs at an electric vehicle plant, where literally tens of jobs may be created. #

Media is shocked to learn that one of the top people we have in the shouting and killing people trade speaks bluntly. #

Special election cleared to fill Byrd's seat #

Apparently, some gentleman involved in sport will cease playing a game in one city, and begin playing it in another. How…usual. #

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5 Responses to Dale’s Observations For 2010-07-09

  • “If the 10th Amendment kills DOMA, then it should also kill the Health Care Reform law passed this year…”
    I marvel more that the fact that state constitutional changes have been thrown out by state judges.  Either only states can regulate marriage or not.  Can’t have it both ways.

  • “Military ethicists warned that Mattis’s comments had the potential to cause violent events committed either by U.S. military service members or against American troops.”
    We’d hate for the military to break from tradition and start committing violent events.

  • One Nation is committed to ensuring that … have access to their abundant supplies of energy, without the price impacts of OPEC, foreign exchange, excise taxes & flawed Kyoto accords.

    One Nation
    rejects Globalisation, Mass Immigration, the Destruction of our industries, the export of our jobs … One Nation will ensure that our identity and national sovereignty are not undermined.