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Dale’s Observations For 2010-07-12

.@MelissaTweets: Ready for President Palin?|The sun will set in a blazing red sky to the east of Casablanca before she is elected president. #

RT @daveweigel: Thus end the airline hell tweets. Up next: Not crashing!" | You hope. #

RT @jaseliberty @dmataconis @griftdrift: "headed tongue runoff" | Sounds naughty. #

Now you can build your own Google Android apps, even if you're not a programmer. #

More Americans' credit scores sink to new lows #RecoverySummer #

RT @GaltsGirl @biggovt: NAACP Proposes Resolution Condemning Tea Party as Racist. | Well, that's sure to promote tolerance and inclusion. #

Democrats plan to Europeanize the DoD, reducing the ability to project force, in order to fund social programs. #

Consumer Reports: iPhone4 is teh suxx0rz. #

Microsoft wants to sell Windows tablets by the end of the year. Huh. Well, I'm sure it'll be as good as their phones. #

Democrat governors really don't want their party to address immigration. At least not in an election year. #

Predator drones: Our way of reminding Muslims that their past contributions to science have led to Hellfire missiles. #

Swiss free Polanski; won't extradite director to U.S. | Whew! Artistic crisis averted. #

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