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Denial is not a river in Egypt

The NASA/Al Jazera interview, where NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said that one of his primary missions was to conduct an outreach to Muslim scientists and to essentially build the Muslim world’s self-esteem has now gotten an official and not unexpected response from the White House:

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday that such activities are not among Bolden’s assigned tasks. He said administration officials have spoken with NASA about the matter.

Read that carefully – it says nothing about those tasks having been among Bolden’s assigned tasks. It says the administration has "spoken with NASA" and that at the moment of Gibbs announcement – a number of days later – that the task Bolden outlined is "not among" them any more.

With this crew, you definitely have to weigh each and every word officially uttered and be able to read between the lines. No where in that statement is there a denial that it was a task at one time, and it is hard to believe that the administrator of NASA would get his priority tasks from the administration so badly screwed up, isn’t it?

Just sayin’ …



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17 Responses to Denial is not a river in Egypt

  • I think it was Disraeli who said, “There are lies, there are damned lies, and then there are statistics“.
    The Obami are all statisticians…

  • This is like a bad lawyer TV show, where a new line of questioning is opened up by the defense .. by mistake.
    Victor Davis Hanson piles on with …

    We are not killing “terrorists” or “Islamists” in Waziristan; instead our “overseas contingency operations” are aimed at reminding Muslims that their own past contributions to science have led to breakthroughs like Hellfire missiles.

  • We have a president that no one wants to listen to because we do not fully believe him. His own party is deserting him not just because they know his ideas are unpopular. They also know he is unable to convince anyone. We have shut him off.

    And now the revelations of J. Christian Adams have shown that his Department of Justice has a racial bias not entirely dissimilar to those of Reverend Wright. Again the MSM is doing its best to ignore this, but the damage is still there and growing and Obama will not be able, this time, to make a speech in his defense.

    It’s over. For all the excitement of his election, having lied his way into office, Barack Obama was essentially DOA his first night at the White House.

    Actually, it is taking a little longer than that, but it is still happening.

    • I used to have this nightwatchman job while I was in college where I would patrol the site every 1/2 hour and spend the reset listening to the radio. Well on Sunday mornings, the radio stations do their best to stuff all the required public service time before their regular listeners wake up. Well this stuff is just golden for weird stuff from the various social service organization, governmental and otherwise.
      Long story short, is that these programs would always start out talking about “the poor” but 10 minutes into the program segment, they would have completely transitioned to “Black” .. like their are no poor White folks out there.
      My point, the entire subject of “Civil Rights” has transitioned completely in the DOJ to “Black Rights,” like there are not any White, Asian, etc. folks out in the hinterland that require civil rights protection.

    • It’s amazing that Mort Zuckerman has transitioned by collaborating in speech writing for Obama to calling Obama “anit-business” to the point that the White House has had Rahm Emanuel out to counter some of it.

    • It’s over. For all the excitement of his election, having lied his way into office, Barack Obama was essentially DOA his first night at the White House. [emphasis orginal? – dj505]

      If he was DOA his first night in the White House, then I suggest that his is a zombie presidency: ravenous and lethally dangerous.  I scoff at him as “The Dear Golfer”, but the fact of the matter is that he and his fellow gangsters in the Congress have done tremendous damage to our country in 18 months and they look poised and determined to do more whether they survive in November or not.  They wasted hundreds of billions in the Porkulus; they’ve set our health care system more firmly on a track to utter ruin; they’ve trashed the economy and so badly damaged its underpinings such that full recovery will be a long time coming; they’ve been a prime cause of the biggest environmental disaster in our history; they’ve polarized the country in a way that it has hardly been since 1860; they’ve made a hash of our foreign relations; etc.  And these are the BIG items.  I hate to think what they’ve done that just hasn’t made it on to the radar screen.

      If we survive this, it will take years to rebuild our country.  The thing I find most incredible is that there is a significant fraction of our people, especially in the elites of government, media, and academia, who think The Dear Golfer HASN’T DONE ENOUGH.

      • MAYBE it will take a long time to rebuild after this regime is a happily fading memory.
        But, if we seize the opportunity this gradient provides in this unique time, we will be amazed by how quickly and (apparently) magically the nation could regain its vigor and move forward.
        When markets are allowed to work, when the vitality of the American people…and people who have historically invested in our enterprise…is unleashed, it seems magical to the people who simply do not understand it.
        It all depends on how completely we reject the collective rot that has insinuated itself into our body politic.

        • Ragspierre[I]f we seize the opportunity this gradient provides in this unique time, we will be amazed by how quickly and (apparently) magically the nation could regain its vigor and move forward.

          You know that.  I know that.  Most of the other people here know that.  Sadly, many of our fellow Americans do not.  They have been brought up to believe that government can and must provide the answer to our problems, no matter what they may be.  democrats use this belief to their advantage: “We face a crisis in (insert issue here)!  Elect us and we’ll take care of it by forming a new agency and department and hiring experts – EXPERTS! – to come up with a plan.  And don’t worry about the cost, because we’ll make the rich (snarl!) pay for it all!”

          The market scares the hell out of a lot of people because it is unpredictable and failure is always a possibility.  I’m sure that there are many retirees who were lovingly counting the money in their their 401k’s back in ’05 and ’06 only to see it all disappear by mid-’09 and probably aren’t so enamored of “the market” any more.  The same may likely be said about people who are underwater on their mortgages, have lost their jobs, been hit with major medical bills, etc., etc.

          The irony is that the same democrats who were mouthing the quote from Dr. Franklin about trading liberty for security when Bush was trying to fight the WoT are now busily making the same sort of trade, only they are offering to trade liberty for economic security*.  And there are plenty of people who are perfectly willing to make that bargain.  For them, freedom IS slavery.


          (*) It is, of course, the “security” of the plantation slave or the serf: liberty is traded for whatever meager means of existence the master (the State, in this case) cares to provide.

  • “Bolden’s assigned tasks”

    There’s your wiggle wording.  Barack asked him to do those things, he didn’t officially assign them to him. 

  • pedro needs to lay off his latest discovery – mojito in a box.  i  swore you said nasa was talking to al jazeera about restoring the muslim self esteem.    and how are we going to achieve this goal?  if they want to get to mars first, i guess that’s okay.  it would tick off george and we all know how  much he wanted to be the first.  but i draw the line at jupiter.  i swear to god i’ll never vote democrat again if they let the ahrabs get the big one before we do it.

    • Dude – they’ll have to rename most of those planets before they visit them, or they’ll be required by Islamic law to declare Fatwa and destroy them  – Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, etc…..all wrong gods….

      • Heh, and don’t even begin to suggest that the face of the man in the moon might be Mohammed’s or we’ll be short a satellite and tidal forces.

  • This is clearly another failure to understand post-modern multiple truths.

    Obama has one truth where he really, really wants all Muslims to like us, and wants to do whatever it takes to make that happen. As I explained when this first came up, all the fault is ours anyway. Yes, we practically begged those noble brown savages to crash airplanes into buildings with our neo-imperialist foreign policy.

    Obama has another truth that NASA is a scientific research organization, and that’s the one Gibbs is focused on. See, it’s just appropriate to look at different truths at different times. Nothing sinister about it.

    It’s just like how I told you how valid post-modernism was at shattering the foundations of enlightenment philosophy, and then came back a few months later and told you how I don’t buy post-modernism. Those don’t contradict, because the holy writ of post-modernism says you can pull out whatever multiple truth you need to in order to defeat and confuse dense righties. You could look it up. Or come to my blog and be treated to post after post after post of rich, creamy analysis, which is completely different from opinion because I have advanced degrees.

    Of course, I’m very busy with my online foreign affairs class, which proves all my points conclusively. You should take it. I would teach you so much, and I would give you little condescending head pats when you understand something. Just like I do for my students all the time. They love it.

    But I don’t lecture down to anyone here. That’s another multiple truth.

    Sorry, I have to go now. The magenta caterpillars with Sarah Palin’s face are all over the car trunk. I think I picked up more of them on vacation. That’s what you get for driving through flyover country, I guess. What with the purple cows playing trombone in Kansas and the orange elephants doing the Mexican hat dance in Nebraska, I’ve certainly seen a lot of sights.

  • …the orange elephants doing the Mexican hat dance in Nebraska, I’ve certainly seen a lot of sights.

    Pedro, I think maybe Ott is dissing you…

    • I was going to comment on what a closet racist Ott is – purple trombone players, orange hat dancers, but I realized….hey….he’s a postmodern liberal – he’s just using the code words he learned from studying us conservatives and hallucinating in our vernacular.