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Quote of the day – "Post-racial" dumb quote edition


ake Tapper brings us today’s QoD from none other than our "post-racial" president while being interviewed in South Africa. The quote pertains to al Qaeda’s operations in Africa and in particular the bombings in Uganda.

"What you’ve seen in some of the statements that have been made by these terrorist organizations is that they do not regard African life as valuable in and of itself. They see it as a potential place where you can carry out ideological battles that kill innocents without regard to long-term consequences for their short-term tactical gains."

Per Tapper, White House aides explained that as “an argument that the terrorist groups are racist."  Not just generally racist, but their racism is aimed at blacks:

Explaining the president’s comment, an administration official said Mr. Obama "references the fact that both U.S. intelligence and past al Qaeda actions make clear that al Qaeda — and the groups like al Shabaab that they inspire — do not value African life. The actions of al Qaeda and the groups that it has inspired show a willingness to sacrifice innocent African life to reach their targets."

So what the hell was Iraq?  Who were the suicide bombers there?  And when the AQ operatives flew the planes into the World Trade Center, how many were “African” and how much “innocent African life” was sacrificed to reach their targets.

This is absurd.  Al Qaeda is an equal opportunity killing machine.  If they have a prejudice it is against all things western and all things non-Muslim.  Their method of operation is to use those locally they can recruit and, if necessary to import fighters.  But anywhere they’ve ever operated that haven’t given a rip about “innocent … life”.  In fact, their violence against innocents in Iraq was their undoing.

I can’t tell you how uninformed and, frankly scary it is to think our top leadership actually believes this stupidity.  Al Qaeda has a single purpose – to see their distorted, violent and totalitarian brand of Islam conquer the world.  And they will use anyone or kill anyone who will either advance that goal or stands in its way.

To pretend that they are merely another in a long line of racist groups and their racism is aimed only at Africans is to essentially say these people know nothing about the real al Qaeda, their history or their goals.  And that, folks, should scare the living hell out of you.



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38 Responses to Quote of the day – "Post-racial" dumb quote edition

  • This dipsh*t just basically equated the Tea Party and Al Qaeda because they’re both “racist”

    And I guess that means Israel is just as bad, since they’re afraid of him because of his middle name.

    Such an empty suit.  Such an empty man.

  • That’s hilarious considering that the Ugandan terrorist bombing was conducted by a Somali terrorist group that controls Mogadishu and much of the country.  Last I checked the Somalis were also black.

  • I am afraid this provides absolute proof that this man/child who occupies the Oval Office sees things…I think most things…through a racial filter that has a strong African bias and distorts reality very, very badly.
    How is it we define “racism” if that is not one definition?

    • I agree.  Al-Qaeda isn’t a racist organization, they hate everybody.
      Does it really matter if they are racists.
      Does anybody really concentrate on the difference in skin color of somebody trying to kill them ?

      • Does it matter to you if I kill you for your sneakers? Or if I kill you because you’re not the same color I am, and I take your sneakers?  Hate crimes.  Killing you because you aren’t the same color as me is just so clearly worse than killing you for your sneakers…  I mean, one must be more painful than the other, or more horrible, right?  Here I thought killing was wrong all together, but what I’m thinking when I kill you must make it more wrong sometimes than others.
        It’s of a piece that liberals care if an organization that demonstrates it kills people essentially at random (including themselves in the process) is ‘racist’.  Who knows, maybe big ears is trying to show the Islamic world that he’s not after Al Queda because they’re Islamic, but because they’re racists.  Maybe that makes sense to him, maybe he thinks it won’t make them laugh in their beards at him for his naivety.   Good to know that EVERYONE born on the African continent is one nice happy color and all one race though.

  • And what in bloody hell is “African Life”?  What does that mean?  Someone pass me the racist code word manual so I can understand the distinction.

  • Like the candidate and his campaign, this President and his White House (and his Justice Department), have always been about race. As a candidate Obama began to play race heavy before the primaries began, when black voters were still split about 50-50 between him and Hillary. He started to talk over the heads of his largely white audiences directly to the “black nation.”

    And that whole effort yesterday at the NAACP convention to pass a resolution attacking the Tea Party movement as racist, that would never happen without approval from the White House. Never. So that came direct from the Oval.

    This whole post-racial candidate business was an egregious lie right from the start, right from the speech Obama gave at the ’04 Democratic convention.

    He belonged then, still, to a racist church that was based on a teaching where whites are regarded as the devil. He was attending a reverse KKK rally for 20 years and ONLY the big lie technique could get him out of that dilemma. The big lie was that he was post-racial and a racial reconciliationist.

    He was never just a student of Jeremiah Wright. He was the next step beyond Jeremiah Wright, more radical, more vengeful, and more racist, and determined to have power. But what an incredible master of dupes he became on the road to power.

    “Just get the power, Barack.”

    • He was never just a student of Jeremiah Wright. He was the next step beyond Jeremiah Wright, more radical, more vengeful, and more racist, and determined to have power.

      Never forget, Martin, that Shellie Obama fits those sentences BETTER than Barack.  I maintain she is by far the meaner of the two, and a power to reckon with in this administration.

      • She is at the innermost point of the inner circle, of course, but the White House has largely kept her out of play politically. But unlike Bill Clinton, who only cared about himself and had Hillary on task as his ideology officer, Barack Obama is himself fully ideological and Michelle is an ideological backup. They have both read James Cone, and they both bought Wright, wholesale.

        • I agree with all that.  While I am a rational person (regardless of what you might hear), I have a subjective side that I respect and heed.  That tells me that Shellie is capable of much greater outright hatred than is Barack.  No real backup for that…but I knew Bill Clinton was a snake the first time I saw him, despite being well-disposed to him because of his New Democrat sheep-coat.

          • O.K., I don’t agree with that.

            Watch him in action, at the political fundraisers, for instance, and he’s out of his mind with vitriol. As hard as it might be, listen to those speeches. That’s when it really comes out. It really doesn’t make any difference that Michelle could be a little worse. He’s the President and he’s got plenty to go around.

    • The NAACP can’t bitch about “the Man” anymore because the Man is Obama.

      Wow !!   read the whole thing .. Wow !!

  • Once again we are at the mercy of a President whose ideas are a complete mystery to the world.  Where is he from?  What is his agenda?  What does he really believe?

    Until we have any answers to those questions, we will never be able to answer: Does this man even have a clue?

    • Obama exists in an ideological bell jar. He is using power to destroy an America that he hates. It’s irrelevant as to whether he might have a clue about serious national security or economic or social issues, because he is uninterested in those issues in any normative sense. The closest he comes to practical means is Chicago school power politics with Alinsky tactics. But at the ideological end, he is a pure, radical Leftist and hates this country in all the many senses that most Americans love it. Of course he can’t announce that as a candidate, so the only way he could get elected was to pose as some sort of left-center moderate who was interested in moving us “beyond Bush.”

      He moved us beyond Bush, all right.

      Obama is a character out of a novel that Orwell didn’t live to write.

    • I think we know that to a fair-thee-well, and I have known the answers to these questions since before the election.  He told us, in both spoken word  and print.  All we had to do is listen, and separate the true wheat from the duplicitous chaff.
      He is his father’s son…or more aptly, his fathers’ son.  He has had several surrogate fathers, and all were very bad men, IMNHO.
      He most  certainly has a clue, and highly defined core values.  They are all inimical to my vision of America.

  • And the irony of the idea that ‘Africans’ favored religion is Islam – BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…..who the hell do they think was dragging them out of the middle of the continent in coffles for quick sale at auction on the coast?

  • I assume that this is an attempt to generate some level of resistance amongst Africans (where a lot of AQ recruiting is done).  I think this doesn’t work because Al Qaeda is not like the usual targets of the accusation.  Most of the time, the accusations of racism are leveled at people who are concerned about how they are perceived, be it as individuals or as part of a group.  Al Qaeda isn’t concerned with playing nice with others, they’re intent on subjugating those who can be subjugated, and crushing everyone else.
    Throwing the accusation of racism at Al Qaeda just shows the degree to which the left is willing to fling that accusation around as some sort of cure-all.  It’s so amateurish and embarrassing that it comes off as pure desperation.  I guess when you’re out of answers, just resort to name-calling.  That’ll show those terrorists!

    • … but face the facts, they are recruiting in Africa more because they are ignorant.
      I always said the end of Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X” movie should have stressed education (something that Malcolm X believed in), instead of his weak kneed South African ending.

  • Another thought: Is this a counterstrike against the growing impression in flyover country, based in his bowing to Islam, that Obama is sympathetic to the Islamist movement? Or might it be a pre-emptive strike against something coming that’s still just over the horizon? Could be something as simple as someone finally getting to a reliable source on Obama’s relationship with the late Edward Said, or some shoe that is yet to be dropped (leaked) out from the FBI probe of the Russian spies? (That thing is really a can of worms; Bill Gertz has a piece out in the Washington Times that lifts the lid a bit.)

  • Dude, you’re reading way, way too much into this.
    He was being interviewed by a South African broadcasting company, so he took the opportunity to make a subtle pitch appealing to their viewing audience’s self-interest: the fight against Al Qaeda is your fight too.  Right now is the time when pan-African feelings are probably at a peak in the wake of the successful World Cup: recall how all of Africa started cheering for Ghana when they were the only African team left, not to mention the pride that “our continent” successfully hosted the World Cup despite the skeptics.  If there is ever a propitious occasion to nudge South Africa into caring more about events in Uganda and Somalia (which targeted mass soccer-viewing venues after all, marring an otherwise successful tournament), it’s now.
    So why the heck wouldn’t he inject a single mention, in passing, of “African life”?  It would be silly not to.  It can’t hurt, in any case.

    • I’m not reading anything into it – Tapper got the quote and ask for clarification from the White House. The WH is the entity that made it about race, not me.

    • “a subtle pitch”

      Reminds me of my dentist-“You may feel a little discomfort…” 

  • Since I am on the side of innocent victims of terrorists, and I consider myself also a target of those terrorists, I think I will take a leaf from JFK’s book and state–

    Ich bin ein afrikaaner!

    • Which is where we should be – Al Queda are scum bags, I’d happily see them blown into the infinite for killing Sudanese, Congolese, Mauritanians, etc…  Their mind set is antithetical to basic freedoms and rights.

    • I shall rephrase–

      Ek is ‘n Afrikaaner.

  • I’ve been looking for an upside from this and well this is a stretch but …
    Now that al Qaeda is a racist organization, Eric Holder may now take them seriously, so …
    Does this mean that KSM’s trial in NYC is off ?

  • Endlessly proving The Great Usurper has Fecal Matter for Brains.
    Again: How did the Turtle get on top of the Post? Someone put him there.

  • For some reason it strikes me as a planned double pronged attack,  within hours of each other Mr. Obama calls Al Qaeda racist and the NAACP charges that the “Tea Party movement is a threat to the pursuit of human rights, justice and equality for all.”

    NCAA – Tea Party racist
    Obama – Al Qaeda racist

    • You’re right.   Both the NAACP and Obama are race obsessed.

      • The problem the NAACP has is: if it can’t find racism, it has to go out of business.  As far as I can tell, it has done nothing to change its mission.  So, the NAACP defines racism down to the point they will “know it if they see it”.  And, boy can they see it.

    • I believe that when they finish counting the votes in November and looking for what really happened, it will be obvious that having a Democratic surrogate, namely the NAACP, go after the Tea party with cries of “Racist !” was a really bad idea.  It will do nothing except make anyone leaning toward the Tea Party even more angry than before .. energizing those who were sitting on the sidelines of the Tea Party to “Vote them Out.”

  • So the NAACP did it.

    You ever notice that when Massah Democrat needs something done, the REAL house negros jump to?

    These guys have been so badly played they have no clue

    • These are most definitely of the plantation” variety.  The Massah Democrat wouldn’t let them in the “house.”

  • Think Progress had a lot to do with this.

    But Right Klik, Confederate Yankee, and Left Coast Rebel have done a good job of dissecting the video. Some of the people in the video were not part of the Tea Party, others had their words so severely edited as to take the words out of context, and one of the people in the video was kicked out of a Tea Party rally because of his words.

    Check it out:

    Right Klik

    Confederate Yankee

    Left Coast Rebel