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Ignorance of history is no excuse for racism


he NAACP and a certain Democrat have, this week, alleged the Tea Party (in whole) is racist.

In the case of the NAACP, it is a story much like private unions – an organization that was once very relevant trying to maintain its relevance and becoming more marginal and hysterical as a result.

In the case of Representative Shelia Jackson-Lee (D-TX), it’s the usual – pure, unadulterated and stultifying historical ignorance. In Jackson-Lee’s case, she addressed the NAACP saying:

And I thank you professor very much. I’m going to be engaging you with those very powerful numbers that you have offered on what the tea party recognizes, uh, or is recognized as. Might I add my own P.S.? All those who wore sheets a long time ago have now lifted them off and started wearing [applause], uh, clothing, uh, with a name, say, I am part of the tea party. Don’t you be fooled. [voices: "That’s right.", applause] Those who used to wear sheets are now being able to walk down the aisle and speak as a patriot because you will not speak loudly about the lack of integrity of this movement. Don’t let anybody tell you that those who spit on us as we were walking to vote on a health care bill for all of America or those who said Congresswoman Jackson-Lee’s braids were too tight in her hair had anything to do with justice and equality and empowerment of the American people. Don’t let them fool you on that [applause]….

A history channel documentary about the period puts it very succinctly:


As Meredith Jessup points out at Townhall:

Yes, the Klan removed their "sheets" and Sheila Jackson-Lee was SO outraged, she decided to run for public office… on their party’s ticket.

It’s time to stop allowing the revisionist history that has been so much a part of the Democrats attempt to disassociate themselves (with, unbelievably the NAACP’s help) from their sordid, racist past.  Just remember, Bull Conner, Orville Faubus, Lester Maddox and George Wallace weren’t Republicans – and the last member of the US Congress who wore the sheets Jackson-Lee denounces was the Democratic Senator from West Virginia, Robert Byrd.

The only racists I see out there are those who falsely accuse others of it out of malicious desire to silence their political opponents by again playing the race card where it doesn’t belong.  And that would include the NAACP and Ms. Jackson-Lee.

‘Nuff said.



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60 Responses to Ignorance of history is no excuse for racism

  • Well and gutsily (is that a term…?) said.
    It is past time we put the racism of minorities under a spotlight.
    One good thing that is coming out of this gross over-playing of the race card is that it is loosing its sting.
    Sheila Jackson-Lee is a joke, and an embarrassment to Texas.  Happily, laughing at the “RAAAAAACIST” label is one of the best ways to pull its poison.

  • According to Red State this morning, the lovely and talented Shirley Jackson-Lee has complemented South Vietnam for surviving to the present day:

    I understand the idea of fair representation, but do we really need to have stupid people represented?

    • Rick, in Jackson-Lee’s custom-made district, she will have her fat butt in that Congressional seat as long as she lives, or cares to hold it.  She may be capable of resurrection…it all depends on how many cameras she could count on to cover the event.

      • You got me to look up her district.  One office is in the 5th ward.  I had to make a u-turn there last year when I turned the wrong way on I-10.  The second office is in the “Heights”.  I thought that was being gentrified.   So, maybe after a little redistricting, it won’t be so easy for her.

        • Two problems; the folks restoring the Heights are probably narrowly collectivist voters, and redistricting Sheila’s district is very likely politically radioactive.

          • …the folks restoring the Heights are probably narrowly collectivist voters, and…
            Riiiight… cause all of the corporate executives and other wealthy denizens from Houston’s energy industry who are involved in multi-million dollar renovations in the Heights are “probably narrowly collectivists voters.”  Sure, you keep thinking that.
            In the Texas 18th, it’s not merely the fifth ward or even parts of the Heights.  Take a look at the district.  It’s huge.  The relevant information is in the median income ($31k) and the demographics (76% black and hispanic).  Yes, it’s tailor made for Lee, but so is the Texas 22nd (my district) for Republicans – median income being $58k and 71% white.
            I like the Heights, warts and all.  And I’m glad that it is undergoing a facelift – but nothing about the Heights will change Lee’s chances at retaining representation.

          • A lot of words to reach exactly what I was saying.
            BTW, most of the gentry performing the “regentry-fying” are yuppie professionals, not energy executives.
            The Heights is a wonderful place for great architecture, and it’s becoming a fine place to live…if you can afford it.

          • BTW, most of the gentry performing the “regentry-fying” are yuppie professionals, not energy executives.
            Just what industry are these “yuppie professionals” involved in if it is not energy?
            Anything and everything in this town is centered around energy.  Everyone I know here, in some way, gets their paycheck from the energy industry.  Including the roughnecks, painters, construction workers, and other publicans for the energy industry that vote for Sheila Jackson-Lee.

        • Hmmm…  What do PROFESSIONALS do that is not centered on energy in Houston, Texas…
          Poque, you really are an idiot.  According to you, all economic activity in Houston is tied to “energy”.

          • According to you, all economic activity in Houston is tied to “energy”.
            Yeah, it is.  Any other kind of industry you can think of that exists in Houston ultimately depends on the energy industry.  There have been efforts in the past to diversify, but the Houston economy always returns to the energy industry.  And why not?
            While a small portion of trade might survive here independent of the energy industry, certainly all the big money is tied to it.  Take my business – I definitely don’t have anything to do with the energy industry, but my customers do.  If they cannot buy my product, then I will go out of business.  It is simple economics, man.

          • So, you are one of “the corporate executives and other wealthy denizens from Houston’s energy industry”, like the PROFESSIONALS who are taking back the Heights.  (Do I need to help you with the term “professional”?)
            Oh, and Poque, most homes in the Heights are WAYYYY below 1/2 million…much less “multi-million” homes.
            I understand that pickling your brain can lead to this kind of confused “thinking”.

  • I think this is a good news story. The louder they scream racist, the less impact it has. (a version of Gresham’s Law). Remember, our sainted Attorney General had the temerity to accuse the public of cowardice, of being reluctant to engage on matters of race. Can someone buy Holder a clue? It’s 2010 not 1960. How many Americans can say today that they have not served in the military, gone to school or lived in a neighborhood where black Americans were anything other than another non-remarkable part of their lives? We’ve elected a black President. That says something about how Americans view race today.
    RE: Stupid People
    Speaking during March 1970 in favor of a U.S. Supreme Court nominee, Senator Roman L. Hruska of Nebraska said:

    So what if he is mediocre?  There are a lot of mediocre judges and people and lawyers.  They are entitled to a little representation, aren’t they?  We can’t have all Brandeises, Cardozos, and Frankfurters and stuff like that there.

    • Actually, Hruska shows us that the proper place for stupid people to be represented is in Congress and the Senate.    For this bit of candor the stupid and mediocre people of NE have been more-than-adequately represented by Hizzoner.

    • I would say that Holder was correct. If Americans approached the subjects of race and racism openly and honestly, there is no way a candidate that spent the last twenty years as a member of racist organization would have been elected to national office.

  • Rep. Jackson-Lee is working very hard to take the title of “Biggest Race-Baiter” away from Rev Jackson and Sharpton.

  • This latest episode is another iteration of the “if you oppose, or don’t like, Obama, you’re a racist.” It started during the campaign and we’ve several waves of it since his presidency began. The Tea Party has been targeted like this since the beginning.

    I’ll repeat that the only major political figure in the United States who has a record of long and recent involvement with a virulently racist organization is Barack Obama.

    I have no doubt that somewhere in the millions of people who identify with the Tea Party movement there are some who would qualify as actual racists or even white supremacists, but the Tea Party movement is about getting hold of the reins on out of control government and trying again to call it racist, a la Jeaneane Garafolo, is the same thing we always here from the Left in this country every time its social justice railroad faces opposition.

    It also bears remembering that there is a doctrine on the Left that all white people are inherently racist, ergo any political speech by any white person in opposition to something that the Left wants is racist. That goes for both foreign and domestic policy, since U.S. wars are usually regarded as racist by the Left as well. “White, racist, capitalist, imperialist,” etc.

    • Sorry for the typos: first para should read “we’ve seen several waves…”

      third para, “here” should be “hear”: “same thing we always hear…”

  • Yes, those racists you list were Democrats. Conservative Democrats. But some piece of legislation was signed and those conservative Democrat racists left the party. And they went to this other party. Hm, what was the name of it again?

    • Byrd did not leave the Democrats, did he?

    • Oh!  A ‘Conservative” Democrat – that makes all the difference…unless they’re voting with you, huh Ollie?
      Get over it, the Democrats were the party of slavery, and have found ways to extend facets of that sick ‘peculiar institution’  via stealth right up to modern times – feel free to continue to dress the facts up in any color sheets you like.

    • You have a very strange concept of conservative, along with a very weak grasp of history.
      Maybe you should review how that “piece of legislation” (several, actually) happened to be enacted.

    • William Fulbright died a Democrat
      Al Gore Sr. died a Democrat
      Robert Byrd died a Democrat
      What was the point you were trying to make?

      • And who could forget the ever wonderful George Wallace, 2 time Democratic candidate for President?
        Though, clearly either forgotten or not be talked about.

    • Come back when you get a Clue.  And the only way that will happen is when the Clue Bird Shits on you.

    • Really, Oliver, do you actually believe that the Solid South segregationists “left the Democratic Party?”

      Lets take a look at some of the Democratic segregationists who ruled in the Senate.

      Did Bill Clinton’s Arkansan mentor, segregationist J. William Fullbright, leave the Party? Ah, no.

      How about segregationist Richard Russell? Did he leave the Party? And it wasn’t the Republicans who named the Senate Office Building after him.

      Or segregationist James Eastland? A Democrat until his retirement in 1978.

      Or John Stennis? Did he leave the Party or did he retire as a Democrat in 1989?

      And Russell Long? Herman Talmadge? No and no, never left the Party.

      And Byrd, of course, never left the Party and was its Senate leader in the 80s.

      These men and many like them were the civil rights obstructionists who were essential to the New Deal coalition that dominated the Democratic Party right into the 1970s.

      • And if those ‘conservative Democrats’ keep their sheety tendencies out of the public eye, and vote for many of the things Ollie likes, well, all’s forgiven.  Even if they are working in a roundabout way to ‘keep those people in their place’.

    • Please name the racist Democrats that left the party.

    • LOL, the real “house negro” comes riding in every time every time Massah democrat needs defending.

    • Bull Conner became a Republican? Orville Faubus? Lester Maddox?

      What have you been smoking, Oliver?

  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
    The name alone tells you how much of a dinosaur this organization is.  The word “colored” fell out of the common public-use lexicon before I was born.  How anyone, regardless of their melanin content, can take them seriously today is beyond me.

    • The NAACP has made itself the Collective’s porch Negros.  Nothing more.

    • The term colored was the catch all for skin tones that weren’t white.   We’ve also, thankfully, have lost all effective use of those wonderful terms that identify exactly what portion of your progenitors were not white,  like Mulatto,  Quadroon, Octroon, Quintroon or even  Hexadecaroon, .  But those are why you have the term ‘colored’ rather than black.

      • Ever spent enough time in New Orleans to get a grasp of the “society” there?  Fascinating just how racially prejudiced the A-A community can be within its own people.

        • Never had the pleasure actually.  My knowledge of the city is limited to snips of it’s history.  Closest I’ve ever ventured was I-10 when I took a nap and the wife ‘stayed on this road’ – my instructions before trying to grab 40 winks on the way back to Dallas from Winter Springs FL.
          I feel sure that some of the terms I mentioned are still in use in some places, and New Orleans would be my guess for one of those places.

          • Don’t listen to Rags, looker.  He’s full of shit.
            I’ve been to NO many times and I’ve never experienced racism in any way shape or form.  Internal, external – it didn’t matter.  The “society”, as Rags put it in scare quotes, is vibrant, colorful, and care-free.  They don’t call it the Big Easy for nothing.
            Racism is everywhere.  Sure, it can be shown more predominantly in certain areas versus other, but as you no doubt know already, it’s everywhere.
            Last weekend, my better half and I were at a popular diner in SW Houston – owned by a delightful black family and as you can imagine, it’s popularity was due because of it’s food.  Not because it was a white or black owned establishment, but because they provided a superior product.  Nevertheless, the wife and I were enjoying our breakfast when a white good-ole-boy in his forties sitting next to us asked us to kindly keep an eye on his victuals as he feared they may be mistakenly removed as he visited the lavatory.
            He said, “Do you mind making sure the bus-boy doesn’t remove my food while I go to the restroom?  I think he might be retarded.  He’s Mexican, don’t you know?”
            First … LOL!  Really!?  A bus-boy in Houston, TX is Mexican – SHOCKER!!
            Second … Just because he’s Mexican doesn’t make him retarded.
            Third … “Yeah, no problem man.  …. Umm, excuse me, waitress?  The gentleman sitting here told us to tell you to go ahead and have the bus-boy clean his table as he was finished with his eggs.”
            The moral of the story is:  Just because we’re sitting next to a racist jackass, doesn’t make the “society” of Houston white people racist.

          • As always, Poque, you haven’t a clue.
            You claim to have “been to NO many times”.  I lived there.
            Drunk already!!?!!
            Cheers up your ass, as always!

          • Hey Rags,
            You didn’t happen to be at the Avalon Diner last Saturday sometime around 10:00 a.m. were you?
            Cause that would just make my day.

          • Pogue, you missed your chance when you didn’t look at him, give him smile and say “Si Senor”.

          • Pogue, you missed your chance when you didn’t look at him, give him smile and say “Si Senor”.
            Hehe.  That would have been a classic.
            Although, it would have been a tough sell for my pale, freckled ass.
            My wife could have pulled it off, though.  Saying with a straight face, “¿Que?”

          • Nope.  I never ask drunken fools for anything, and I speak Spanish, so I hardly would have needed you…
            I’m a better tipper, too.

          • “Tough sell for….”  maybe – but the San Patricio’s aren’t that far back in Mexican History, and Winfield Scott didn’t hang all of em.  Course there’s no way for the redneck to know that (probably not, but I can’t rule out he doesn’t KNOW that history, just because he’s a redneck), but that’s the whole point of judging people based on their skin color ain’t it?
            I’m not normally a shit stirrer with people I don’t know, but after a comment like his, I think the devil might have gotten hold of me for an instant assuming the wife hadn’t already waded in for both the Mexican and the ‘retarded’ comment.

          • The San Patricios!!  OMG, that is my ace in the hole here.
            Even though I’m not Catholic, I can always relate to the Hispanic community here by mentioning the San Patricios.
            I mention the San Patricios, and I’m In Like Felipe.

          • Well, Rags, no one needed a Spanish translation in that scenario.  The joke was that if you replied in Spanish, then … oh, nevermind.
            But you don’t see anything similar between you and Lee and the NAACP?
            Let’s compare.
            You’re ready to damn a whole “society” in New Orleans as being racist based on … what?  A few experiences you might have had in NO you interpreted as racist.  Lee and the NAACP is ready to damn the whole Tea Party movement as racist based on … what?  A few placards and statements that they perceive as being racist.
            What’s the difference here?
            And this,
            I’m a better tipper, too.
            How the hell do you know?  It was you sitting there, wasn’t it?

          • Like I said, Poque, you haven’t even a clue.
            I’m not going to try to give you  one.
            I like you being the fool you are.
            It is only important that one of us knows what he’s talking about.  Anyone who whats to learn the verity of my NO observations need only spend a little time there, listening and learning.  There is a very substantial “upper class” (rich and old families) A-A population there, and THEY discriminate very strongly along “color” lines.  You can see the same phenomenon in Latin America.
            But, I’m sure to you they are all “care-free” people…happy children, devoid of sin.  Ever been to Trinidad?  Jamaica?  Ever ventured out of the tourist areas of NO?

          • The moral of the story is:  Just because we’re sitting next to a racist jackass, doesn’t make the “society” of Houston white people racist.

            >>>> No more than sitting next to a prick like you means Houston is terrible as well   😉

            You realize you actually validated that fool’s racism when you played that little joke? Now he’s got a mexican to blame.

          • No more than sitting next to a prick like you means Houston is terrible as well .
            Yeah, I’m the prick here.
            I’m sitting there minding my own business eating my breakfast and this guy next to me tells me that Mexicans are retarded and that I should guard his huevos rancheros while he takes a piss.
            F*ck him!
            And f*ck you!
            BTW, the latter part of that story was a joke.  I never addressed the waitress, or had even seen the f*cking bus-boy – to either confirm that he was Mexican or retarded.  So this douchebag returned to his table with his order intact.
            So rest easy.  Pedro the retarded bus-boy (if he exists) still has his job as far as I know.

          • Even if I didn’t have a calendar, I’d know it was friday – Pogue shows up. Usually after a trip to the Flying Saucer or some such place, no?

          • Yeah, I’m the prick here.  Poque.

            Now, you see.  We DO agree on some things…

          • Yeah, I’m the prick here.

            >>> Good of you to self-identify. Thanks!

            I’m sitting there minding my own business eating my breakfast and this guy next to me tells me that Mexicans are retarded and that I should guard his huevos rancheros while he takes a piss.
            F*ck him!

            >>>>> OH SWEET BLEEDING HORROR! THE GUY – DOPE THAT HE OBVIOUSLY IS – ASKED YOU A FAVOR. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  People intrude sometimes, often for the most trivial sh*t.  Grow up.

            And f*ck you!

            >>>> To you as well sunshine.  At least you had the guts to say that to my face (lol in an internet sorta way).  You feel that strongly, why didn’t you tell this fella “f*ck you!” to his face?

            BTW, the latter part of that story was a joke.  I never addressed the waitress, or had even seen the f*cking bus-boy – to either confirm that he was Mexican or retarded.  So this douchebag returned to his table with his order intact.

            >>>> Good to hear. You like to come off as such  a misanthrope it seemed plausable  🙂

            So rest easy.  Pedro the retarded bus-boy (if he exists) still has his job as far as I know.

            >>> Maybe it’s the same Pedro who comments here?

          • But, Shark,
            Why do we lend ANY credence to the Poque’s self-aggrandizing story?
            He admits that the later part…the money part…is a lie, so why do we believe the first part?
            Is it beyond the pale that a cafe would employ a retarded young man as a bus-boy?  Would it be RACAAAACIST…or ANYTHING bad…for a patron (especially a regular) to protect his breakfast if he knew the young man’s single-minded performance of his assigned duties?

          • In retrospect, Pogue should’ve just busted on me for my sarc meter seemingly being set to zero instead of blowing up

  • I’m sorry I don’t know where all that came from.
    If the NAACP wants to see racism they should take a look in a mirror.

    Breitbart to NAACP Chief: ‘Go to Hell!’

  • Anyone remember this gem from Barbara Boxer?

  • Barbara Boxer was playing by the rules.
    Rule # 1:  Liberals can say things that conservatives can’t.

  • Let’s get down to cases:
    Who ways minorities are fully capable of competing in the economic world? Who says minorities need a nanny state, that they can’t compete in the real world?
    Who says they should be held to the same high standards of conduct and behavior? Who says they need lesser standards?
    Which groups says they should be treated as adults and individuals? Which says they should be wards of the state and treated as a collective (hint: foundation of racism)?
    Those are just a few examples: cut away the tantrums and schoolyard slings and you can see who thinks them to lesser persons.

  • Late to the party, but . . . an Oliver Willis sighting! THE MAN HIMSELF graces your comments; you should be proud, guys.
    “If there is one blogger on the planet who seems to have the ability to match Amanda Marcotte style-wise, it’s Oliver Willis.”
    — Dennis the Peasant