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Dale’s Observations For 2010-07-20

.@ewerickson on Sherrod: If the left gets a pass on race, the right has to fight back. | But fairly, not dishonestly. Or we're no better. #

I really want to know if Breitbart edited the Sherrod/NAACP video to make her look bad. If so, that's despicable. #

RT @dmataconis @benpolitico: White House denies role in Sherrod firing.| Ms. Sherrod says otherwise. #

Residents of Bell, CA (pop. 38k) just learned that city officials are taking in salaries ranging from $300k to $785k. #

I wonder if the NAACP is learning any lessons about the damage that accusations of racism cause. #

Mexican authorities searching a man at the airport in the nation's capital found 18 monkeys hidden beneath his clothes. #

Apparently, the Turkish gov't likes "good" terrorists like Hezbollah and Hamas, but not "bad" terrorists like the PKK. #

.@dmataconis @CMDeB @KurtSchlichter: Presidents are entitled to have their qualified nominees confirmed. | Elections have consequences. #

.@CMDeB: This is not helpful. Tea Party Scalds GOP Candidate in Va. | Not helpful to whom? GOP, or limited government principles? #

Man, that journo-list is the gift that keeps on giving. Its members colluded to keep Jeremiah Wright out of the news. #

RT @markknoller: UK wants US to understand the economic importance of BP, not drive it into oblivion. | Huh. Yeah. Good luck with that. #

'Rock Band 3' hitting stores on October 26. *sigh* I learned 'Rock Band' by playing an actual instrument. #

Forecaster: End of single-fee broadband is on the way. Enjoy your smartphone's unlimited data plan while you can. #

Comparisons to the Great Depression keep popping up. Just in case you were feeling a bit optimistic. #

Poll: Faith in Social Security system tanking. Looks like someone learned how to do simple math. #

Housing starts fell to the lowest level in 8 months. The one tiny ray of hope is that building permits rose by 2.1%. #

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6 Responses to Dale’s Observations For 2010-07-20

  • These Journolist clowns may think that they are just performing some sort of sophomoric prank, but there may be legal implications that could affect them and their employers that are yet to unfold.

  • From what I read at HotAir, Breitbart claimed that the snippet that he showed was all that he had, which means that critical context might be missing.  Which makes you wonder why there was such quick action in condemning Sherrod and pressuring her into resigning.  Does the context make her statements look worse?  Or was she simply railroaded?

    • Looks like the NAACP released the full video of the event, and the context seems to favor Sherrod, who tells a story of how her experience at USDA taught her to look past discriminatory ideals and focus on helping those in need regardless of race.  So it seems as if she was railroaded.

  • The real point of the Sherrod video was the naacp audience reaction. they indicated approval of the racist actions before they heard the “lesson” form the story. context was immaterial to their racial viewpoint.