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John Kerry "swift boats" himself

You may have figured out by now that I think we pay much too much to government in taxes and that I’m usually all in favor of anyone who figures out how to dodge them legally.

However, there are exceptions to that rule, and all politicians are one of them. If they’re going to make tax law, pass tax law and stick it to all of the "little people", then they should strictly abide by those laws at all levels and not seek to dodge taxes. Especially if they’re the type who have never met a tax they didn’t like.

Call it part of the price they must pay – literally and figuratively – for that power.

John Kerry, or as Jules Critenden calls him, Thurston Howell III (from Gilligan’s Island) has apparently decided that taxes are strictly for the little people and, by the way, job opportunities aren’t his responsibility.

Mr. Howell, er Kerry (who, it is rumored, once served in Vietnam), recently purchased a luxury yacht. The Senator from Massachusetts, however, won’t be docking the yacht there. Instead Rhode Island is his port of choice:

News that Kerry was docking the 76-foot custom-built sloop in Newport, R.I., was first reported in the Herald Friday. Sources told the Herald the yacht cost $7 million, meaning Kerry would owe the state more than $500,000 in excise and sales taxes.

Tsk, tsk – is that a good example to set, sir?  And that’s not all that’s rankled the good folks of Massachusetts (who, by the way, with Romneycare, have the highest insurance premiums in the US).  The yacht was foreign made, while ship builders in Massachusetts claim that it could have just as easily been built there:

With the nation enduring a nasty economy, painful joblessness and extreme belt-tightening, word of the luxury yacht’s foreign construction – as Americans yearn for work – could create a political tempest for Kerry.

“The message is, ‘The American boat builders aren’t good enough, and the Massachusetts people aren’t good enough to maintain it.’ It’s just a bad message all around,” said Connecticut boater Steve Potter, who docks in Charlestown.

Mr. Kerry’s reaction?  Why the great and powerful Oz works in mysterious ways:

When asked to respond to criticism of Kerry’s decision not to buy American, his state director, Drew O’Brien, said: “When it comes to creating and preserving jobs and economic opportunity in Massachusetts, no one has worked harder in Washington than John Kerry. Sen. Kerry is using smarts, clout and good old-fashioned hard work to make the Massachusetts economy grow and prosper.”

Yeah, it’s really hopping, isn’t it?  With an unemployment rate over 9%, I guess that’s good enough that the additional jobs "created and preserved” by having the yacht built in his  home state just didn’t qualify as “smarts”.

Great example set there, Mr. Kerry.  If this is an example of the “smarts” you employ, everyone should be on their knees thanking the deity of their choice for the fact that you lost the presidential election and didn’t get anywhere near the Oval Office.



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29 Responses to John Kerry "swift boats" himself

  • And you expected anything less from JFK?  Kerry is of the same mettle as our Dear Leader (Obama) – A self appointed member of the Elite class who is not to be bothered which such lowly subjects as taxes and employment for those of the great unwashed.  And his representative’s response epitomizes the attitude – Even their minions lower themselves to defend their actions.

  • To paraphrase, Schlock (from the Merchant of Venice) … “I have interests … a broad”
    You see John Kerry is a “man of the world” and can’t be bothered by parochial interests in Massachusetts.

  • If he’s doing nothing illegal by home-porting the yacht in RI, then more power to him. I’d do exactly the same thing. Stiffing the taxman is the American way.

    At least you didn’t post something about Lohan.

    • It is, and I noted that – but the political class, in my opinion, is an exception. Mr. “I’ve never met a tax increase I didn’t like” doesn’t get to play those games. Not without being called a giant hypocrite.

      Secondly – why wasn’t MA good enough to build his yacht and the jobs that went with it? Same answer. He’d have had to pay taxes there. If the taxes are too onerous for a pol, you think they may be to onerous for others as well? Nah – it would take “smarts” to figure that out. If he had to pay the same taxes as the “little people”, perhaps he wouldn’t be such a fan of imposing them.

      • Massachusetts wasn’t good enough to build his yacht because Friendship doesn’t build boats in Massachusetts. I assume you drive an automobile. Was it built in Georgia or did you rob your home state of revenue and jobs by buying something that was built elsewhere?

        • Does JFK vote for free trade? or does he vote for unions, tariffs, etc.? I don’t know about his free trade credentials, but I bet he votes for card check. If its good enough to force on American industry, then he should pay up and buy union.

        • I dunno, did Bruce vote for additional taxes on automobiles?  Parking place fees?
          We all agree Kerry did a sensible thing – he’s saving money!  good plan, would do the same thing myself,   unless I voted for tax increases on everyone else who couldn’t avoid it because they weren’t rich like I am for the same sort of thing.
          And you know that’s the point, you’re blowing up a smoke screen for nothing.

          • It’s no smoke screen. The issue is not with his legally and advisedly avoiding taxes he can avoid. Everyone with an IQ higher than a tomato does that.

            And you know that’s the point, you’re blowing up a smoke screen for nothing.

            I think the smokescreen is what you and Bruce are inhaling. The issue ought to be how a US Senator can afford a $7 million dollar yacht, not that he moors the damned thing out of state to save money.

          • He can afford it because he married the Heinz ketchup hieress. And I’ll stick with my point that Senators who help write tax law and complain about corportains which do exactly what he’s doing, have no credibility and are hypocrites.

          • “The issue ought to be how a US Senator can afford a $7 million dollar yacht”
            Try reading a newspaper on a regular basis. 

        • Read the article – per the boat builders there, there was nothing about his yacht that could have been done there.

          • I read enough articles to find out what kind of boat he bought. That’s how I know they’re not made in Massachusetts.

            And there’s little doubt that whatever sort of vehicle you drive could have been built in Georgia. Was it? If it wasn’t, then you’re guilty of the same thing you’ve accused Kerry of.

    • arcs misses the whole point.  The example of John Kerry is the example of being willing to vote for additional taxes on everybody else, while at the same time actively avoiding taxes on himself.  I suspect if we look back, Kerry will have voted on the luxury tax on boats.  You know, the one that put marinas and boat yards out of business.  Yeah.  that one.

    • “Stiffing the taxman is the American way”

      Not if you are the taxman. I would hope that hypocrisy is not the American way.

      • Be real. Do you round down or round up on your income tax returns?

        • But, last time I checked, no one here votes on (let alone for) tax increses. Are you being intentionally obtuse?

          Tu Quoque has no place in most arguments but especially no place in this one.

        • LOL.
          Yeah, I make half million dollar roundoffs on my taxes.

          The next time Kerry mouths off about dastardly overpaid corporate executives outsourcing jobs or about those infamous tax cuts for the rich let us know how you feel. Somehow I don’t think it will matter.

  • {chuckle} {eyes rolling} {giggle} You dense righties can’t even use the phrase “swift boating” correctly. Swift boating refers to the process where fifty men lied about Kerry to stop him from becoming president. And Kerry himself was a stainless knight who didn’t utter one iota of falsehood about his military service, or his metals, or anything like that.

    And don’t you dare bring up helping the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese during the Paris peace negotiations, just don’t start! I’m sure those swift boaters lied about that too, even if it was in the Washington Post, and besides even if they didn’t, Kerry was just trying to save innocent lives, and end an awful, icky war. Because war is unhealthy for children and other living things, but you dense, wigged-out, ex-military righties just don’t get it. It’s the stress of serving in the military you know. You’ll never be right again. I don’t know why I even try to argue with you

    But it certainly has nothing to do with finding someone to talk down to and act smug and condescending towards who won’t ban me. Nope. It’s not that at all. I decree it. I absolutely don’t need to come here to bolster my own feeble self worth by finding people to feel superior to. Because I am superior! I have advanced degrees from places you’ve never heard of that were not either given to me to get rid of me! I have a book, a real published book on foreign policy, and it’s not either from a vanity press that suckers social science academics at small moose cow colleges.

    My students all agree that I’m perceptive and knowledgeable. And they’re not either just buttering my up to get a better grade, stop saying that! They mean it! Really they do! I decree it!

    Anyway, I know the Swift Boaters were debunked because a random leftist on Wikipedia said so. And no, I didn’t actually read their book, because I don’t have to. It was lies, all lies. Only foolish, thick righties would believe that Kerry said anything about his Cambodia experience that was burned into his memory and turned out to be factually wrong. He was misreported, he made a small mistake, he looked at the calendar wrong, he misspoke, he couldn’t read his notes, an old friend came in from out of town and he stayed up late talking with him and was tired.

    But he certainly never, ever lied. Oh, he might have had a multiple truth a time or too that look superficially like they contradict one another to someone not trained in post-modernism and quantum physics.

    Of course, I don’t buy post-modernism. Except when I defend it as perfectly valid and say that it proves that regular logic is completely invalidated. And there’s no contradiction in that, none at all, though you dense righties keep imagining you see one.

    Just like you imagine that you see hypocrisy in this case about Kerry and his boat. I’m sure he just couldn’t get a slip closer to home. And he probably had a good friend down in Rhode Island who wanted to use the boat sometimes. Or something. The tax savings were just an accident. I decree it. Because Kerry is a great man and should have been president and replaced that odious Bush except that some of you ex-military basket cases made up lies about him. Well, and the Dan Rather thing, and I’m sure there’s a multiple truth in there somewhere that shows Bush did all the nasty things Rather said. Because Bush is just that awful a person, while Kerry is a stainless knight, as I said earlier.

    And that doesn’t mean I look at the world in caricatures! Stop saying that! I’m a pragmatic moderate wise leftist who thinks subtle, subtle thoughts and comes here to lay out for you my rich, creamy analysis {analysis, analysis, analysis}, which is completely different from opinion because of my advanced degrees. And it’s certainly not just recycled talking points from Newsweek and the New York Times. If you disagree, you doth protest too much.

    Which, of course, is not surprising, since I’ve proven beyond a doubt that the people who hang around here are inbred, sterile, mindless climate deniers, and code-word racists to boot. Who can’t do anything but insult me when I offer them brilliant analysis, I might add.

    Why, you guys are so mean, I sometimes wonder if one of you planted the giant magenta caterpillars with Sarah Palin’s face, full lips, and ample bosom in my house, my car, my office, and my wife’s blouse. It just sounds like the sort of practical joke you Nazi-like thugs would do. They’re really starting to annoy me, especially since they’ve started winking at me when I find them.

    Plus, I think I overheard two of them discussing quantum physics. They were talking about superposing and Hindenberg Uncertainty, and I’m pretty sure one of them said something about putting me in a box with a cat. I didn’t know caterpillars were able to grasp the fine points of quantum physics like I do, but there you are.

    • Hey now, to be fair I did force Erb into admitting that the SBV’s had not been totally debunked/Kerry was not honest (re Christmas in Cambodia and the No Man Left Behind narrative, IIRC). It just took quite a bit of persistance.

  • What I find most irritating is the response of Jean-Francois’ spokesman.  It does absolutely nothing to answer the question at all*, and seems based in a belief that the average voter, even if he knows about this issue, is stupid enough to nod his head and say, “Yeah, John works hard for me, so I’ll let this pass.” How many times have we seen this tactic used?  The politicos wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work.

    Jeebus, we live in a nation of gullible morons. 


    (*) I add that the “smarts” and “good old-fashioned hard work” do not belong in the same sentence with the name John Kerry.

    Designed in Rhode Island – built by Kiwi’s.  So, no US boatbuilders (let alone Massachusetts boatbuilders) could do this baby eh?
    Uh huh.

  • arcs, tfact is that there are any number of boatyards and boatbuilders in Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, and the entire East Coast who would have been thrilled to have the work, and could have easily built it.  Boston Boat Works, CW Hood, Hodgdon, Derecktor – these are all builders who have made America’s Cup boats in the past.  Unless you have some inside track on what was so goddamn unique about Lurch’s boat, please don’t trash American builders.

  • It should be obvious to even a left winger that this guy is one of the worst human beings ever. He got into the war with the intent of establishing himself for a political run.  He conspired to manufacture “wounds” and medals and even filmed his own “exploits”.

    He then discovered that it was an even better way to gain political office at the time to trash the military and our conduct, so like the pure opportunist he is, he did that.

    Then needing cash for more campaigns he became gigolo to a millionaire heiress. Then he tried several times to run for president till the people finally saw through him.

    Not that he is any less an empty suit than the guy in power now, but he is a truly despicable being, and a natural born Democrat.