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Oliver Stone’s Take on History

Oliver Stone has long been known to have an…unorthodox view of history.  But in an Interview for the Times of London, he may have gone a bit too far.  Sadly, the original link is behind the Times’ firewall, but Stone, who’s working on a 10-part historical documentary for Showtime called “Secret History of America”, was a gold mine of quotes. It seems his documentary has a…refreshingly different interpretation of history.

For instance, why do Americans think about the Holocaust so much?

The Jewish domination of the media. There’s a major lobby in the United States. They are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington. Israel has fucked up United States foreign policy for years.

Hmm.  Well, what about Herr Hitler, modern history’s bad guy?

“Hitler is an easy scapegoat throughout history and it’s been used cheaply.”
“We can’t judge people as only ‘bad’ or ‘good.’ ”
“[Hitler] is the product of a series of actions. It’s cause and effect. People in America don’t know the connection between WWI and WWII.”
“Hitler was a Frankenstein, (but) there was also a Dr Frankenstein.”
“German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support.”
“He’s the product of a series of actions. It’s cause and effect … People in America don’t know the connection between World War I and World War II.”
“We’re going to educate our minds and liberalize them and broaden them. We want to move beyond opinions … Go into the funding of the Nazi party. How many American corporations were involved, from GM through IBM. Hitler is just a man who could have easily been assassinated.”
“Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people, 25 or 30 [million killed].”

And, of course, we can’t leave out the Big Mustache, the Man of Steel himself, Josef Stalin:

Stalin has a complete other story. Not to paint him as a hero, but to tell a more factual representation. He fought the German war machine more than any person.

I think the best comment about this comes not from a political pundit, but from Tyler Durden:

It would be like if someone made a documentary about pandas, and it claimed that pandas invented movable type, were immortal, and could shoot fireballs from their paws. It’s that level of wrong.


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27 Responses to Oliver Stone’s Take on History

  • Having seen several of his movies I have come to the conclusion that he is more  a cartoonist than a film maker. He just uses live actors instead of animation.

  • Oh well. Yet another name added to the list of people I intend to outlive and then urinate on their graves.

    • Give me a call when you make the trip.  I’ll bring the coffee.   I consider myself a pretty huge fan of movies.  I can’t think of one Stone film I watched all the way through…

  • “People in America don’t know the connection between World War I and World War II.”

    Stone is probably right on this.  You see this is the History of “Dead White Men” which isn’t of any interest to academia any longer, except to find villains (Hitler included).

    • Young people in America, “taught” in public schools, don’t know the connection between STDs and hooking up.  They damn sure have NO CLUE about history.

  • He thinks the Jews dominate the media? He must be refering to the  JournoList.

  • That man is ten pounds of crazy in a five pound bag…

  • I don’t see any of his pronouncements as news in any way.  We have heard the same kind of CRAP from our resident Moron, Erb.  It is purely in keeping with the Liberal Narrative.

  • I’m sure his ridicule will become part of the Jews rule the world narrative.
    And the Stalin revisionism is amazing.  The soviets thought they had a deal with Hitler to begin with and Stalin’s mass murder puts him in great company with Hitler.  But even that has also been getting the revisionist treatment.  His remarks have the stamp of pro-soviet and anti-American propagandist swill that I used to hear when the Soviet Union was still alive.  Its like his generation is still taking its marching orders from the Soviet Kremlin.  Or, they are like the stereo typical Japanese soldier stuck on the remote island who thinks that the war was still on.
    And taking their marching orders from the Kremlin is as much literal and it is figurative.  For a short time after the fall of the Soviets and before people like Putin retook control, it was coming out that the Kremlin was running things like the nuclear freeze movement and cultivating American self-loathing.  We should have taken advantage of that openness and exposed crap like this and humiliated the people who swallowed it.

  • “We can’t judge people as only ‘bad’ or ‘good.’ ”

    Except when we are referring to those evil Jews, of course.  It should come as no surprise that someone so deranged will indict himself in a manner both obvious and oblivious.  I’m sure Stone has plenty of people who are fans of his film-making.  I doubt that many of them care about his bizarre take on history.

  • Never thought I’d see a hollywood gossip site for men (read, lots of bikini pics) linked on this site.  🙂
    My what a small blogosphere.
    Anyway, what he says isn’t necessarily incorrect.  Hitler was a product of a number of actions leading him to power, but the guy was still bat-shit crazy and evil.  Stalin did do a ton to fight the Nazi war machine, but we killed millions of his own people in the process and was still one of the most wicked men of the 20th century.  And… the Nazis did kill more Russian’s than Jews in the Holocast, but the process by which they murdered in the Holocast is incomparable with any other act in history (other than possibly the Inquistion).  You can’t compare carting millions of a single ethnic group of to interment camps to be experimented on and burned alive with the normal deaths that come from operating a war (pre-1990s US War Machine).
    As far as the Jews dominating US policy and the media… dude has been hanging out with Mel Gibson too much.

    • Yeah, but in addition to the bikini pics, Brandon, who runs WWTDD, is a genuinely funny guy.

    • The Russians killed lots of Russians during WW2 as well. Under Stalin, surrender became a capital offense. Hence, Russian POWs only faced eventual death, either dying in German captivity or Soviet captivity afterwards. Many Russian POWs signed up to fight against the USSR. They tended to fight to the death.

      The Germans also murdered lots of Russian civilians durign the war. This wasn’t specifically a Nazi activity, it was done by regular German army soldiers as well as SS. It was typically in retaliation for partisan attacks, which the Germans considered criminal. In WW1, the Germans behavied in a similar fashion in France and Belgium. But in Russia, it was worse in part because of the Nazi leadership did nothing to stop it, and because the Russians engaged in many partisan acts often involving attrocities against German soldiers.

      • Oh, and I left out a critical point: Stalin appears to have encouraged such partisan attacks, realizing they would result in a snowballing cycle of violence.

      • My first thought was that I said Stalin killed millions of his own people… then I saw the typo, should’ve read “he killed millions of his own people” not “we killed…”
        Anyway, yeah, lots of people indiscriminately killing lots of people in Russia during WW2 and beyond but none of it was with as single minded a purpose as the Holocaust.

  • Looks like he imbibed a little bit of Chomsky along with whatever Mel Gibson reads and then it somehow made sense in his drug addled 1960’s brain.

  • Without bothering to look, I’ll assume that Stone doesn’t go too heavy, if he mentions it at all, on Stalin being Hitler’s ally until Hitler turned on him. And I’m sure he doesn’t mention the Ukrainian Terror Famine, where Stalin ordered mass starvation for peasants because they resisted the collectivization of  agriculture. Pay no attention to those six million people who sometimes ate tree bark, and each other, before dying in agony.

    • Yeah, and somehow a lot of Polish history will be left out.

      • Let’s remind people who don’t know – Katyn Forest, a small example of the goodness of Stalinist Russia.

    • That’s the typical sign of a communist, no? Supposedly in the old days you could tell if someone is a doctrinaire commie by how they viewed Germany before and after the non-aggression pact.
      Stalin also nakedly attacked Finland in the Winter War.

  • A lib who’s also an anti-Semite?  Well, knock me over with a feather!

    / sarc

    • Better than that!  A half-Semite who’s an anti-Semite.
      I just never get that – self loathing?  what?

  • Isn’t the Collective’s adoration of dictators intriguing!!!  It’s almost like they were made for each other…
    Along the same lines, I picked up a story in The Daily Beast the other day that questions whether the NORKS really blew that S. Korean corvette out of the water.   Why their drive to apologize for thugs?  It’s the same old meme from the Cold War.

  • Oliver Stone? Hmmm, is he someone important?