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Another Obama supporter finds “disappointment”

I think we could probably make this a regular feature on Q&O – this week’s Obama supporter who finds that he who was wrapped in all the hype of the presidential campaign was mostly an empty suit.

This week it is the editorial board of the Denver Post – who admits to endorsing Mr. Obama in 2008 because they thought his ideas for recovery from the financial crisis were better than McCain’s. 

But we also hoped he would restore the nation’s reputation with the rest of the world. But instead of being vilified, as we were under Bush, the United States is now suddenly bordering on being irrelevant.

So glad you noticed – a man with no executive experience and no foreign policy experience was somehow going to be an instant foreign policy success?  Those that supported Obama had to fool themselves into believing none of that was important.

They’re also discovering, in the world of foreign policy, that it is much better to be respected and feared than liked and irrelevant.   And, as the Post notes, we’re on the latter side of the equation with “liked” being a relative term.

Look, foreign policy and diplomacy takes place in a world of relative anarchy.  Big dog politics if you will.  If you’re the alpha male, other countries defer to your judgment, strategies and ideas.  If you refuse the role, someone will attempt to take it.  It isn’t a matter of our “decline” that’s caused this, but Obama’s refusal to lead.  The Denver Post is honest enough – now – to note that.

The Post lists the results of the Carteresque foreign policy of the last 18 months and, as you might expect, it’s not pretty.   And even while claiming that at least on the domestic front he’s “accomplished” something, they’re not particularly impressed with that either:

His health care plan, approved only after the type of backroom, sleazy deal-making he crusaded against during his campaign, does little to bring down exorbitant costs and could bankrupt states once higher Medicaid costs are passed down.

The $1 trillion stimulus provided only a blip of a recovery, while saddling the nation with an unsustainable debt load. And the federal government’s reach into business and the financial world, for better or worse, is now deeper than ever.

Welcome to finally beginning to figure out who this guy is and what he’s about.  Too bad it’s about 20 months to late.  You get what you vote for (or endorse) which is why it is so important to do a thorough job of vetting a candidate, something the media, to include the Denver Post, didn’t do.  And now we have an unqualified person in the Oval Office doing the only thing he knows to do – pushing an ideological agenda.  But, as is becoming apparent now, he’s not a leader.  That takes us back to another leaderless era in America that this presidency is coming very near to replicating:

There’s also been an intangible, yet inescapable, sense of unease in the country, reminiscent of our late- 1970s malaise. Faith in Obama’s "Yes we can" slogan has faded faster than the Obama-Biden stickers still clinging to bumpers.

Indeed.  The Post then wonders:

One media outlet asked last week: Can Obama get his groove back?

Someone tell me – other than campaigning, has he ever actually had a “groove” since he’s been in office?

The answer is an obvious “no”.  And it’s thanks to “media outlets” like the Denver Post that we’re in the middle of the presidency of an unqualified man who is doing possibly irreparable harm to this country.  They didn’t do the due diligence expected of the media but instead became cheerleaders.  Now suddenly, they’re concerned.  Excuse me if I answer that with a giant “I told you so” and dismiss their sudden angst as too little and, unfortunately, too freakin’ late.



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19 Responses to Another Obama supporter finds “disappointment”

  • I will bet you lots of money and even give you odds that our resident Obama Lapdog, Erb, does NOT make an appearance within the comments section of this posting.

  • Someone tell me – other than campaigning, has he ever actually had a “groove” since he’s been in office?

    I just HATE being the one to say this, but HELL YEAH, he’s had a groove…and it slashes right thru our national interests, economy, polity, and Constitution.
    He’s been amazingly successful at reducing this nation to a Collectivist (fascist economics) Banana Republic in such short order it all seems surreal.
    And he’s NOT DONE….!!!!

  • And they’ll still endorse him again in the next Pres. election. What, they’re gonna endorse some evil Republican?

    • Primary challenge to Obama?
      Also, did the papers all endorse Carter in 1980? I was too young to know.

  • BTW McQ – That’s a good future feature (IMHO) – during the next election, see just how many of these tools go back and re-endorse the guy.  Should be fun as the percentage nears 100

    • Why not make it a regular feature?
      I remember when a slew of rats were slowly but surely fleeing the U.S.S. Dubya.  It could’ve been a regular feature here back then.  But, I suppose, there were “better” fish to fry.
      Mmmmmmm….  fried fish.
      Beer battered with chips and malt vinegar, if you please.

      • No magazines featured W with a halo. Nobody fainted at his speeches. No classroom  sung songs about him. W didn’t promise to lower the seas and heal the planet. W didn’t give a speech saying “We are the ones we have been waiting for” – though I could see him garbling something else to become that.
        The bigger you are the harder you fall.

        • Maybe, maybe not.
          I do remember hearing Laura Ingraham speaking of W, “I’m soooo smitten with this man.”  It made me want to puke.
          So Bush did have his admirers.
          But now that you mentioned it, did the Denver Post feature Obama with a halo???  Did they faint at one of his speeches???  Did they sing songs about him???
          Or, did they merely endorse him?
          I get it if you want to ridicule those who thought Obama a saint, but otherwise, it seems kind of petulant.

          • I do remember hearing Laura Ingraham speaking of W, “I’m soooo smitten with this man.”  It made me want to puke.
            So Bush did have his admirers.

            Wow! Bush: 1, Obeyme: 100,000!
            Really good at rational comparisons, ‘eh, Pogue? Most people get out of that range before puberty.

          • No, just those who fell hook line and sinker for the con game this empty suit was peddling.

            That’s the point.

            And what’s wrong with petulance anyhow?  You do it well 😉  (you know I love ya Pogue)

  • One media outlet asked last week: Can Obama get his groove back?

    This makes me think that many in the media are still “all in” when it comes to Obama.  After pointing out how badly he has fared from day one, the Denver Post seems to be wondering if he can recapture the magic, implying that at some point he was on the right track and things were going well.  Or that we’re simply witnessing an administration that has stumbled a bit as it tries to find its footing.

  • I’m with shark: the Post, along with the rest of The Dear Golfer’s cheerleaders in MiniTru, will endorse him in ’12.  The only way they won’t is if he – somehow – loses the nomination to another democrat, who will then get the endorsement.  As we’ve seen with the recent Journolist revelations, MiniTru really IS the Ministry of Truth, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the democrat party.

    As for The Dear Golfer and his “groove”… MiniTru makes it sound like he had a string of successes won entirely due to his own efforts.  Given the overwhelming democrat control of the Congress and MiniTru, he could hardly have failed.  Indeed, he almost DID fail on the health care takeover,and his other signature bills have been (regrettably) passed with little or no bipartisan support, usually by chicanery, and often in the dead of night.  This isn’t a “groove”: this is a record of near-failures that would otherwise be laughable.  And this doesn’t even begin to touch on the issue of whether or not his “successes” were, in fact, good ideas to start with.

    “Yay!  Barry and his pals lit fire to the house!  It took him several tries because he kept forgetting the matches or gasoline, and he had to wait until the fire department was tied up with a four-alarm downtown so they couldn’t respond, but BOY!  has he got it burning now!  HE’S CERTAINLY IN THE GROOVE!  And that’s a good thing.  Right?  Right?”

  • His groove?  He didn’t even have to dance.  He stood there with his arms crossed looking across the room ‘heroically’ while the crappy elevator music blared and the people around him remarked about how good looking he was and how great his dancing was going to be.
    He’s still standing there looking “heroic”.  God that makes me sick to even say, to degrade the term ‘hero’ by associating it with him in any way,  but it’s all he’s ever HAD to do, courtesy of his sycophantic followers and believers.

  • The Cult of Personality wears out rather quickly.

  • I think the TOTUS will run against the POTUS in the 2012 primaries.