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Charting health care’s demise and government’s growth

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) had his staff do a study of the ObamaCare bill after its passage to assess exactly what Democrats had blindly passed into law. He also asked his staff to put a chart together to represent the health care system under that law.

The result is mind-boggling and troubling. And if you figured the Secretary of Health and Human Services was the new defacto health care czar, backed by the IRS, you’re correct.

Below is a thumbnail of the chart to give you a flavor of its complexity. Brady admits only represents a third of what is in the bill after which it got too crowded. Said Brady, "it’s actually worse than this."


You can see a full size representation of the chart here.  As you peruse it read the legend carefully.  You’ll notice 3 areas color coded – “new government”, “expanded government” and “private”.  It also charts “new relationships”, such as regulations, requirements and mandates, reporting requirements, oversight and money flow.

Evident to anyone with the IQ of a mushroom is the incredible complexity of what our masters in Congress cobbled together in haste and passed before anyone could actually read the thing through and study the probable consequences.  The chart includes:

  • $569 billion in higher taxes;

  • $529 billion in cuts to Medicare;

  • Swelling of the ranks of Medicaid by 16 million;

  • 17 major insurance mandates; and

  • The creation of two new bureaucracies with powers to impose future rationing: the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute and the Independent Payments Advisory Board.

As might be expected, ObamaCare fulfills almost all the promises of the critics – top driven, bureaucratic, complex, expensive and set up to ration health care.

The chart gives visual evidence of the type monstrosity that has been foisted upon the American public by Democrats.  Says Kevin Hassett:

This clearly is a candidate for most disorganized organizational chart ever. It shows that the health system is complex, yes, but also ornate. The new law creates 68 grant programs, 47 bureaucratic entities, 29 demonstration or pilot programs, six regulatory systems, six compliance standards and two entitlements.

Yes friends, the DMV teaming up with the Post Office, have now “organized” your health care and promise it will be “better and less expensive”.

And don’t forget – your new health care czar has the power to make judgments about health care that, by law, cannot be challenged either through an administrative process or the courts.  So you are stuck with whatever the Sec HHS decides.  That means:

A sprawling, complex bureaucracy has been set up that will have almost absolute power to dictate terms for participating in the health-care system. That’s what the law does to government. What it does to you is worse.

Based on the administration’s own numbers, as many as 117 million people might have to change their health plans by 2013 as their employer-provided coverage loses its grandfathered status and becomes subject to the new Obamacare mandates.

Those mandates also might make your health care more expensive. The Congressional Budget Office predicts that premiums for a small number of families who buy their insurance privately will rise by as much as $2,100.

Finally, and as noted above, there is to be a huge expansion in Medicaid “paid for” by cutting care to the elderly:

To pay for this expansion, the bill takes $529 billion from Medicare, with roughly 39 percent of the cut coming from the Medicare Advantage program. This represents a large transfer of resources, sacrificing the care of the elderly in order to increase the Medicaid rolls.

Another revenue source are the “Cadillac plans” – for those who have them and pay for them, the gig’s up:

Front and center among the new taxes is the 40 percent excise tax on those lucky people with so-called Cadillac health plans. The higher insurance costs that are driven by the government mandates will push many more ordinary plans into Cadillac territory.

As we’ve discussed, the bill relies on a constant revenue stream from these insurance plans from now on, assuming everyone will pay the 40% increased cost to keep their plans.  That’s not likely at all, and cutting these plans will effect millions – many of whom bought in lock, stock and barrel, to the promise “if you like your doctor and you like your plan, you can keep both”.

Look at this chart and tell me how you do that.

Yesterday a federal judge in VA ruled that the state of Virginia had “standing” to sue the federal government over the law.  That, of course, means nothing more than the lawsuit moves forward, but it is an important first step in repealing this monstrosity or at least the more intrusive and odious parts of it.  Obviously it doesn’t ensure success in that endeavor and the White House typically believes it is on the side of angels and the Constitution when it comes to running our lives.

We’ll see.  But clearly Nancy Pelosi was right when she said “we have to pass the bill to see what’s in the bill”.  Now that we have this chart, we know what’s in the bill – the largest power grab by the federal government since the income tax.

“Change” you can believe in, huh?


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29 Responses to Charting health care’s demise and government’s growth

  • Yet its popularity has been steadily increasing since passage, and the GOP is getting little traction trying to repeal it.   We’re just joining the rest of the industrialized West, don’t worry.

    • What????  LOL.   It’s popularity it increasing.  Stop, Scott.  It is too funny.  Last I heard, 63% wanted to repeal it?  if it gets any more popular, we will see 100% opposed.   Yeah, popularity increasing?  Sure. Where? Among your students?

      • And for pure political cynicism, remember this;
        Obama told us many thousands would die each year until ObamaCare was enacted.
        This means–
        1. He was using a lie about citizens dying for lack of care to manipulate voters, or
        2. he has condemned many thousands of Americans to death by delaying the implementation of his program, purely for politics.

    • You Are A LIAR!!!!!!

      And to prove my point, lets take a look at a simple Google for “Latest ObamaCare Polls.

      Rasmussen: (
      A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 57% of Likely U.S. Voters say the recently passed health care law will be bad for the country. That’s the highest level of pessimism measured since regular tracking began following Congress’ passage of the law in late March.

      CNN: (
      A new CNN Opinion Research poll, conducted over the weekend as the House debated Obamacare, finds that 59 percent of Americans now stand opposed to the health care legislation in Congress. Just 39 percent of the poll’s 1,030 respondents said they favored the bill.
      CBS:  (
      The pro-Obama media is at it again, spinning the lie that public opinion is turning in Obama’s favor now that The Obama-Pelousy-Reid Big Insurance and Big Pharma Bailout Act of 2010 made it through the House.
      Now yet another poll is out showing that spin is yet another lie, piled up onto the already crumbling house of Obamacare lies, half-truths, and fantasies being peddle by the prObama propaganda machine in the lamestream media.
      The latest Obamacare poll – from CBS – shows more disapproving of the bill than approving. A whopping 62% of America prefers that Republicans keep fighting to oppose the bill.
      Gallup:  (–88539897.html)
      A new Gallup Poll survey finds a growing sense that things will get worse for most people in America if Obamacare becomes law. Among the results of the survey, which was taken March 17 in interviews with 1,000 adults, were these:
      * Two thirds of Americans believe the Democrats health spending bill would make things worse (37) or make no difference (29) for themselves and their families.
      * A majority of Americans believe the bill will make things worse (44) or maintain the status quo (13) for the United States, while only 39 percent see any benefit for the country.
      * Only a third see a benefit for middle-income families, while most believe those families’ situation will get worse (44) or see no benefit (17).
      * Most Americans see no benefit for doctors and hospitals while a plurality believe the bill will make things worse for both.
      * Despite all the tough talk about tacking insurance companies, only 51 percent believe the bill will make things worse for insurance companies.
      * Most Americans believe the bill will help (34) or maintain current status (18) for pharmaceutical companies.
      Now it is your turn.  Please provide any citations supporting your statement that “Yet its popularity has been steadily increasing since passage, and the GOP is getting little traction trying to repeal it.” 

      Failing your ability to do this, retract your statment or Live with the LIAR Label!

    • You keep claiming you’re a libertarian for smaller, decentralized government.  But on every issue that matters, you pick up your pom-poms and cheer for the Mammoth Centralized Government program.
      Why do you keep lying about what you are?  Nobody here seems to be fooled one bit.
      Health Care Deform doesn’t even address the problems that Democrats promised it would solve.  It’s delayed for several years to hide the huge expenses and tax hikes, and to put off until after the election the backlash that will inevitably follow once people start witnessing the rubber meet the road on this thing.
      Can you honestly claim that the 1099 catastrophe, which is going to devastate small businesses by stealing millions of man-hours in paperwork, is going to help Americans?

    • I want a case of whatever he’s drinking/smoking/snorting.

  • Rot Herb is a typical Statist shill….

    Yes, the “deindustrialized” (since authoririan government kills off industry) has entered into this authoriran, immoral nonsense where they pay more for less and have some government technocrat be vested with life and death power over your income and life….not to mention going broke as the whole Statist/authoririan ponzi scheme collapses in Europe….

    And this is wonderful that we are repeating this diseaster?

    The only people that benefit from CrappyCare aka ObamaCare are the politicans, govt technocrats, and their friends in the insurance/health industry lobby who will now use the force of law/regulation to milk us dry of our hard earned money all while killing us off early….

    In short, we will all pay more, die early, cede control of our most important decsions in our lives to unelected technocrats and lose our individual rights in the process!

    Only a total statist zombie would say “no worries” lol – I guess he must feel like he is on the fast-track to the party nomenclatura…..hey, buddy – newsflash – you will be rationed to an early grave like the rest of us lol

    • ObamaCare has naught to do with providing health care, and all to do with obtaining micromanagement of  individual citizens and their businesses.  It is about control, front to back.

  • Until it is struck down or  repealed, it needs to be the most violated set of laws in U.S. history.
    I promise to do my part, and to help defend others who do.
    Herr Erp, stick that up your Euroweenie butt.

  • Yeah Bruce, you’re way too paranoid.  How can something with a name as benign as the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute be used for anything but the greater good?  It’s patient-centered, it says so right there in the name!!!

  • We do not seemingly care what Europe does, you might have forgotten that we left Europe for a just cause, and they have a Socialistic nightmare themselves.  We are better than that.  And I have yet to meet anyone with the same contentment as yours is for this Obamination of America, and their CRAMMED AND RAMMED SOCIALIST  HEALTH CARE CHAINS AND EDICTS. 

    Maybe you should try reading the US CONSTITUTION, Erb.  Maybe you should revisit your 8th and 9th grade Government and Civics books and then some grade school history texts.  You have seemingly so casually  embraced this Marxist utopian mindset.  Oh, well. 

    And Repealling or not Complying with this Marxist Ran Bureacratic Crap is EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE GOING TO DO….We will not rest, until we wrestle this NATION BACK FROM YOU GODLESS.  Or lose our lives doing so.

    This government has no authority to mandate such beauracracy upon us.  Just wait, pal….come November 20-10, and then into the 2012 election year….


  • The significance of the opinion comes from the fact that a lawsuit challenging a statute is not like a lawsuit arising out of a car accident or some other contested set of facts. In most cases, you need depositions and extensive document exchanges in order to understand what happened, and live trial testimony so that jurors or the court could judge the credibility of witnesses.

    Here, there really are few if any contested facts. The legislation says what it says. To the extent congressional intent is relevant, the legislation purports to express that intent and the congressional and public records are what they are.

    This is a case which should very easily move to the judgment phase under a procedure called “summary judgment.” Under a summary judgment procedure, the court can rule on the merits of the case based upon the uncontested facts and the law.

    A case like this would seem ripe for a summary judgment procedure. The material facts — the text of the legislation and the congressional record — are not contested, although the parties may see the same evidence in different ways. The law is what it is; the judge is going to have to reach conclusions on legal issues as to which he already has opined.

    Prof. Jacobson and I agree.

  • The Obamacare monstrosity is nothing more than a pile of crap as it relates to the medical industry and the care that patients can expect. As government, it’s a Kafkaesque nightmare.

    It is the furthest thing from America that the American mind could imagine. Someone above made reference to Stalin. Stalin himself would have fallen over and puked at the sight of it. It is something that would make the old Soviet Polituburo gag, unless they were told that it was a shaped charge set to go off under America. Then they would have understood and approved.

  • I don’t hold out much hope for aid from the courts. We’ve already seen how relying on judges to read simple declarative sentences such as “Congress shall make no law….” works out. When given an opportunity to uphold the rights of the public to organize and practice political speech, the Supreme Court sided with incumbent politicians who don’t like to be criticized during elections.  Faced with the current mandate, the Court will no doubt retreat to the reasoning they employed in 1942 to justify the power of Congress to prohibit a farmer from growing wheat for his own use. After all, we must respect “precedent” above all else. It really comes down to a choice between the rule of law and the rule of lawyers. We seem to have chosen door #2.

    • Yet in recent decades, we have seen a resurgent view that there are limits on the Commerce Clause.
      This present crisis will tell the tale; we either have limits on the central government, or we do not.
      If the courts rule effectively that we do not have a limited government, THAT is where the impetus for a new revolution will come.
      Interesting, too, that the Obami are caught in lie after lie after lie on this “law”.

  • i understand that they will diagnosis and treat signs of rabies under the new plan.   which is great news to the denizens of
    that chart is way too busy for pedro’s tiny brain,   hows abouts we just give every family a case of tequila every year instead?  guaranteed to kill most cooties on contact.  might even help you solve that brain teaser chart. the only side effects are mostly harmless, including a tendency to start shedding clothes.

    • The obvious question:  What would be the upper limit of “busyness” for Pedro’s brain?

    • “i understand that they will diagnosis and treat signs of rabies under the new plan.   which is great news to the denizens of”
      Haaaaayyyyy – Hullo?  Whatchew trying to say thar Pee-drow?  Fi didn’t know better I’d say you was sayin we was hydrophobic.  t’aint so!  I took a bath jus last tuesday!

  • I have also been told there is no non serverability clause in the legislation.  That means that if any part of the health care bill is judged unconstitutional, the whole thing gets thrown out.  I also have my doubts that the designation of authority to Sebelious and her minions with no access to administrative or judicial review also seems suspicious.  We saw what happened with Gitmo tribunals where the court ignored the restrictions the legislature put upon them.
    Given the complexity, the totally misrepresented costs (particularly in view of our current deficits), the bribes that were required, and the distrust and dislike of the legislation by the country, I really cannot see how this thing will survive in anything like its current form.   The pain from this starts next year, but most of the promises wait until 2014 or later.   It is a really strange way to run a railroad.

    From that bastion of enlightenment, the British National Health Service…
    Our monstrosity would make …excuse me…IS already MAKING that one look like  model of efficiency and openness.
    I seem to recall reading that the NHS is GB largest employer…

  • Did Obama plagiarize the Clintons’ health care plan flowcharts? Can the Clintons’ sue for copyright infraction?

  • Just as a side note:  It is 10:40 PM on the East coast.  In Missouri, Proposition C is on the ballot – it would defeat any Federal Health Care Program’s mandatory participation.  At this time there are approximately 50% of the precincts reporting and 75.7% of the voters are voting Yes, meaning they do not want any federal health care mandate in their state.

    So for ObamaCare, seems like all the polls are telling a different tale from what you claim and now there are even actual voting taking place that tell a different tale.  So, Erb why don’t you tell us where all of this “popularity” of the ObamaCare program is coming from?  Or are you a LYING PIECE OF SHIT?!?

    Your call.