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Michigan and Missouri spell bad news for the Democrats

When asked what the Missouri vote on health care meant, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said, "nothing".

And that may end up being true – at least temporarily.  However, what Michigan and Missouri did demonstrate is how deep the water is for the Democrats this November.

Both had hot primary races for governor to draw voters and both states also have open primaries, where voters don’t have to vote in a particular party’s primary.

As it turns out, the GOP carried the day.  In, Michigan, which Obama carried by 16 points, the turn out was 2 to 1 for the GOP candidates.  66% voted in the Republican primary in the state.  In Missouri, where John McCain won by 0.2%, 65% voted in the Republican primary.

The pattern also held for Congressional primaries in the two states as Michael Barone reports.  These sorts of actual results seem to confirm the polls that have warning about this for months.  Enthusiasm is definitely on the side of the GOP.

Democrats, as they analyze these results, are going to find it a bit more difficult to whistle past the graveyard as they’ve tended to do with the polls.  It is obvious, even in deeply blue states such as MI, that the natives are restless and not at all happy  with the Dems.


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7 Responses to Michigan and Missouri spell bad news for the Democrats

  • Gibb’s arrogance is staggering.  I can’t believe he’s still employed as he’s not doing the Obama administration any good.

  • Gibb’s arrogance is staggering.

    Gibb’s attitude is only reflective of the Democratic Party at large.  Collectively they are wondering what all the fuss is all about.  Haven’t they produced?  Haven’t they given the electorate what they voted for back in ’08?  Why all the angst?

    The next time you hear a Democrat talk about a Republican, Tea Partier, or anybody (Fill in the blank) being “out of the mainstream” then you will see Gibb’s and the Democrat’s attitude shining through.  Then when you can ask yourself “Who’s really out of the mainstream” – the talking bubblehead Dem will be your answer.

  • The reaction falls into three basic categories: (1) the folks just don’t understand that this is good for them, (3) if only we had a public option the folks would love it, and (3) we own the courts, so who cares how the folks vote.

    Jacobson’s break-down of Collective reax to Missouri.  Poor Mr. Gibbs just had no material from the usual resources, and he sure isn’t good enough on his feet to come up with anything better than, “Nothing”!!!!
    The truth is that, after the tangled abomination was foisted off on us, the only thing to do with this paper timebomb is repeal it, and return to a few basics…like people choosing in a market.

  • Republican voters in Missouri came to vote the US Senate primary, not the governor primary.  Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s term does not expire until 2012, but Senator Kit Bond is retiring after this term.

  • What keeps Michigan in play? I always just thought of it as a place with Detroit (Beirut West), and Dearborn (Michganistan).  Are there any places that actually trend Republican?

    • Yes and no.  Michigan has some slightly right of center moderate independents.  But the reason for the GOP turnout was that one of the candidates, Rick Snyder, attracted Democrats and Democratish Independents to cross-over and vote.
      We’ll see how the guy turns out, but generally Michigan was the birthplace of the modern RINO template in governor Milliken.  I suspect, despite his campaign implying the contrary, to turn out to be a major RINO.
      The other thing about Michigan is that its Republican party leadership must also be plush with RINOs.  There’s no other reason for the lackluster choice of Republican candidates to appeal to conservatives.  The choices were a guy perceived as an unelectable hardcore social conservative, a (imho) double talking RINO, and a guy with a good dose of Kwame Kilpatrick baggage.