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Chart of the Day, and a scary one too

Not to beat a dead horse (we here at QandO would never do that – heh), but a picture to go along with Dale’s post below about unemployment to sort of give it a context which should scare the living hell out of you:


Just in case you were wondering.

Have a nice weekend.


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8 Responses to Chart of the Day, and a scary one too

  • But employment is up a big, big 0.0837%!  WHOO-HOO!  Conclusive proof that the Stimulus package did what it was supposed to do… I mean, even though it was too small because of those damned Rethuglikkans!  LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!

    / sarc

    Any update on the chart that the regime put out that showed that unemployment wouldn’t go above 8% if we passed Porkulus?  Always a hoot to compare reality with The Dear Golfer’s promises and predictions.

  • Something else: is it just me, or do the recessions get longer and longer?  Could it be that all the government programs to avoid recessions and / or ameliorate their effects are actually making things worse?  Hmmm….

    • Yes they do. It’s an indication that “something” has changed. My educated guess would be the change in the ratio between production of goods and services. What is below those numbers and hardly ever remarked on; every economic crisis since 1974 has been directly preceded by a dramatic increase in oil prices. I think that’s significant. I’m not expert enough to say the rise in oil prices is the cause, or the effect. It could be either. But it looks important to me. And that is why it is my considered opinion that any politician or so called “smart guy” who doesn’t advocate reasonably priced oil is an economic idiot.

  • What is really deceptive about the census hiring is that many census workers enter enter the job market just to take those jobs and then drop back out of the job market.  They only show statistically as being hired but not as being among the unemployed  when the job ends.——CONEY