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The classy left: If you can’t beat ’em, just insult them

You know you have an opponent on the run when that opponent is reduced to puerile, schoolyard insults.  That would be the left.

The first indication that the Tea Party had their goat was when they decided to use a sexual slang as their mocking moniker – Tea Baggers.

Now they’ve managed a new low. Ben Smith at POLITICO has the story:

Last summer, Democrats argued that the Tea Party movement was the astroturf creation of corporate groups. Now that the grass-roots conservative resurgence has emerged as a clear force on the right, the left is making a different case: That tea parties are simply the enemy.

To that end, the Agenda Project, a new, progressive group with roots in New York’s fundraising scene and a goal of strengthening the progressive movement, has launched the "F.*.c.k. Tea project," which is aimed, the group’s founder Erica Payne wrote in an e-mail this morning, "to dismiss the Tea Party and promote the progressive cause."

""We will be launching new products in the next several months to help people all over the country F*ck Tea," Payne told POLITICO. "Products like a Glenn Beck Bowl Buddy (Beck B Scrubbin) and others are perfect holiday gifts or just a great way to say, ‘I love you and our country’ to your spouse, friend or family."

You know, I enjoy a clever turn of phrase as well as the next guy – an imaginative and witty answer to some question, etc.

This is just the left being the left.  And, of course, when it comes to their favorite ox being gored by the right, they’ll somehow manage to talk about “class and respect” with a straight face.


18 months ago they were the toast of the town, bringing “hope and change”.  Now they’ve self-destructed and are back to their old rude and crude selves.  How “progressive”.


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39 Responses to The classy left: If you can’t beat ’em, just insult them

  • “Beck B Scrubbin” – uh huh…..
    F*ck Tea – progressively making a buck off your anger ( like any evil capitalist would)

  • One of the constants of the Collective is their contempt for people.  Another is their unalloyed hatred of anyone they identify as “not one of us”.

    • Unless it is preceded by ‘The’. “The People’ are good. We should all aspire to serve ‘The People’ as the left does.   People are jerks.

  • I’m sure all the tchokes they produce will end up in the same warehouse/landfill with all the Obama merchandise nobody wants also, so I welcome them to throw their money away.

    But while we’re here…..I guess that the much ballyhooed “coffee party” is a bust, huh?

    • that coffee party is still all over Facebook, and I am convinced it is astroturf.

  • But you dense righties fling schoolyard insults at me all the time! And I don’t either deserve it because I have fun coming here and irritating you! Stop saying that! Don’t start up with how having fun by irritating people is mentally sick, either!

    Of course I never engage in such childish insulting behavior, not even against inbred, sterile, mindless, Nazi-like people such as you thick righties who frequent this site. I have a multiple truth which says so.

    And I never, ever get involved in smears. Because that thing about how Palin was going to get in trouble over kitchen redecorations wasn’t a smear! It was well sourced by a random leftist who just happened to have a multiple truth that didn’t achieve socially constructed consensus.

    See, if you guys were not so hypocritical, you would not insult me the way you do, because you just said it was bad when the left does it. No, you would carefully and thoughtfully respond to every comment I make, even when there’s no citation whatsoever to support my position, because I have godlike powers of poltical science that mean I don’t need no stinkin’ cites.

    You should go back and forth with me a thousand times, creating new, ever more elaborate attempts to get me to see how wrong I am, while I airily dismiss your attempts with a wave of my hand. Because of my advanced degrees and my book, which give me credentials you can only dream about. And don’t start up with how someone with my godlike powers ended up at a moose-infested cow college in Maine doing grunt paperwork for a low salary. I like it here! It’s not either an escape from reality because I can’t hack it in the real world! It’s not, it’s not, it’s not! I’m smart, and darn it, people like me. Especially my students. Which has nothing to do with them sucking up to me for a good grade! Nothing at all! I decree it! Stop saying that!

    But you hypocrits won’t do it, will you? I keep hoping. I keep coming back, hoping for that new reader that will realize how valuable it is to have the privilege of interacting with someone like me. But you guys and your childish insults deter them. Otherwise I would have gathered several such synchophants mature debating colleagues by now, the way I have on my own site, which after a couple of years of blogging gets as many as a dozen views a day. Sometimes two dozen! And they’re not all search robots! Really! Stop laughing!

    You hyocritical righties are so mean. Sometimes you’re as irritating as the giant magenta caterpillers with Sarah Palin’s face, full lips, and ample bosom. Not to mention the purple moose that keeps getting in my back seat. I have to shoo him out practically every day before I drive to the faculty lounge work.

    • I always feel neglected when you leave out “swamp-dwelling” and “knuckle-dragging”.  You just aren’t really trying.  We work and we slave, and what thanks do we get…
      I missed your thoughts on Palin’s  “eye-roll Gate” (see, I’m planting diabolical subliminal images…now your caterpillers will have “come-hither” rolling eyes).

      • I don’t like “knuckle-dragging” because I prefer the far more sophisticated, academic label of Neanderthal. I don’t use “swamp dweller” because you’re not all from Louisiana. I prefer to highlight the ex-military nature of the posters around here, because it’s a proven fact that most of them are psychological basket cases from the stress of serving our imperialist military. I’ve seen studies which prove this, for which I do not either have to provide a cite. When will you guys learn that my godlike powers of political science make cites unnecessary?

        And I see you too have seen the magenta caterpillers. I didn’t realize that were so widespread. Yes, the eye rolling started a couple of days ago. Though I had a hard time seeing it at first through the naughty librarian glasses.

        You must be an astute observer of magenta caterpillars. I bet you would be a great foil debater against me in the comment section here, if you would just stop asking for cites all the time and instead laboriously construct long, detailed arguments for me to handwave aside. You would love it, really. Why, I would give you condescending head pats from time to time, telling you that your on the right track or something like that, to suggest that you’re not totally wrong about everything. Though of course you are wrong about anything where you disagree with me.

        Wouldn’t you love that? Wouldn’t you just love to devote many hours a week to debating against a pragmatic moderate leftist who understands that the left is always excused because the right does bad things too? You would not begrudge my use of my black-belt training in moral equivalence to handwave arguments aside, would you? I hope not, though since you’re obviously a Neanderthal rightie, you probably would.

        • I don’t use “swamp dweller” because you’re not all from Louisiana.

          Now, see this betrays an anti-coon-ass bias that really is shameful.  Swamps are distributed around virtually the entire nation…maybe excepting Nevada…though they do have artificial ones in older sections of the Las Vegas Strip, complete with native reptiles.
          If ever I am again in Maine (where there are LOTS of swamps they quaintly call “bogs”), I will be sure to drop by the faculty lounge.  You should exercise those limp wrists for the devastating repartee of the handwave.  Sorry to disappoint, but I haven’t seen any magenta caterpillars since the late 60s.

    • Voters to mount “F*ck Dem” campaign

  • This one just seems so childish.  I suspect a lot of people did not understand the “teabagger” reference.  They will have no trouble with the F*UK reference and it will rebound horribly on the left.  People do not want that in their face.

  • The mind attracts, what the mind dwells on…
    The mask (as thinly veiled as it was) had to come off eventually, and what America sees, is True Ugliness.
    Perhaps what is most ironic, is the willful blindness “Progressives” refusal to acknowledge they’ve become the very thing that which they project on others.
    As their anger continues to work against them, violence will be their next “logical step”. They are, after all, very sick ideologues. It was true in the sixties, I see no reason for history not to repeat itself.

  • You know, I enjoy a clever turn of phrase as well as the next guy – an imaginative and witty answer to some question, etc.

    So do many of your commenters.
    It’s rare when one could read through a thread here without encountering “Dear Leader; Dear Golfer; Obamessiah; LightWorker; etc.”  And that’s not even touching the oh-too-clever insults to Reid and Pelosi.
    Partisan hacks resort to childish insults.  Color me shocked.

    • I suppose this is a really bad time to mention my new”Obrushmatoilet” brush isn’t it?  I mean, I’m falling right into the trap aren’t I? Dammit!

      • Is that anything like the “Comfort Wipe“?
        If so, then I guess it would be a bad time.  As I’ve seen where some people refer to it as “The Palinator.” 🙂

    • But seriously – reminds me of the Japanese painting American Flags on the Tokyo pavement so they could walk on it (or anyone else, some hotels in Iraq at one point, no?) or painting Gen’l Benjamin (Beast) Butler’s picture on the bottom of  chamber pots across the South during the late unpleasant disagreement between the Union and the Confederacy.

    • Point of order:

      LightWorker was made up by a LIBERAL columnist during the primaries.

      Do your research


  • This is the part that caught my eye:
    Payne, a veteran consultant to progressive groups, is a co-founder of the Democracy Alliance, the low-profile group of liberal mega-donors who helped build the Center for American Progress and other new organizations that grew in the Bush years.
    And this foolishness was the best she could come up with?

    Saaa—NAP…!!!!  Leftist hate radio bimbettes should NEVER go up against a guy who makes a living in appellate court!!!!

  • Catchy toon they’ve got for the video though.  Even if it is a British chick singing it.

  • …I enjoy a clever turn of phrase as well as the next guy…

    Is F*CK TEA supposed to be a clever turn of phrase?  Is there a pun and I’m just being obtuse?
    I don’t see this slogan catching on very widely, but when I first started seeing news stories about people showing up at “tea party rallies”, I realized that the diffuse, disorganized nature would make these people easy targets.  I wanted to like these people, and there were a number who seemed to get the big picture and had a clear head about things.  But I saw too many clueless individuals who reminded me of the “hope and change” Obamabots of 2008—they had vague sentiments, but did not have the background or depth to recognize the historical significance of the Sons of Liberty, who carried out the original Tea Party in Boston Harbor, or to integrate the principles of individualism into their statements.  Democrats and their media allies needed only to find the occasional racist or grammar-challenged sign bearer to portray all “tea-baggers” as violent, redneck racists.  (And, if a real person didn’t show up to embarrass the group, the Dems could always send in an agent provocateur or photoshop images.  Hell, they could simply lie about people screaming epithets and MSNBC would run with it, despite all the video footage in which no epithets are heard.)

    • Actually the point of the comment was to highlight that it wasn’t a clever turn of phrase – instead more of a schoolyard insult.

      • That was my guess.  It didn’t seem that clever to me.
        Maybe they should hire Mark Williams to give them pointers on doing ham-handed attempts at satire with a little more class.  They seem to be going more the direction of Michael “Kramer” Richards.

    • Thank God someone asked….I was feeling…yeah…don’t say it.

  • Do they have to be so offensive?  Jeez, if they don’t like it, they can drink coffee instead…

  • “You know you have an opponent on the run when that opponent is reduced to puerile, schoolyard insults. ”
    YES!  That is a piece of real wisdom which allows people to chuckle with satisfaction when opponents delve into silly insults.  But you see that only on the left?  Uh, that seems to be very selective perception!

    • But you see that only on the left?

      No, Erb, you see it every day – even around here.  Most notably whenever you put your foot in your mouth and are slammed for it.

      • I would like to think that some of our insults show a bit more creativity and wit than a puerile schoolyard insult. Howerver, there is a time and place for such, and sometimes there is nothing quite as satisying as a pungent, terse tribute to our Anglo-Saxon forefathers. So,

        Hey, Erp, BITE ME.

        Or perhaps just a bit more sophistication,

        M. Erp, mangez moi, cochon.

    • Your comment was anticipated and pre-empted by your alter-ego, much earlier in the thread.

      How does it feel being redundant? Not to mention totally predictable.

      • *chuckle*  I simple agreed with the sentiment expressed.   Insults are a sign of weakness. I’ve always known that.  Insults come when people realize they can’t defeat your ideas with reason so they just call names.  When I’m insulted, I know I’ve won!

        • When I’m insulted, I know I’ve won!

          All you’ve won is the game to get the other guy upset, which is not the same thing as being more factual and reasonable than the next person.
          I’ve been reading you for years, since the days of Usenet, when you’d insult other people, then a few posts later stand their piously denouncing personal attacks.  You haven’t changed your tactics.
          The thing you should bear in mind, Scott, is that no matter how often you manage to get Republicans, libertarians, and others angry at something you said, it won’t improve matters for your children.  They’ll still grow up in a country mired in a financial nightmare and bullied at every turn by increasingly corrupt and controlling government.
          Me?  I don’t care if I make people feel good or angry so much as making them aware how their policies are going to affect my kids and grandkids, and their descendants.

        • “Insults come when people realize they can’t defeat your ideas with reason”

          Now that is the first absolutely true thing you have said in some time. Your ideas cannot be defeated by reason. Lord knows we have tried. Therapy, however, might still work. Or excorcism.

          • If I responded to you every time saying your reasonable arguments aren’t convincing—not because I honestly found them to be unreasonable (I might not even have the knowledge, insight, or mental capacity to analyze what you’ve written), but as a tactic to blunt your efforts and dishearten you—I’m sure that eventually you’d get angry and insult me.
            Then I can declare, “I win!”  If, that is, all I care about is getting you mad.
            But most of us are better than that.  We actually care about the truth and about getting others to focus on the facts and to recognize the values we consider important.  Speaking for myself, I see people being hurt by onerous tax burdens and regulations, feeling angry and hopeless that the freedoms their parents and grandparents enjoyed (and often fought to win) are being eroded away by the machine.
            This isn’t a few blokes having philosophical arguments over a few pints.  Elections aren’t a game.  Real Americans’ lives are impacted by Bush’s wars, the Patriot Act, TARP, Health Care Deform, Porkulus, (Knee)Cap and Trade.  It’s not time to see who can keep his cool in the face of impertinent professional debaters.
            Insult away.  But also back it up with facts and reason this disingenuous fraud can’t counter.