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Quote of the day – Prince of fools edition

It’s actually from a commenter at Free Republic, found in an on-line article I was reading. It is interesting for a number of reasons, but I think it distills very well the real problem we face here in this country – and it isn’t politicians:

"The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. … The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. … The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. … It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president." – Prager Zeitung

We talk about "due dilligence" a lot when it comes to journalists doing their job or politicians doing theirs. What about the electorate? Doesn’t it too have a duty in that regard?

An educated, informed and engaged electorate is vital to any democratic form of government – at any level. Without it you get – well, what we’ve gotten and have gotten for quite a few years.

How do you reverse that? How do you engage people who show no real interest in the effects of politics – something that increasingly touches every aspect of their everyday life? How do you educate and inform a public that seems less inclined to involving themselves in the substance of debate about the importance of issues and more inclined toward the theater that is modern political campaigns?

Barack Obama won on the Unicorn and Moon Pony ticket. His promises were whatever you wanted them to be. You want change? You define it then. Hope? Same process – take the blank slate and write what you want. Whatever you want it to be is what it will be. Count on it.

And amazingly a majority of Americans bought into it – hook, line and sinker.

So I find the quote to be on the mark.  Unfortunately, the solution to the problem remains a mystery.


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48 Responses to Quote of the day – Prince of fools edition

  • How do you reverse that? How do you engage people who show no real interest in the effects of politics – something that increasingly touches every aspect of their everyday life? How do you educate and inform a public that seems less inclined to involving themselves in the substance of debate about the importance of issues and more inclined toward the theater that is modern political campaigns?

    The simple…difficult…answer is you work your butt off to help people understand.  You engage, and you stay that way.  You recruit.  You teach.  You militate.
    Or you kiss your butt good-bye, America-wise.

    • How do you reverse that? How do you engage people who show no real interest in the effects of politics – something that increasingly touches every aspect of their everyday life? How do you educate and inform a public that seems less inclined to involving themselves in the substance of debate about the importance of issues and more inclined toward the theater that is modern political campaigns?

      You don’t. You can’t. Not when you have an educational establishment and a media fighting tooth and nail to stop you.
      Oh, they may turn off Oprah long enough to vote a particularly incompetent set of fools out of office occasionally. We saw that in 1994 and we will probably see it again this year.

      But that does not help, and the astute ones know it and stop working towards change after a while because it doesn’t really work. It can’t work because there is a critical mass of people in the mushy middle who believe in the impossible: that government can do wonderful things to make life wonderful for people who are unable or unwilling to take care of themselves while still keeping taxes low, keeping efficiency high, and keeping corruption out.

      This mass in the middle is never, ever going to support the tough actions we must have to head off the debt crisis that is coming. (Or the hyperinflationary crisis that is used to try and deal with it, whichever becomes the end game.)

      They are going to shout for their social security and Medicare, their crop subsidies, their food stamps, their education subsidies, and all the rest because they’ve been taught all their lives that these things are theirs by right.

      People don’t willingly vote to give up things they consider rights. That may be the single biggest accomplishment of the indoctrination machine that is today’s educational establishment: convincing people that they have the right to live a comfortable life no matter what, and that it’s the government’s responsibility to provide much of it.

      It’s not just leftist fools like our resident imbecile from Maine who believe that. The mushy middle believes it too. They may be uncomfortable with Obama taking over automobiles, and they may think he didn’t wave his magic wand early enough over the oil spill, and thus they may be willing to punish Obama and his kleptocratic buddies this fall. But they still buy into the fundamental contradiction outlined above, and when they elect Republicans, they’re going to expect them to square the circle and make everything all right.

      The crisis must come to shove the hard facts of reality into their face. I hate that conclusion, but I’ve been watching this drama for forty years now, and I consider any other way that things could play out to be have chances somewhere between neglible and zero.

      The crisis could come in many ways. It could be a supercharged version of Japan’s Lost Decade, in which our factories and houses slowly degrade, growth is stagnant, unemployment never comes down, and our underclass slowly becomes ever more desperate. It could be a financial collapse like the one feared in 2008 that freezes the veins of commerce and leads to food shortages and violence. There are entirely too many variables to predict what will happen. But it will have to be major before we can muster support for serious change that locks the beast of large government back in its cage for another few generations.

      The problem is that when reality does intrude on this mushy, ignorant coterie, to the point that their stomachs tell them and the thugs with guns force them to see it, their indoctrinated disconnection from how reality works means they still won’t know what to do. We’ll have to trust to luck then, and hope the American people show a bit more basic sense than the Germans in the 1930s or the Russians a hundred years ago.

      • So, according to you, it’s wrist-slitting time.
        Sorry.  Can’t join you.

        • Didn’t say that. It’s just that I regard the “let’s just educate these people and they’ll do the right thing” strategy as hopelessly naive. They must have reality shoved in their face, in a personal way, before they will accept the kind of significant change that will be necessary to deal with a bankrupt government.

          In the long run, I’m actually reasonably optimistic. If the government fails, and even if the money is hyperinflated away, that does not affect real wealth. Factories, roads, processes, intellectual capital – they’re all still there, ready to be put back into use.

          It’s just that I think we must experience an episode of serious pain to cure the majority of our people of their ridiculous illusions about what government can do. I see no way to avoid that pain. So I’m resigned to it, and want to do what we can to make sure that coming out of the other side of it works better here than it has in some other places.

        • An educated, informed and engaged electorate is vital to any democratic form of government – at any level. Without it you get – well, what we’ve gotten and have gotten for quite a few years.

          Instead, we have an indoctrinated populace that has lost the ability to think for themselves, a media (the only source of info for 60% of the populace) that is an effective propaganda ministry, and a disengaged, apathetic people who spend over 40 hours a week in front of the boob-tube watching ESPN and MTV, but generally 6 hours a year on studying issues in the two weeks before an election.
          Yes, reality is going to have to hit them square in the face, and even that many will deny and demand the state take care of them.

      • The crisis will come, Billy. It’s only a matter of time. The aftermath of that crisis could be far worse than any of us can imagine. For the sake of my children and grandchildren I hope I’m wrong.

        It seems like the vast majority of Americans have forgotten their history. The history of what it was that our Founding Fathers did for us and the history of how this country came to be the number one  economic power in the world, and the history of the technological advances that have occurred due to the engine of capitalism. Our educational system has been rewriting our history for many years now.

        George Orwell wrote in his book “1984”:

        “Who controls the past controls the future…. who controls the present controls the past.”

    • The GOP should prepare some “reforms” that move the voter back to their side, just as the Dems move voters to their side with bribes.
      1) No withholding taxes. Employees should pay the government directly.
      2) Income taxes due 1 week before election day.
      3) All tax credits to be replaced by the term “government subsidy”
      4) Flat tax, with simple personal deduction, with new ones not allowed. Make it simpler to discuss how taxes will increase to pay for things. A VAT could also help this, with the proviso that the VAT amount is shown to the consumer on the receipt. Make all other “taxes” roll into this if it makes sense to show overall taxation.
      5)  Fix CBO rules so no nonsense like 10 years of taxes for 6 years of Obamacare get allowed.
      I am sure there are other ideas. The problem with government is that a lot of people never see the bill. Just as in healthcare, if you don’t know how much things cost, of course you over-consume.

      • I agree with most…if not all…what you said.  Except the “government subsidy” part.  And the VAT tax.  BAD idea, as shown in Europe.
        Absolutely NO SUCH THING AS “OFF BUDGET” items.  That is simple fraud.
        There should be a simple economics literacy test to be allowed to vote.  Sorry, there it is…

  • “An educated, informed and engaged electorate…”

    Education, and the rest, is overrated as proved by at least one frequent commenter here. And I certainly doubt that our current hackery is any better than that in years past, in spite of the increase in educational levels,  literacy, and number of news sources.

    • Plus, with the left controlling education, it might be part of the problem.
      6) Require reading of the “The little red hen” in schools?

  • Unfortunately, the solution to the problem remains a mystery.

    >>> Not so sure.  How does a child learn not to touch a hot stove? They get burned.

    The real problem is that even though people wise up, there’s always a new generation of fools following. Restoring balance to the Universities so they’re not a straight leftist indoctrination factory would be a tremendous start

  • After thirteen years in the public school penal colonies, followed by the more proficient cognitive half getting grilled over the radioactive coals of American academentia at university, in Erbvilles across America, it’s a wonder that Americans can still make it alive across a street. Yet, they can sometimes be brought around. Politics is not their forte, however, and the public orthodoxy in that regard has sunk miserably low.

    But, again, in their defense, even after their responsibility for handling their own due diligence is taken into account, I believe that they have a reasonable expectation that if something is incredibly f**king wrong with a candidate for President of the United States, that it will make it to their ears.

    As you can see, just from what got coughed up with that Journolist vomit, there were those in media seriously intent on obstructing close looks at Obama. We got crap from the media on Obama. He should have been hooted off the national stage before his second foot hit it. In fact, he should never have been a U.S. Senator.

    We do not elect people who devote themselves and their families to racist organizations, and we expect the media to thoroughly report on any potential candidates who are devoted to racist organizations. They are entitled to their devotions, but not entitled to be President of the United States.

  • Wow, ODS on steroids.  Funny — and it’s exactly how the left thought about George W. Bush.  Obama is effective, intelligent, and has the personal stability and clarity of vision to be a great President.  Right now he’s at only 47% approval, but a lot of the negative comes from the left who want him to be radical instead of pragmatic.  If the economy wasn’t doing so poorly (not Obama’s fault, the Great Recession of 2007 to ??? has deep causes) he’d be doing great.   The problem, as I discuss in my blog last week, is that we’re undergoing massive cultural change, and a lot people can’t stomach it.  The America of the 1980s is gone forever because of culture shift.   The noise of the minority tea partiers is simply people trying to deny reality. Obama is a reflection of where the country is going, and that’s good news.    So whine and moan, but you’re views are anachronistic.    Even calling someone socialist or getting uptight about Rev. Wright represents out of date perspectives.   And don’t worry — the future will be better than the past.

    • Ah, so idiocy is our future…?  Idiot.
      That was actually quite a good mimicking of Orwell.

    • Obama…has the personal stability and clarity of vision to be a great President.

      Actually, what he has is a profound pathology, far deeper and more prone to implosion than any president in history.  I expect it could happen before his single term is out.

    • Ka-Ching!!!  Once again Erb shows up to spout his Democratic Talking Points and then slinks back to his Masters to collect his 30 pieces of silver.  See Ya, Erb.  Don’t spend it all in one place.

      But before you go, just a comment on:

      Obama is a reflection of where the country is going, and that’s good news.    So whine and moan, but you’re views are anachronistic.

      According to you?!?!?!  Tell us where this effective, intelligent (!!!!!) President is taking this country and why that is good news.  And the next time you want to preach down to us anachronisms, do so with a smile you SELF RIGHTEOUS LYING PRICK!

      • Yeah, yeah, your responses to my posts are redundant.  You never actually make a substantive point, you just accuse me of something about “talking points” yada yada.  I really wish you could make a cogent argument and challenge me.   What you do is, well, lame.

        • Did you get overtime pay for that entry, Erb, or was it gratis you SELF RIGHTEOUS LYING PRICK!?!? 

          It is laughable that you call my entries lame when yours are all too predictable.   All anyone needs do is got over to Kaily KOS or FireDog Lake or the Democratic Underground or any other feverish Lefty site and see how the comments are running over there on a particular topic and voila, your comments are repeats of those.  Even Otto Scerb has you pegged so much so that most here believe it is one of your students that is keeping us in stitches parlaying you.  What is really fun is to see Otto beat you to an entry and then see what you say when you show up.  It is hard to tell who is parodying who!!!! 

          Lame?  Hell Erb, you’re a frigging CRIPPLE!!!!

        • LOL.
          You must be looking into a mirror when you type that.

    • The self-parody intensifies.

      Gosh, if he wasn’t doing so badly, he’d be doing great!

      Among the likely voter tracking (Rasmussen), Scott, he’s been stuck around 25% strongly approve and around 42% strongly disapprove for close to a year. That 25% strongly approve is the Left. That 42% strongly disapprove is conservatives and independents. His somewhat approve is around 45%, which tells you what? That his somewhat approve is about 3 points higher than his strongly disapprove (his somewhat disapprove is around 53%). These numbers have been about at this level for a year or close to it.

      The Democrats will reap the whirlwind of what they and this creep have sown in November.

    • pragmatic.

      >>> You don’t own a dictionary do you?

    • Obama is effective, intelligent, and has the personal stability and clarity of vision to be a great President.

      Intelligent?  Have you ever seen him without a teleprompter getting stuck like a deer in the headlights?  Granted, he’s more intelligent than Bush 43, but well below the level of any other president who has been elected in our lifetimes.
      Stable?  He’s come unhinged a number of times over criticism and dissent.  Even when protected by the bubble of a mostly sympathetic press, he comes across as childish in these times.
      You’re seeing what you want to see in him, rather than making an objective analysis.
      But all of that is superficial.  It’s saying Rah Rah! for your team, trying to get the other “team” upset so you “win” your game.
      The crucial thing I keep trying to get you to see is that his “vision”, if fulfilled, spells ruination for the country your children will inherit.  No matter how many of your insult games you decide you win.  No matter how many elections that Team Pepsi wins over Team Coke, your children’s future have already been mortgaged to the hilt by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.  Your kids will face difficulty finding employment to live at the same standards of living you had at their ages.  They’ll have little choice when it comes to medical care.  It will cost more (whether it comes from their paycheck or indirectly through higher taxes) and they’ll get inferior care.  If the “climate change” crowd manages to ramrod through the sort of legislation that you seem to want, your children will pay $15/gal and quadruple what you pay for utilities.
      Forget how your political “opponents” feel, whether they “lose” the contest, whether your team gets to stick it to them (perhaps to get even with those playground bullies or the chauvinist pizza shop owner you associate with the political targets of your agenda.  Think about how you can no longer offer your own children a better life than you have.
      Gloat all you want.  That fact will still keep you up at night after you tuck your little ones away.

      • Actually debt increased the most under Reagan and Bush the Younger.   They went deep into a debt during a boom, which is insane.  Obama’s trying to stimulate the economy in a recession, which makes sense.   I think Obama will be remembered as a great President.   I think you will be utterly forgotten.  But so will I.

        • You’re blabbering, Scott. Your history is rotten. Your understanding of the economy non-existent. Your points refuted many many times.

          Amity Schlaes is available for tutoring.

        • “Actually debt increased the most under Reagan and Bush the Younger.”

          I guess eight years of Reagan and Bush equals two years of Obama. With math skills like that no wonder you are a master of quantum mechanics. 

           ” But so will I.”

          Not necessarily. Some jokes have an amazingly long life. And how about The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Chicken Little, etc?

        • Actually debt increased the most under Reagan and Bush the Younger.

          I’ve frequently reminded Republican supporters of those facts.  Were you under some delusion that I had anything but contempt for the GOP?  You seem to be following the Democrat tactic of “blame Bush” whenever your masters are being criticized, as though Republican malfeasance or ineptitude negates the impact of Democrat impositions on the rights of Americans suffering under the yolk of endless debt, burgeoning taxes, and intrusive government.

          Obama’s trying to stimulate the economy in a recession…

          The Porkulus bill of 2009, what you dishonestly refer to as an attempt to “stimulate the economy” is a theft of $787 billion dollars of your children’s money, which has been used for political payoffs.  Instead of immediately dividing it up throughout key sectors of the economy, to “prime the pump” and get activity going (which was the nominal purpose of the bill), this money has been horded, in part, and spent on ridiculously unworthy projects.  It’s payback to the groups that Pelosi, Reid, and their ilk see as most beneficial to the Democrats.
          You’re repeating this big lie, and since you have degrees and teach and are such a font of political and economic wisdom, you must certainly know this is a lie.  But for some reason, you’ve chosen to pretend that the money stolen from your children is being used to great effect.  For some strange reason, it’s more important for you to spread this propaganda, hoping to sell Team Pepsi over Team Coke a little more, rather than sitting down, looking your kids in the eyes and imagining the impact on their lives.  Why can’t you be a man about it, be a father, and put their future above the petty oneupsmanship.
          My daughter loves scary movies and scary stories.  When she was a couple years younger and would ask me to tell her a scary story, sometimes I’d wryly tell her, “Social Security is going to be bankrupt long before you retire.”  That was sure to get her eyes rolling, but in truth, it was far scarier than the R-rated movies we wouldn’t allow her to see.
          Little did I know that Bush’s Wars, TARP (both parties), Porkulus, Health Care Deform, and whatever is coming down the road is going to make Social Security a trivial matter by comparison.
          And, it’s not just about the future, but it’s also about people suffering today, drowning in taxes, facing higher insurance premiums today, or looking for work while Health Care Deform threatens employers with onerous new costs and regulations, giving them incentives to freeze hiring.
          So, go ahead and try to convince people that your messiah is going to go down in history as a great, swell guy.  Just remember that your great-great grandchildren, if they know the facts, will curse our generation for squandering the promise of America before they got a shot at the American dream.

      • Erp’s vision for America…remarkably in sync with that of THE ONE (who is one real crisis away from a mental collapse, IMNHO)…would have us and our children living shorter, darker, more ignorant, less comfortable, less interesting, more provincial, and more diseased lives.  In short, a giant step backward in our standard of living.
        That is a message we can take to our neighbors, families, and friends.  That is why we vote for rational people and ideas, and vote against irrational people and their ideas.
        We help people to understand BIG GOVERNMENT ruins.  Markets bring us an improved standard of living, and the ability to enjoy it.

        • I got a glimpse of Erb and Obama’s vision for America and it scared me half to death – not at the time, but in hindsight.  It was 1978, Carter was President and things were not going well for the home team.  I was a young captain in the Air Force stationed in the UK flying F-4s.  We were still a year away from the USSR invading Afghanistan but we were seeing the Soviets surging all over the world.  Cuban and even Chinese “advisors” were running rampant in Central America and Africa, and the Soviets were on a tank and airplane building spree to beat the band.  Our own forces were suffering heavily fom the Carter Administration’s decision to fund new systems at the expense of upkeep and maintenance/spare parts on the old.  50% of the F-4s I was flying in England were missing one or more engines – no spare parts.

          In the middle of this my wife and I took a trip to Berlin.  Our flight into Templehoff Airport was one I will never forget.  We arrived at 8 PM in late October and the visual contrast was extroardinary.  East Germany and what is commonly referred to as East Berlin, from the perspective of the aircraft we were flying in, was dark.  Nary a light, maybe a lonely streetlight scattered about casting a yellowish glow on an empty street, could be seen on a clear evening 10,000 feet over the passing countryside.  In the distance was a glittering beacon of light in the middle of a sea of dark – West Berlin.  And it was not only the lights but even at this height there could be seen surging crowds of people on the streets moving with and against the traffic but with a life that was hard to ignore, especially with the lifeless dark surrounding this lighted sea of humanity.  The contrast could not have been more stark.  And this was in a time when East Germany was referred to as a jewel in the Soviet firmament, by even writers in the West.  This contrast was a long time before we have had similar visions (North versus South Korea from the space shuttle comes to mind) of the difference between Capitalist countires and Socialist regimes.

          At the time I thought to myself that if East Germany reflected the jewel of the Socialist world, I swore that I would recommit my life to defeating any attempt to impart that vision on my own world.  The memory of that vision comes hard on me today and the world Obama and Erb sees for our country and our way of life, as I said, scares me half to death.

      • Granted, he’s more intelligent than Bush 43,

        Possibly more articulate, but even Bush could think rings around our ignorant narcissist-in-chief.

        • Agreed. Bush is an extremely bright man. Not an intellectual, thank God. Not a policy wonk. But he had very good instincts and his conceptual capacity and conceptual clarity were excellent. And that, not arrogance, gave him a lot of strength.

          Reagan was probably the smartest president of my experience. He studied issues very carefully; wrote down his positions; insisted on understanding what was in front of him. Milton Friedman, who spent a bit of time with him, said that Reagan was really smart, totally opposite of how the media tried to portray him.

          I think of Bush as being a good step down from Reagan. The late Richard John Neuhaus, who knew MLK very well and was an intimate friend of JPII, spent considerable time with Bush and said that he was very bright, understood the importance of ideas, and was not an intellectual.

          I also think that Bush respected the presidency, conducted himself in a dignified way, and had a pretty good idea of what he was up against on the Left, but never got over the top in that respect. He was an excellent CINC and you see on the front page of the Times today the attempt by that paper to give credit to Obama for the “Shadow War” against terrorism that was waged by Bush after 9/11. Bush had the good sense to keep quiet about it, because stealth was so important to its success, and he wanted success, not credit. But you see the Obama people talking it up in a way that had Bush people done that you would have had the usual cranks on the other side calling for his head.

    • If Obama is so intelligent, then he should release his academic records. Do you support that?

    • Thanks for proving my point about restoring balance to academia!

    • Bwahahaahahahahahaa!!!!!

      Erb, you truly are a moron. I seriously can’t tell whether Ott Scerb is a parody of you or you’re just a parody of yourself. The fact that the only citations you use are posts on your own blog are perfect evidence of your delusion. You know what, keep deluding yourself. You’ll be back here on November 3 trying to rationalize the absolute bloodbath that occurred the night before and we’ll be laughing at you just like we always do.

      • If the Republicans win, I’ll be here to patiently explain that the pendulum goes back and forth. And forth and back. And that’s wise analysis {analysis, analysis, analysis} from a political science and not a trite and obvious cliche more suitable to a junior high school editorial.

        But I suspect you’ll be surprised this fall. I suspect the Democrats are going to do much better than you think, especially when the “carve Obama on Rushmore” initiative gets into full swing. I suspect monkeys are going to fly out of Michelle’s butt. Which isn’t at all improbable, given the size of her butt. I suspect we’ll all be much more worried about an epidemic of giant magenta caterpillars with Sarah Palin’s face than we are about who is in control of Congress.

        Thank goodness I’m so much more in touch with reality than you guys.

        • Thank you Ott!

          You have shown me the error of my ways. I will now go to the library so I can study the intricacies of Post Modernism and become a thoughtful thinker and good citizen just like our beloved professor from Moose-land, I mean Maine.

          I will be right there at Rushmore with my hammer and chisel to help out with the carving of Our Dear Leader. Hope to see you there! 😉

  • Yes, Sonny. Santa Claus will bring you everything you want this year. Now go and play. The grownups would like to talk for a while.

  • The answer is straightforward, although few have the nerve to speak it out loud: secession.
    The fact is that we have a nation with irreconcilable, irreducible differences: one group wants greater government intervention or “assistance”, whereas another wants government shackled to a minimal role.
    There can be NO negotiation on views so basic and in such stark opposition.
    The only remaining option is to go our separate ways. It can be done peacefully; it need not be a re-play of the Civil War. If Czechoslovakia could divide into Slovakia and the Czech Republic, then we can certainly do it.

    • The option to secede was played and lost in the Civil War.  Do you really think these power-mad, liberal elitists are going let the most productive elements of society just walk away to set up a successful, New Republic beyond their parasitic grasp?

      The answer is simpler and less violent than secession.  It’s called “Going Galt”.  Organize your own affairs to insulate yourself from their intervention or intrusion.  Let’s see how well idiots like Erb “govern” when there is no one left to rule but themselves.

    • Secession is not decided.  And this is not 1860s America.
      Many of us, including Walter Williams, have been writing and talking about secession for decades.
      Recently, I read a piece by a scholar of governments who has studied the size of long-standing states.  Really large states, such as the U.S. are an aberration.   They tend to not last long, and for structural reasons independent of ideology.
      According to this theory, the U.S. is due to break up into smaller states.  Personally, I’d hate to see that happen, but I’d support it if my choice is to live under the domination of the Collective.
      In modern time, there is no need for secession to be violent.  Going Galt is much the same as my notion of STARVE THE BEAST, except the latter is more active and faster.  Both would be totally effective and non-violent.

    • Secession is far more possible now than in 1860 because we have seen many states break up, with the support of the USA for “self-determination.” There may even be something in the UN charter about that and nowadays the Supereme Court looks at such international law seriously.
      But, before that, maybe a Constitutional Convention?
      I also bet that within 5 years, politics will be very different – we will the emergence of cost-cutters in both Parties, ala Christie. There are numerous examples that show this is what happens when the SHTF.

      • “with the support of the USA for “self-determination.” ”

        How appropriate that multiculturalism would turn on its advocates.

  • <a href=””>Suffering Fools Lightly – gad-fly</a>
    McQ at QandO happened upon a Free Republic Reader’s comment that adds a counter-perspective to the the Obama debacle

  • I Stand on my Freedom Corners 4 nights a week trying to prod that % of the remaining 53% who voted for Obama that their economic and personal freedom are at risk;  so fire congress and start anew.   

  • Hehe I love unintentional irony.   The echo chamber residents whine about the lack of  education and thinking skills among the masses, then predictably respond to the prof’s arguments with ad hominems 🙂