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Observations: The Qando Podcast for 16 Aug 10

In this podcast, Bruce, Michael, and Dale discuss the troubling nature of Turkey’s re-alignment away from the West, and President Obama’s statements about the “Ground Zero” mosque.

The direct link to the podcast can be found here.


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5 Responses to Observations: The Qando Podcast for 16 Aug 10

  • A notably good discussion of Turkey, but without sufficient backgrounding that these problems began with the election of an Islamic party in 2002. That’s why Turkey has turned not so gradually away from secularist government and policies established after WWI by Attaturk and moved closer to the Islamic world. Otherwise it was a pretty thorough discussion.

    The discussion about the Ground Zero mosque was ridiculous. Franks used Kelo as a strawman. Let’s see, what could be the difference between taking land away from one party and giving it to another to further a government policy vs. restricting inappropriate uses of property? Would the various Manhattan boards be compelled to allow the construction of a garbage dump in that location? How about a semtex storage facility?

    Well, as a Manhattan resident I would take the garbage dump, and seriously consider the semtex facility, before I would take that mosque. A demonstrably triumphalist Islamic mosque placed at Ground Zero is more offensive than a garbage dump and more explosive, in the metaphorical sense, than the semtex facility. How many ways are there to say that? The mosque doesn’t belong there, and there is plenty of discretion in the NYC process to tell the developers “not there, go elsewhere.” New York City is huge, and New Yorkers are not stupid. An aggressive attempt to insult New Yorkers and Americans at what is effectively the site of a national memorial is about as appropriate as putting the John Wilkes Booth museum next to the Lincoln Memorial. Get some bloody common sense. And also recall that the essence of civil society is the much abused but nonetheless core concept of the common good. In street vernacular it is summarized by “you don’t sh!t where you eat.”

    There are no First Amendment issues here because there are no laws being passed that restrict the practice of Islam as a religion. That issue is not at play. It is a strawman. There are hundreds of mosques in NYC.

    McQ chooses the strawman of the ADL, which is completely marginal to this issue. You would have to believe that the ADL is some kind of big player in NYC. It’s not. Their twisted logic is available for any occasion and isn’t an exemplar of any consequence in this matter.

    What has happened in New York City politically is that the Slob Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has found another opportunity to be a drag queen for political correctness, and he’s been joined by assorted other politicians.

    • The mosque doesn’t belong there, and there is plenty of discretion in the NYC process to tell the developers “not there, go elsewhere.”
      So if you’re so versed in the NYC process, tell us then, if you were mayor, just how you would go about denying the owners of this private property to develop what they want – as long as it adheres to local zoning.  And remember, it must be able to survive litigation – no use in wasting tax dollars in a useless lawsuit.
      The proposed mosque, which I understand is not at ground zero but a few blocks away and isn’t even in sight of the locale, is not a garbage dump or anything that might physically harm other residents.  In fact, I understand that there porn shop located even closer to the site and that you can see it from ground zero.  Tell me, McPhillips, does that fit your “appropriate use of property”?  And if it doesn’t, whatever will you do about it?
      I agree with Franks, someone should open a gay bar or similar right next to the proposed mosque.  When property rights are to be considered, you fight fire with fire – not with the overreach and unconstrained power of the government; just like these babes did .  They’ll come for your place of worship next – they always do… eventually.