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Why aren’t Democrats running on their record?

Seriously? If, as the President touted in LA the other day, they’ve passed the most progressive agenda in decades, why in the world aren’t they trumpeting it to the hills?

Instead, as a headline notes in the POLITICO, “White House searches for villain”.  Apparently they’ve finally figured out that they’ve worn the “blame Bush” card out. However, instead of a strategy to remind the public what Congressional Democrats have done in this session of Congress, they’re looking for a bad guy on the other side to vilify instead.

You could write it off to their usual penchant for the politics of personal destruction and blame-shifting.  But it’s hard to blame Republicans for “obstruction” when you had majorities in both houses of Congress that nullified the GOP’s ability to do that.

So what’s up with them ignoring their own record?

Perhaps, as Thomas Sowell points out, it is how they accomplished that record and what that means that they’d rather play down instead of play up:

‘We the people" are the central concern of the Constitution, as well as its opening words, since it is a Constitution for a self-governing nation. But "we the people" are treated as an obstacle to circumvent by the current administration.

One way of circumventing the people is to rush legislation through Congress so fast that no one knows what is buried in it. Did you know that the so-called health care reform bill contained a provision creating a tax on people who buy and sell gold coins?

You might debate whether that tax is a good or a bad idea. But the whole point of burying it in legislation about medical insurance is to make sure "we the people" don’t even know about it, much less have a chance to debate it, before it becomes law.

The health care bill is the most prevalent example of what Sowell is talking about.  So intent were they on passing what liberal Democrats considered one of their most cherished ideological dreams they pulled out all the stops, invented procedures on the fly and essentially rammed this legislation through without even them knowing what all was in it. 

Debate?  There was none.  None. They wouldn’t allow it. And certainly none about what was in the bill and would become law of the land.  So we continue to find little nuggets of crap in the law as we wade through it.  Gold taxes for instance.

But his larger point is the important one here.  It is  what has spawned the Tea Parties and the anger throughout the nation that is now boiling over.  “We the People” – that would be anyone outside of DC – are simply tired of being ignored and having things imposed upon us by out of touch politicians.  And we’re certainly tired of seeing legislation passed as this Congress has done.

Another way we have our freedoms and liberties imposed upon is also been used by this and other Congresses:

Yet another ploy is to pass laws worded in vague generalities, leaving it up to the federal bureaucracies to issue specific regulations based on those laws. "We the people" can’t vote on bureaucrats. And, since it takes time for all the bureaucratic rules to be formulated and then put into practice, we won’t know what either the rules or their effects are prior to this fall’s elections when we vote for (or against) those who passed these clever laws.

Consider the EPA’s attempt to regulate greenhouse gasses by fiat.  If Congress can’t pass a law to regulate them because of popular opposition, well they’ll just reinterpret existing law to their benefit and try to do it anyway.

If you wonder why people think government is out of control, those are two good examples. 

Is it any wonder people see politics today as agenda driven for the benefit of the parties instead of the people?  Is it any wonder that people are feeling more and more like serfs and less like equal citizens?

Not since the Norman conquerors of England published their laws in French, for an English-speaking nation, centuries ago, has there been such contempt for the people’s right to know what laws were being imposed on them.

Until this government is drastically pared back to some basic functions, this is going to continue and get worse.  It is in many areas in which it has no business and it is consuming more and more of our GDP doing things it has no business doing.  If we’re not already bankrupt, runaway government is doing its level best to do so.

There’s a reason the Democrats are searching for a bad guy instead of running on their record.  They can sense something’s wrong, but they really can’t – for whatever reason – put their finger on it. Well, my guess is they can cloak the next villain in Nazi SS regalia and call him the worst thing since Adolph Hitler and it won’t matter a whit in November.

This has got to stop and “the people” have figured it out.  In November, methinks, they’re going to help the politicians figure it out as well.



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12 Responses to Why aren’t Democrats running on their record?

  • Thomas Sowell is a national treasure!
    Sadly, he writes what is obvious to so many Americans; our political class is out of control, detached from the people, and without effective constraint.
    And now they’re looking for a villain?  As another PR ploy to “earn” another term?
    As Rev. Wright said, “No, no, no…”!!!!

  • I saw last we that the JournoList crowd was wishing that George W. Bush would campaign for Republicans.
    Meanwhile, this mosque story has begun to consume the Democrats.  They always seem to find the side of the story that makes them look the most stupid.  Republicans should stand clear while they immolate themselves.
    This morning we have Pelosi asking for an investigation of the groups opposed to the mosque.  Is this woman this stupid ?  The better example of the Peter Principle could not be had elsewhere.

  • “Looking for a villain”?

    They’ve spent the past 2 years casting EVERY. SINGLE. THING. anyone opposing them has done or said as racisthomophobicantiIslamsexistracistracistracistRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST

    So basically, they’re looking for a villain?  Seems to me that they consider THE ENTIRE NATION as villains.

    They’ve been looking for the nemesis since day one, when Baracky decided to take on Limbaugh (and failed miserably)

    But something tells me they’ll settle on Sarah Palin before long.

    • shark, I think it might have been more accurate to say, “They’re looking for a villain that people will buy”.  My thinking is that the old crap is beginning to wear out now.  The Race MasterCard is overdrawn.  Only committed Collectivists think that BIG GOVERNMENT is the answer to everything, and they’re the only ones who believe the opposition is evil and crewwwwwal.
      None of their formerly effective crap is sticking any more, though not from lack of trying.

  • Kirk:Everything Harry tells you is a lie!”
    Harry:”Now listen to this carefully, Norman: I AM LYING!”

    To create a political Möbius loop that will have Progressives bewildered until after the election, George W. Bush should come out and agree completely with Obama on not just the Cordoba House, but his whole economic plan.
    Mosque supporters beg George W. Bush to come to Obama’s rescue

  • Some of the less rabidly statist dems find themselves in the position of a man who spends much more than he can afford on expensive jewelry for his wife:

    “B-b-but honey… I got it for YOU.  I know we are behind on the mortgage, we’ve maxed out our credit cards, and you lost your job last week but… don’t you like it???  You’ve always wanted one.  We’ll pay for it… somehow.”

    The rest are like gangsters who’ve bumped into a policeman or prosecutor who can’t be bought off and clearly doesn’t believe the “I’m just a simple businessman who runs a small olive oil importing business” schtick:  “OK, he won’t play ball.  So, maybe we’ll have to lean on him a little bit.  BWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!”

  • “It’s a loser issue — they have a big L on their foreheads. If that’s all they’ve got, it’s a pretty good indication of the problems that the Democrats face in 2010.” — Jeb Bush, New York Times