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Administration knew drilling moratorium would cost 23,000 jobs

In the middle of a recession, with joblessness hovering around the 10% mark, the Obama administration made a deliberate decision to impose a drilling moratorium knowing it would cost at least 23,000 jobs. Why?

Senior Obama administration officials concluded the federal moratorium on deepwater oil drilling would cost roughly 23,000 jobs, but went ahead with the ban because they didn’t trust the industry’s safety equipment and the government’s own inspection process, according to previously undisclosed documents.

Never mind the fact that an event like this had never happened before in deep water.   Never mind there were hundreds of deepwater wells functioning properly and well.  Never mind that those jobs were well paying jobs  and that through their elimination would cause ripple-effect unemployment down the supply chain.

Instead, deliberately trash the lives of 23,000 workers – and their families – because of unfounded fears.

Yeah, that’s leadership, isn’t it?

Asked to comment, a White House spokesman said the administration "well understood, and understands, the enormous importance of oil and gas to the region’s economy," but the potential economic risks from another spill to other elements of the Gulf economy—such as fishing and tourism—also informed the administration’s deliberations, "especially as spill-response resources were fully engaged to address the BP Deepwater Horizon spill."

What “potential economic risk”?  What was the “potential” for another such freakish accident?  Well the history of deepwater drilling says not very high at all.  And while I have some sympathy with the “our spill-response resources were fully engaged”, there were certainly ways to ensure that other operations were safe and following approved drilling procedures.

You know, like put freakin’ inspectors on the deepwater drilling rigs full time to ensure those procedures were followed to the letter.  Yeah, a bit of an imposition on the inspectors, but it would have saved 23,000 jobs.  So you tell them to suck it up or you’ll find someone who will.

Wondering: do these jobs go in the negative column of the jobs “created and saved” the Obama administration?


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13 Responses to Administration knew drilling moratorium would cost 23,000 jobs

  • Was there ever any doubt that this uber-liberal administration considers following their own political dictates to be of larger concern than joblessness?   And let’s face it; the reason that we’re hearing so much about this spill is because of the administration’s desire to use it to shut down as many oil delivery systems as possible.  Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t know the kind of economic impact that will have?  I tend to doubt it.

  • I would imagine the minute after the BP spill, every single drilling platform reviewed their safety regs and became extra vigilant. In any case, wasn’t the moratorium decision made months into this spill, when they could have already realized you did not need it?
    I will say that if they did not trust the operators or their own inspectors, and the problem was more likely to occur again, then it would have made sense, for example if a specific part used by everyone was the culprit.

    • It never made any sense at all, it is purely a hatefull attack at the people who most oppose the democratic agenda.

  • Heh – according to them, there’s no risk – no matter how bad the spill, the environment corrects itself a couple weeks after the errant  well has been capped.  What’s the problem all of a sudden? 

    Funny thing about lying isn’t it – most kids learn about getting caught in your own lies at a fairly early age.  I have to conclude it’s yet another thing big-ears was never held accountable for.

  • They were only looking out for the interests of The People. That is more important than a little temporary discomfort to some of the people. Omelets, eggs, etc.

    • Especially when it hits the red states.

    • Omelets, eggs, etc.
      I’d be more careful about quoting communists in the future, Tim.  It only makes you look more foolish than usual.

      • Why does quoting a Communist make one look any more foolish than quoting a capitalist, Christian, etc.?  Are you that narrow minded? In any event, that particular quote has long since passed into the public domain. If I am foolish to use it, I am in plentiful company.

  • I just wish The Dear Golfer would be so cautious when it comes to genuine threats / problems facing our country. 

    The Department of Defense announced today that it has contracted with Major Defense Contractor for five hundred new F-51 air superiority fighters.  This follows yesterday’s announcement of an increase in active Army strength of five combat brigades as well as two new nuclear-powered aircraft carriers for the Navy.  Senior Obama administration officials concluded that the increase in the Pentagon budget would raise defense spending by an additonal $585 billion over the next five years, but went ahead with the plans because they didn’t trust the intentions of the theocracy in Tehran or the reclusive ditatorship of Kim Jong-Il.