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Why consider the real problem when you can play the race card

Welcome to post-racial America:

CYNTHIA TUCKER, ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION: Well I think it may help the Democrats in some races this time, Chris, because some of the Tea Party candidates are so extreme. But there is another issue. There is, as Norah said, a whole lot of voter anger, discontent out there. We haven’t talked about the elephant in the room, and I don’t mean the Republicans: race. Changing demographics. Fear of a white minority.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: That’s so interesting.

TUCKER: Obama’s election has suddenly made many white Americans aware of the loss of a white majority.

MATTHEWS: That’s so interesting.

TUCKER: That’s what this crazy summer has been all about. Anti-mosque construction. Anti-immigrant ravings. It, that fear is very difficult for Obama to overcome.

As Noel Sheppard asks, then how do you explain the fact that 43% of “white America” voted for Obama or that he had 78% approval rating in January 2009 according to Gallup?

And, of course, it couldn’t be the rotten economy, the promise that the trillion dollar stimulus would fix it when it actually seems to have made it worse (or at least had no effect), or that the government took over car companies, has proposed trillion dollar deficit budgets as far as the eye can see, rammed an unpopular health care law down our throats and has seen no leadership whatsoever out of the White House could it?

Nope – it’s all about losing the “white majority” isn’t it?

An amazing conclusion that could only be cobbled together by a professional race baiter. And another in a long line of excuses tendered to explain the massive unpopularity of the liberal agenda.



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19 Responses to Why consider the real problem when you can play the race card

  • Well, if nothing else, this is self fulfilling.
    Seems that we’re screwed as long as we have a racially divisive President, ans screwed to want him to go away.
    We might as well just start calling him “Hitler”, the “Anti-Christ” or “Shaitan” to make things complete.
    The only other option is to fully embrace Obama by having Republicans thanks him over and over again for each and every policy or political initiative that Republicans can agree with … co-op the SOB till the Left rejects him.

    • He hasn’t exactly made the World Socialists happy …

      In the United States, the Obama administration is pursuing a strategy aimed at reviving production through the destruction of working class living standards. Mass unemployment—the greatest jobs crisis since the Second World War—is deliberately used to drive down wages and eliminate benefits. At the same time, Obama, elected on the basis of the hope that he would reverse the hated policies of the Bush administration, has expanded US wars abroad and the attack on democratic rights at home.
      There is an overwhelming sense among the broad mass of the people that the country is moving backwards. Even as a tiny aristocracy continues to enrich itself, factories are being closed, schools shut down, essential social services eliminated, and the basic necessities of life ever further out of reach. A “new normal” of double-digit unemployment and poverty-level wages is being proclaimed. The belief that the next generation would have a better life than the last—a centerpiece of the much vaunted but largely mythical “American Dream”—has evaporated.

      … but then again we know from the stuff above that the World Socialists are just racists.

  • In the punditry business, it’s considered bad form to question the essential wisdom of the American people. But at this point, it’s impossible to ignore the obvious: The American people are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats.
    Eugene Robinson

    I think we are seeing a meltdown in the Dem leadership and the liberal MSM. They are desperate to explain to themselves how Obama has so dramatically failed as FDR 2.0. They have no choice but to blame the rest of America.

    • One must admit, though, that the American people voted in Obama, and several generations before him, voted themselves largess from the public trough (apologies to several misappropriated historians).
      Obama was certainly not the first to ride the entitlement bandwagon, and Bush was not the first to play the welfare-state guilt assuagion.
      None of our politicians, past or present, was entered into office by anything by votes from the people, and many of them are now, undoubtedly, in the Tea Party.

  • Not to be a contrarian, but when I look at Obama it’s not his race I see that I dislike so much, but rather his peculiar similarity to George W. Bush.

  • This is the same psychology that led the ancients to postulate that the world was on the back of a turtle that was on the back of another turtle, etc., to infinity.

    In their case, their explanation of the world is that it’s  xenophobia, all the way down. No matter what the problem might be, the reason for it is that people are racists, nativists, and religious bigots.

    The irony to me is that, to the extent that there is any lingering racism in society, much of it is on the liberal side. The poisonous spew of a Cynthia Tucker is better evidence of racist thought than anything you’re likely to see at a Tea Party.

    • Heritic!!!!  The world is carried upon the back of four elephants, who ride the shell of the Great A’tuin through the mighty Void!    The Essential Pachy-Chelonian Truth of the Universe cannot, and will not be denied!

  • I encourage them to keep playing this card.  The more they play it, the faster it fades into meaningless.

    At any rate, I laugh when some obvious token starts decrying racism.

    • I’m going to wait till after the election, then when Democrat start complaining about Obama .. just drop in to call them racists.

  • No less than Christopher Hitchens voiced this same pap over a week ago in writing about Restoring Honor.  While I often love Hitchens, I found that piece remarkably dumb on any number of levels, and that he simply ignored a lot of facts to reach his conclusion.
    Tucker is an idiot of the first water, and has been since I’ve been aware of her.
    What all of this over-looks is that America is MORE post-racial than is the Collective.  We have every reason to be…that is who we’ve tended to be for a LONG time.  We are not, despite a sorry history in part, intrinsically racist or xenophobic.  SOME of American society has been, of course.  Much…even most…has not been.
    During its existence, the Collective has ALWAYS been about race…ALWAYS.
    That is certainly true now.  A simple test for Ms. Tucker; if Thomas Sowell stood for election against Hillary Clinton, would any of Obama’s most vigorous foes vote for Clinton because of race?  The answer is obvious, and slams the notion into the ground.

  • Early this morning, I read this article and it seemed illogical.  Tucker thinks the Tea Party Movement is all about demographics.  I have seen of evidence that claim.

    If it were, what positions would the Tea Party take on abortion?  After all, 80% of planned parenthood abortions are kill non-white babies.  At the three tea parties I attended, I never saw a Pro-Choice sign (not that some protesters do not support abortion on demand); it isn’t an issue.  Most of my tea party friends, like me, are Pro-Life.

    If Tea Party protesters were concerned about demographics, they would favor gun bans over the Second Amendment.  After all, gun violence is the leading cause of death among young black males.  Allowing them to defend themselves would increase non-white population.  Most Tea Party supporters are pro-Second Amendment.  Southern democrats banned black gun ownership until the 1960s.

    Attributing motive without evidence is an invitation to ridicule.  Ms Tucker is, in my opinion, beneath concern.

  • It strikes me that a psychologist would have considerable material if he chose to investigate the mental processes (read: illness) of the left.  What is it about them that makes them reflexively play the race card, to reflexively ignore reasonable expanations for opposition to their policies in favor of hateful explanations?

    Many people don’t like The Dear Golfer.  Is it because:

    1.  People regard his policies as unhelpful or even outright harmful, or;

    2.  He’s black and people are just mean ol’ bigots?

    The left has no problem choosing option (2).

    I’m with shark: keep playing the race card, guys.  Leave NO doubt in people’s minds just how stupid you are.

  • Well if you are a race baiter, and you get your audience by stirring up racial animosity, then that is what you do, and the election of a black president will not stop you.

  • Cynthia Tucker is weird.  In a profession where merit counts, she would be unemployed.  But, as an editorial writer for Cox News, she is held in high esteem, probably both because of her race and her extreme Marxist thinking.  If you ever take the time to write her about one of her columns, expect an extremely nasty response.  You are just not allowed to disagree with the princess.  You would never find her on a program where she has to defend her views.
    People go into the print media because they really want you to read their opinion, but they have no interest at all in your opinion or defending their opinion.  Examples are Tucker, Krugman, Frank Rich, …..