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Murkowski – willing to sell her political soul to stay in power

The Alaska GOP Senate race has been fascinating to watch.  Primary voters sent a pretty strong message to Washington – “we’re tired of business as usual and, as such, we’re turning out one of the “ruling elite””

Except being one of the “ruling elite” is akin to being a crackhead, apparently.  Unsatisfied that the people don’t want her as their Senatorial representative anymore, Lisa Murkowski first approached the Libertarian party asking for their nomination (already filled by the way by an actual libertarian). As presumptuous (and outrageous) as that was, she seemed miffed with the LP didn’t jump at the chance.

So, instead of gracefully acknowledging that she’s yesterday’s news and no longer wanted by the party of which she was supposedly a member and the people she represented, she’s decided not to endorse their candidate of choice, Joe Miller, and instead run as a write in.

And what’s the first thing she and her campaign staff did prior to announcing a write-in bid?  A little “business as usual” – hit the lobbyists in DC up for money:

Karen Knutson, Murkowski’s chief of staff, emailed scores of top lobbyists in town and employees at some of the largest oil companies – including Chevron, Conoco Phillips and Marathon Oil – to ask them to join the senator on a conference call Saturday, according to a copy of the e-mail and a recipient list obtained by POLITICO.

“To my friends in D.C. – if you are so inclined, please join us for a conference call with Lisa Murkowski tomorrow at 2:30 D.C. time and 10:30 Alaska time,” wrote Knutson. “She would love to have the chance to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. Please let me know if you intend to call in.”

Of course Knutson also wants them to have their checkbooks handy at the time of the call as well. 

And that wasn’t the only appeal the erstwhile “libertarian’s” campaign made:

Knutson also sent the invitation to Democratic superlobbyist Heather Podesta – a clue that Murkowski could seek bipartisan financial support in order to fund her write-in campaign. Federal Election Commission records show Podesta has been a consistent and generous Democratic political donor and has never given to Murkowski before.

Anyone want to bet she gets it this time?  After all, funding Murkowski’s effort only enhances the chances of the Democratic contender by helping split the Republican vote.  If Dems could snag that seat by helping Murkowski, it would be a coup.  And if Murkowski managed to pull of a write-in victory, she’d be beholden to those who financed her win. 

A win-win for Podesta and the Democrats, but certainly not the people of Alaska.  But more importantly it is an indication of addictive nature of the power certain personality types just can’t seem to give up gracefully.  And so they do things like Murkowski has committed too – unable to break their addiction to the power and perks of office.  They end up being willing to sacrifice their integrity, principles and dignity for another six year hit of their chosen drug – power.

They are definitely not the type person or personality any voter should be eager to return to office.  And every time one of them is identified, as is Murkowski, they should be summarily turned out and ignored.



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  • Except being one of the “ruling elite” is akin to being a crackhead, apparently. 

    Are you saying Murkowski needs another hit of that DC smack?

    Oh, sorry, smack is heroin, not cocaine.

    Given that crackheads seem to have more energy and Murkowski looks like she’s sedated every time I see her utter something in public, I still think smack is the better metaphor. But then delusions are more common with cocaine, and she has plenty of those. Or maybe, with her level of delusion, we ought to jump straight to LSD.

    • Then again, someone who is deep into an addiction can often appear muddled, confused, and even subdued.  Seems as if addiction to political power isn’t much different than any other.

    • I await with breathless anticipation Roves’ denunciation of Murkowski to be as strong as his denunciation of O’

      • I doubt that Rove has anything bad to say about O’Donnell, other than calling her a witch.

        Dems are just as bad if you recall Lieberman switching to independent. 

  • Ugly, but strangely excellent…!
    All this flushes Murky’s political proclivities out in the open (she’s a power whore…unprincipled).
    This simultaneously flushes her future as a Republican down the drain.
    AND it will, with some luck, siphon off Deemocrat donor funds that might otherwise be used for something that would get the results they want.

  • Best line I saw on this, “remember, you can’t spell Murkowski without c-*-n-t….”   Crude (and apologies for that!) but it seems accurate.  I love her reasoning on this – because the primary was “closed” to Republicans, it’s not fair to the entire state(???!????)

    Yeah…..right.  That’s the weakest steaming pile of BS I’ve ever heard, that’s something since I’ve read tons of Erb posts.

    Has the GOP stripped her of all senority and committee posts? If so,  WHY THE HELL NOT???

    Just another sorry power-hungry piece of trash to add to the list.  Again, I don’t care what happens with the seat, you can’t tell me we’re not better off without her given how she’s revealed herself.  Thank you Tea Party!

    PS- If Snowe wants to switch parties also, great!  GET THE EFF OUT NOW.  We’ll live without you. 

    • PS- If Snowe wants to switch parties also, great!  GET THE EFF OUT NOW.  We’ll live without you.

      Despite the resulting handwringing from the Frum/Noonan/Brooks/Lopez/Allahpundit/T. Coddington Van Voorhees crowd, when Snowe is either dumped from the office or switches parties, we will have passed a good milestone on the journey to have a real small-government party.

      These politics-as-football and politics-as-the-birthright-of-refined-people crowds really, really don’t get it. It’s just impossible to dig out of our current ticking-debt-bomb mess without people who are completely uncompromising about getting to smaller government.

      We’ve done things their way for my whole life, and look at the results. I don’t know that the tea party, take-no-prisoners approach will work, but damn it, we have to try something.

      Besides, that imbecile Erb says the Republican Party just can’t function with any significant influence from the “extremist” Tea Party crowd. Given his practically unblemished record of getting things wrong, his assertion alone is reason for hope.

      Murky Does Anchorage
      Thought you might enjoy that…

    • shark, I think I read yesterday that Murky was out of all her leadership (!?!) positions in the GOP caucus.

  • And these are the type of people we are supposed to support instead of those tea-party wackos. For our own good, of course. And for the children.

  • wonder what Rove and Dr K think about this?  What about the Buckley rule, isn’t this a case where Miller is the candidate that should be supported?  I expect them to come out strongly against Murky any…second…now………..

  • These events are a nutshell of why she’s there and who so has been beholding to all along.  It mirrors the entire Republican Party which is why the somewhat more dogmatically inspired Democrats politicians/media have been able to drag the political spectrum to the precipice of Soviet Marxism and the self-serving Republicans along with them just to the Right.
    Unfortunately I expect her to get a lot of campaign money and “other” money after the election win or lose.  Because the power brokers don’t want their Washington lackeys swept away.  And although Democrats are more the extortionists and a bigger headache, ultimately they are just as for sale once the spotlight is off an issue.

    • Unfortunately I expect her to get a lot of campaign money and “other” money after the election win or lose. Because the power brokers don’t want their Washington lackeys swept away.

      The political class takes care of its own. She won’t miss any meals, or any limo rides for that matter. She’ll have something to do after she moves out of her Senate office.

      They have to do that to ensure fealty from their members. They can’t have the defecting to the limited government side out of fear.  However…

      Once they detect that she doesn’t have a chance, I’m not sure she’ll see much in her campaign. The political class has a lot of challenges against them this year; resources will be spread thin.

  • 1. I hope the Alaska Republican party publishes a running tally of campaign donations to Murkowski. It’s important for the voters to know who is behind this candidacy.
    2. I think her candidacy is a joke. But I would not be surprised is she gets more votes than the Democrat.
    3. Miller should challenge her to a debate. And exclude the Democrat.

  • First Charlie Crist now Lisa Murkowski, can Mike Castle be far behind?
    And they will all tell you they are doing it for their state.
    I’ve read that Olympia Snowe isn’t happy with Castle’s defeat and there is speculation she could bolt for the left side.
    That may be the democrats plan to stay in power.

  • First Charlie Crist now Lisa Murkowski, can Mike Castle be far behind?

    And they will all tell you they are doing it for their state.

    I’ve read that Olympia Snowe isn’t happy with Castle’s defeat and there is speculation she could bolt for the left side.

  • These people have no integrity and no class. With Lieberman, it somehow felt better. Was that schadenfreude, or because he had some principled stands as opposed to being power-hungry?

    • I say the former.  He was also running as a viable candidate…not a spoiled spoiler.
      I’m reading some crap about how this is a conspiracy by establishment Republicans…which is simply bizarre.  Some bilge about “pattern recognition” from a sample of three out of…?…races.  Reminds me a lot of the story behind A Beautiful Mind.
      My fairly homely mind thinks it is about people who have spent decades or a lifetime in the power elite just being the whores for power they’ve learned to be…playing to type.

  • Reading through comments just now, it hit me what the real story on Murkowski is. She gets her information from the same biased sources as Erb.

    The New York Times and their junior partners in the leftist media such as the Post are pushing the narrative that the tea parties are extremist and in the minority. The real majority want “pragmatic compromises”, don’t ya know. 

    If those sources are they way you get your information, then thinking that Murkowski could win is a totally reasonable conclusion. According to the legacy media, those voters are just aching for someone like Murkowski, who deftly navigates the political winds with her impeccable moderate credentials, etc., ad nauseum. 

    That’s ridiculous, of course. This year is really different, and the head-in-the-sand big government advocates (in both parties) just don’t want to hear it.  When establishment politicians are losing from one end of the country to the other, that ought to be a clear indication of what’s happening. To those who live their lives insulated from reality and getting what little understanding of the outside world they have from left-leaning legacy media, it’s not.

    My cynical side says it won’t matter. The oleoginous Eric Cantor is trying to rebrand himself as a leader of the small-government forces via his “Young Guns” campaign, and I’m very afraid that the establishment Republicans like Cantor will indeed figure out a way to derail any significant change. Oh, they’ll do symbolic, silly stuff, but when it comes to the hard choices that would genuinely roll back government spending and debt, I’m totally convinced that people like Cantor will never, ever make them.

    No matter how well this fall goes for limited government candidates, it’s just the first phase in the fight. And the battles against the establishment Republican squishes who will try and water down the whole thing to meaningless in order to protect their own political class positions are just as much the opposition as the Democrats.

    • One thing about what you say bothers me a bit.  People…especially political animals…are not oblivious to swings in the mood of the electorate.  Some of them, at least, will remold themselves in fundamental ways to ride a cresting wave.  I don’t discount their capacity for that.  Consider Robert Byrd as one example.

    • The fact that they are rebranding means they know there is a a problem. Murkowski doesn’t even know there is a problem. The first step is recognizing there is a problem, so Cantor is one step ahead.

      • Ryan is one of the Young Guns. Even if he is establishment, his plan for reform was a breath of fresh air.

        • I thought it was a gust of fresh air…and damn gutsy…and damn well about time.
          BTW, what makes one “establishment”, and as opposed to what?

          • I have no idea what makes one establishment.

          • Personally, I consider a Republican to be “establishment” if he/she usually makes decisions that benefit the political class and their own career rather than benefitting the voters and the country as a whole.

            Note that motivation as they see it doesn’t have anything to do with it, nor does what they say. I don’t care why they think they’re taking an action. I only care about the results.

          • That’s totally reasonable and workable.  In that context, I think maybe we could agree that Ryan’s plan put him outside the “establishment”…in that instance.

  • The real exit question …
    Does Lisa Murkowski have some special vision, some mission from God that needs to be fulfilled or is she just plain crazy (cue Patsy Cline) ?
    Crazy, I’m crazy for feeling so lonely
    I’m crazy, crazy for feeling so blue
    I knew you’d love me as long as you wanted
    And then someday you’d leave me for somebody new

  • So let’s see, Crist bolts the party, Spector becomes a Democrat, Murkowski bolts the party, and Castle endorses the democrat.

    Do we see a pattern here among Rino’s  Remember that conservatives and libertarians were all told they had to support the rinos when they won the primaries because the Dems were so terrible.

    But when they lose, it’s time to take your ball and run home.

  • If I’m not mistaken, there are polls that indicate that, even in this tidal wave year, the GOP is more despised than the democrats among the electorate.  Murcowski and her stunt is part of the reason.  Who the hell wants to support a party that includes trash like that among its leadership????

    Jeffords, Spector, Crist, Castle, and Murcowsky… Are these totally self-absorbed scumbags the sort of politician attracted to the GOP???  If so, what does that say about the party???


    jpm100 [T]he power brokers don’t want their Washington lackeys swept away.

    Several people have made similar comments.  I absolutely agree.  With the rise of the Tea Party, we’re getting a really good look at the incestuous, corrupt nature of DC.  The only thing that the dems hate more the the GOP (and vice versa) is outsiders who threaten the cushy system that BOTH parties have built up over the years.  Ditto the lobbyists and MiniTru.

    Politician – “OMG!  These damned teabaggers might throw me out!!!  I’ve been in this office for twenty-four years!!!  I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO REAL WORK!!!  And what if they start actually investigating where the money really went???  They’ve gotta be stopped!”

    Lobbyist – “OMG!  These damned teabaggers might throw my favorite politicians out of office!!!  I’ve spent years paying them off, taking them golfing, getting them laid, and listening to their stupid jokes in order to get their votes!!!  NOW I’LL HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN WITH A BUNCH OF YAHOOS WHO DON’T KNOW HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED!!!  And what if they actually believe in that small government crap and WON’T cut deals for the industries and groups I represent???  They’ve gotta be stopped!”

    MiniTru – “OMG!  These damned teabaggers might throw my favorite politicians out of office!!!  I get all my exclusives and scoops from them and their aides!!!  Plus, I can influence their votes by what I print / broadcast about them!!!  NOW I’LL HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN WITH A BUNCH OF YAHOOS WHO DON’T KNOW HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED!!!  They’ve gotta be stopped!”

    • You pre-empted me. I was already working on a blog post comparing the reaction of this year’s establishment pols to the tea parties against the reaction of journalists to the rise of bloggers. I had the same feeling of deva vu over how the pols have been acting.

    • When I was young (and stupid), I overheard a fellow co-worker complaining that his local supervisors were awful/corrupt (you get the idea), so I said in true naivety, “why don’t you vote them out ?”
      His response was, “why would I want to to do that ?  If I get a new supervisor, they will have to start all over again stuffing their pockets.  With the current guys, at least, they already have their pockets pretty well filled already.”

  • We’re better off without them. Even if we’re in the minority. As mentioned before, a majority with Spectre, Collins, Snowe, Chaffee etc etc etc  is no majority at all.

    If we can’t have a true majority, I’ll settle for what is attainable – a minority sizeable enough to block the agenda. If we can’t reverse, lets at least stop the spread.  And if things go to hell in a handbasket, it’s not our fault.  Let the people get what they deserve.

    • A majority in name only, only allows blame to be assigned to you.
      There are some procedural advantages but I don’t believe they are worth the cost of the point above especially when you’ve really been in the minority all along you’re taking lumps.

  • my new line…”If returning tax rates to the 90’s is no big deal, then returning spending levels to 2006 should be no big deal either.”

  • Are her actions really so very different from Leiberman’s a few years back? He lost the primary, then went on to campaign as an independent. Should he not have bowed out gracefully as you would all have Murkowski do? I personally can’t stand Joe Leiberman, but he felt that he had a message and that the country needed his serviec, just as she Murkowski does today. She putsteh needs of  her country (as she sees them) in front of her party. Does your  desire to see the Republican machine roll onward trump what she sees as that need? I think not.