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Daily Archives: September 19, 2010

Establishment Republicans are still lost, and they’re still too clueless to know it

This quote from Susan Collins says more about what’s wrong with our current governing class than any single quote I’ve seen in the last few years.

Senate Republicans do not deny that Mr. DeMint has opened a rift. “It is a new and shocking development to have a member of our conference opposing incumbent Republicans,” Ms. Collins said….

Shocking, indeed! To think that someone in public office might actually stand by his principles and do what he thinks is good for the country instead of being loyal to the fellow members of the ruling class. Can’t have that, now, can we?

I have long maintained that our political class is far more loyal to each other than to the country or even their own voting base. Here is vivid proof. She genuinely believes that other members of her party ought to support her and her kind no matter what collectivist policies they support, and no matter how often they “reach across the aisle” to help the collectivist opposition.

Ms. Collins, since you have no governing principles of your own, I commend to you an examination of the man your are criticizing so strongly. With just a hint of perception and self-awareness, you might see what such principles look like.

Bill Clinton – “oops, I may have been wrong about passing health care”

Way back in April of this year, I noted that Bill Clinton had told the Democrats not to worry, that the American people would get over the passage of the health care legislation as soon as they saw how good it would be for them.

A good portion of them [Democrats] have deluded themselves into thinking Bill Clinton was right – that after they passed the legislation all the furor would subside and Americans would accept the new legislation – even embrace it.   The term “Judas goat” comes to mind.  And I think for those who bought into that nonsense, they realize they’ve certainly been led into the electoral slaughter pen. The Obama post law-signing sales tour has been anything but successful in changing the public’s perception of the law.  And it certainly hasn’t cooled the anger about its passage.

Guess what – nothing’s changed.  Well, except what Clinton is dining on these days … some crow:

Former president Bill Clinton, a champion of healthcare reform, admitted on Sunday that he made the wrong prediction about the popularity of President Obama’s healthcare bill.
Initially, Clinton had predicted that the polls in favor of Democrats would be boosted as soon as the legislation was signed into law. Instead, Clinton said on NBC’s "Meet the Press," his prediction was wrong for two reasons.

"First of all, the benefits of the bill are spread out of three or four years. It takes a long time to implement. And secondly, there has been an enormous and highly effective attack on it,” he said.

You be there has – and that attack has been based in the facts coming out about the new law.  In fact, the anger had gotten hotter as more and more people find out they were lied to, duped and frankly, steamrolled into a new system that doesn’t do any of the things they promised.

My guess is Clinton didn’t mention that.

Oh, and I loved this:

The former president said he thought the current commander in chief got "disoriented" for a while, but "I think he is getting his groove back now."

Uh, you mean because he’s out “campaigning” again and attacking Republicans.  Yup, that’s about the only “groove” the man owns.  Let’s see how that works in November.