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Quote of the Day – I’m exhausted defending you edition

She was probably not what the President wanted at one of his staged “town hall” meetings – but apparently they had to recruit people to fill the audience and this was one of the recruits:

"I’m one of your middle class Americans. And quite frankly, I’m exhausted. Exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for," a woman told President Obama at a town hall.

"My husband and I have joked for years that we thought we were well beyond the hot dogs and beans era of our lives, but, quite frankly, it’s starting to knock on our door and ring true that that might be where we’re headed again, and, quite frankly, Mr. President, I need you to answer this honestly. Is this my new reality?," she added.

This is probably one of the most obvious of the problems Obama and the Democrats face.  Note there’s not a word of “blame Bush” in this Obama supporters words – those quoted or unquoted.  She essentially says, “hey, you’ve sold me a bill of goods, or so it seems after 2 years”.  In fact, she also said she was “deeply disappointed with where we are right now”.

This disappointment is likely to translate into non-votes for Democrats.  Not necessarily votes for the GOP, but lack of votes for Democrats as the “deeply disappointed” and “exhausted” supporters (or former supporters) stay home.

The problem – as we’ve noted many times – is enthusiasm.  Relative to the right, there is none on the left, or certainly not as much or enough to get people to the polls.  In two short years, Obama and the Democrats have gone from owning significant and filibuster proof margins that seemed safe for quite some time to a vulnerable status that may see them in the minority in at least one chamber of Congress and with enough gains in the other to stall the president’s agenda.

Many of us, of course, see that as a feature, not a bug.

But again, I think this woman very articulately and succinctly puts the frustrations of not only the average American, but the average Obama supporter in focus.  She is the face of defeat and she tells them precisely why that’s so.

Very interesting.  The answer Obama gives is just as telling.  Make sure you listen to it as well.



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26 Responses to Quote of the Day – I’m exhausted defending you edition

  • The best part is that Obama calls an end to all the “racism” stuff
    I think when the unemployment rate is still high and people are having a tough time, it doesn’t matter if I was green, it doesn’t matter if I was purple. I think people would still be frustrated and understandably so

  • By 2012 she’ll be lucky if she can afford beans and hot dogs.

  • To the woman:  Own it;  own every last minute of your vote.

    • I’m for making everybody who voted for The Dear Golfer wear a badge of shame.  How about a del>scarlett commie red D (and “D” don’t stand for ‘democrat’, either, though the word is often synonomous!)?

  • His answer was pure drivel.  If Bush had given such an evasive non-answer to such a direct question, the press would have gone after him with tongs and a blowtorch.  It struck me as humorous that a very serious and responsible black woman was calling to task a younger black man who turned out to be “all show and no go”.

    • So, Obama is the responsible fiscal conservative now?
      What’s next?
      Obama becomes one of those crazy “birthers” his administration used to spend so much time attacking?
      But forget demanding to see his birth certificate or inquiring whether he was born in America.
      The real question is becoming: What planet is the guy from?

  • I smell a political ad opportunity: play the clip of that idiot woman from ’08 waxing lyrical that The Annointed One (as he was then known) would pay her mortgage and her fuel costs if he was elected.  Then play the clip of the woman asking if beans and hotdogs* are the new reality.  Let’s give is a working title, “So, how’s hope and change working out for YOU?”

    As for when the recession began and ended, three thoughts:

    1.  I agree with McQ: this is a VERY academic subject for people who can’t find a decent job

    2.  It underscores just what a waste Porkulus was.  Hell’s bells, the CBO predicted AT THE TIME that the recession would end by the end of ’09 even without Porkulus.  We flushed $850 billion that we don’t have right down the crapper.  That alone should see the democrat majority (and the idiot RINO’s who went along with them) right out of Congress at the earliest opportunity.

    3.  I the recession ended in late ’09, isn’t that due to Bush’s economic policies?  Everything else up to this day has been…


    (*) Actually, this was a fairly common – and rather popular – meal in my childhood.  Ah, the ’70s… Good times.  Good times.  Fried potatoes and hotdogs are also pretty good, too.  And don’t get me started on the wonders of Spam!

    • We flushed $850 billion that we don’t have right down the crapper.
      I have to disagree.
      This money allowed the federal government to help maintain the size of state and local governments and in the long term make them even more dependent on the federal government.  Instead of facing their fiscal problems, state and local governments were allowed to temporarily ignore them.
      It also allowed Obama to pay back all those little people who were looking to him for a “quid pro quo”

  • The disappointed lady still has to make one more leap.  The final leap is to stop investing hope in government officials or government agencies to produce tangible improvements in her life.  Once she does that, she will surely be enlightened.

    Right now, she is only half way there, and I don’t expect that she will go the rest of the way. 

    Note that she wants government to be the savior.  I would speculate that she still believes government can be the savior if only the process is executed properly.

    —Tom Nally, New Orleans

    • I have a single  bumper sticker on my car these days, given to me by a friend:

      Believe in yourself, not the government

      You wouldn’t believe how many favorable comments I get on it. Almost every time I stop for gas, I get one. Or loading groceries in the trunk.

      I checked Cafe Press. They have it.

      People are ready for this message. Past ready.

    • Note that she wants government to be the savior.

      One point that Scott Erb makes that I agree with is that any disappointment or frustration that the left feels towards Obama is because they feel he isn’t skewing far enough in their direction.  It’s important to remember that a lot of Obama supporters are upset, not because he has not done enough to fix things, but because he has not dug us into an even deeper hole.  They may not see it that way, but that is what it comes down to.  They are not learning the lesson that they should be learning.

      • The biog thing Erb ignores is that it is independents who have most changed their minds about Obama. No doubt Obama has lost support on the left, but his critical loses are among moderates.

        • True, and such losses among moderates are twice as bad. Lefties might get angry, but where are they going to go? At worst, they stay home. But moderates who get angry are a double-whammy against the Democrats, because many of them will actually vote for the opposition.

  • Notice how Baracky laughs at the beginning of “I’m exhausted of defending you….”

    He thought that coming from her, the next line would be “from those racist extremists” (or some variation)

    Pres. Lightweight thought he saw a softball coming and it turned into a nasty curve, and he utterly, utterly whiffed on the answer (way to carry the analogy all the way home!)

  • In politics, perceptions are reality.  By some gnat-straining egg-head definition of “recession”, the one Americans are STILL in may have ended last year.  That has NO relevance to Americans who KNOW they are living in a diminished America…the one DESIGNED by the Obami.

    What I wrote yesterday on the video.  What I didn’t get to write was on what Obama said in his response.  Something about the lady being the very type of person the government was looking to reward.
    That is OUT-FREAKING-RAGEOUS to EVEN THINK, much less say out loud.  The Federal government has NO business “rewarding” anyone (outside of law enforcement or the military, perhaps).  There is NO NEED…or even capacity…for government to reward people for making wise market or life choices.  There is ONLY the capacity to TAKE from one, and dole out to another.  By means plain or subtle, THAT was what Obama was talking about.
    Essentially, he was apologizing for not being able to do it as effectively as he wants. 

    On the brighter side, I think that lady was terrific, and that video a major milestone in the Unraveling.

    • “Something about the lady being the very type of person the government was looking to reward.”
      When Government is your wise, benevolent, all seeing, all knowing, all helping mom, you want to make sure the gold stars are going to the good kid Rags!   Not those gun toting, bible clutching, racist conservative, mouth breathing people from the red states.  Course the government is responsible for rewards!  A level playing field is not enough!  Reward those who think and say the the ‘right’ things, punish those who don’t.  Reward those who we determine haven’t been dealt the mystical ‘fair’ hand and do so at the cost of those who keep stacking the deck (even if they AREN’T aware they’ve BEEN stacking it because they believed in hard work and equality all along).

      • Well, and look at where Obama is straining to extend the dependency class…squarely into the UPPER middle income range of productive people.
        Consider this lady in the video; veteran, educated, CFO of at least a quasi-private enterprise (Rush was wrong, saying she worked of govt. ; no CFOs in govt. work), married, husband works, sending her kids to private school, thought she’d turned the corner a few years back, lost a lot of value in her 401k, now living a diminished life.
        By her choices, this lady is our natural ally.  She very nicely, courteously GUTTED Obama.  Like a lot of TEA Party people I know, her thinking is still muddy.  She seemed to approve some of the things Obama reeled off that “reward” her.  She and her husband very likely DO pay taxes, their combined income being THAT high.
        The Obamic trajectory is, of course, suicidal.  Which is one of the great insights of our time.  At last.

        • When you have TV adds that boast about the many programs available for getting you your ‘free government money” if you buy their spiffy book – or adds in the side bar on web sites (and I saw it here one day) for the ‘Obama “mom’s go back to school” ‘ loan program’, where they actually advertised you can use your loan to pay your rent!  Buy your groceries!  (here’s a thought, use it for school?  No..too radical….)
          What can you expect?  It’s not a surprise that these otherwise rational people think the government really OUGHT to be in charge of rewarding them for, essentially,  simply existing.
          I’m not pleased she asked the question, although it embarrassed the little liar,  I’m alarmed.   Think of where her head is – she wants to know what he’s doing to get HER out of the beans and hot dogs universe.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve NEVER EVER been of the opinion that the government (local, state or Federal) was responsible for my financial situation, other than hoping they might see their way clear to taking fewer tax dollars out of my income.
          So what does it say that she even thinks Obozo is the one to ASK, unless all she wants him to do is get the hell out of her way, and we both know, that’s not what she meant.  I doubt her belief that Obama is the one to do that started with Obama, she probably felt the same way about Bush, and Clinton, and Bush, and Reagan too.

          Great minds, and all that…
          Great, Now He’s the Rewarder-in-Chief

  • Who wants to bet that, regardless of the situation in 2012, she votes to re-elect Obeyme?