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The line to apologize for praising Castro and Communism in Cuba starts here

It’s a pretty long line. Or at least it ought to be. Given that even the Castro brothers have come clean about what a hellhole Cuba is, it is to be hoped that silly celebrity and religious types that served as Castro’s useful idiots will recognize their foolishness and apologize for it.

To help prod them along, I’ve developed a little standardized form we can use.


You are hereby invited to apologize for your unsupported and ill considered remarks about Cuba in ______, which were that:

Cuba is great because it has free health care
Cuba is great because it has free housing
Cuba is great because jobs are guaranteed
Castro is a genius
Castro is the kind of leader you wish you had in the US
Cuba shows that socialism works
Cuba’s economic problems all stem from the US trade blockade
It’s too bad that the brilliant, dynamic Che Guevara died young
Other _____________________________________________________

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We know how much you value honest, open discourse in the political sphere, and how eager you must be to set the record straight on your own misapprehensions.



Any enthusiastic volunteers are encouraged to complete the invitation and send it to appropriate recipients. Any list of invitees should at a minimum include:

Danny Glover
Steven Spielberg
Jack Nicholson
Harry Belafonte
Chevy Chase
Robert Redford
Ed Asner
Woody Harrelson
Shirley MacLaine
Kevin Costner
Tim Robbins
Sean Penn
Oliver Stone
Leaders of the Methodist Church, headed by Rev. Larry Pickens
Naomi Campbell
Spike Lee
Sidney Pollack (deceased)
Dan Rather
Pastors for Peace

Additions suggested by commenters:
Michael Moore (how could I have forgotten him!)
Carlos Santana
Leonardo DiCaprio
Alanis Morissette
Ted Turner
Jane Fonda
Jesse Jackson
Al Sharpton
Louis Farrakhan
The Congressional Black Caucus, highlighted by Diane Watson

Commenters are welcome to add to the list of invitees, and to suggest additional items for the checklist of things to apologize for.

(For those who are about to comment that these fools will never apologize, I know that. The left didn’t apologize for their useful idiocy to the Soviet Union, and Cuba is small potatoes next to that.)

**** Update 1:00 PM CST ****

In re-reading this, I just remembered that Sidney Pollack is dead. I guess he’s off the hook for any apologies.

38 Responses to The line to apologize for praising Castro and Communism in Cuba starts here

  • A good start but how in the world could you leave Michael Moore off that list?

  • Raul Castro declared recently, “We have to erase forever the notion that Cuba is the only country in the world where one can live without working.”

    Killing this idea in the US may require a separate queue of sinners

  • May I suggest Ted Turner and Jane  Fondle…er…Fonda…
    Shouldn’t Jimma Caaater be there, too…along with Revs. Sharpton, Jackson, and Wallis…maybe Min. Farakan?

  • For all entrepreneurs, I suggest that you get in on the ground floor for either “white paint” (the country seems not to have seen any in decades) and toilet paper (visitors should know it’s BYOTP — Bring Your Own Toilet Paper).

  • The Congressional Black Caucus

    “You can think whatever you want to about Fidel Castro, but he was one of the brightest leaders I have ever met.”  Diane Watson, California, Democrat, district 33

    And don’t forget, Castro & Chavez have praised Obama.

  • If this were Chicago or many other jurisdictions where fine agencies like ACORN help get out the vote sir, you wouldn’t be so quick to deny Mr. Sidney Pollack his Constitutional right to apologize just because he’s deceased!
    I bid you Good Day Sir!

  • The real funny part is the people on that list who are either homosexuals or consider themselves champions of homosexual rights. They have not bothered to educate themselves on what Castro did to gay people.

    He persecuted and tormented them.

    These people are not just stupid, they are morally bankrupt.

  • IIRC, the authors of The Black Book of Communism note that, after the demise of the USSR, a large British paper ran an editorial entitled, “Thanks for having tried.”

    This, I think, sums up the attitude of the left toward communist countries like Cuba: a great idea despite perhaps a teensy flaw or two in the execution.

    Come to think of it, I recall some of my fellow students in Latin American History (youngsters who had no personal recollection of the USSR, much less Cuba’s role as a Soviet surrogate) lamenting how any problems in Cuba (no phones, no lights, no motorcars) was solely due to the US embargo.  Never mind that Cuba traded with other countries who would have been happy to sell them anything they wanted: if there was a problem in Cuba, it was all Uncle Sam’s fault.

    I expect that the brothers Castro could issue a formal apology, signed in their own blood, stating that it was all a horrible mistake, that they are profoundly sorry for what they did, and that only an idiot would EVER support a communist regime in ANY country, and lefty fools and tools would STILL praise them and their hideous regime.

    BTW, given recent revelations about how many Chinese died during The Great Leap Forward, may we expect Tom Friedman to stop pining for the US to be more like Red China?  Or is the death toll a feature instead of a bug?

    • It’s as if they live in some alternate reality.

      If you polled a set of leftists and asked them to choose which is the worse person, Che Guevara or Sarah Palin, I’d put money on the table and bet that Palin would get the majority. They would enthusiastically embrace a ruthless butcher over a woman who happens to disagree with them politically. (This is a good idea for the next Evan Coyne Maloney film, I think.)

      Of course, the standard excuse for that is ignorance. They simply don’t know what sort of person Che was, and have an idealized view of him.

      Fine, but if they’re that d@mn ignorant, I don’t see why we need to take their opinion into consideration in the slightest. They can’t be reasoned with because they lack the ability to grasp basic facts to manipulate with reason.

      • There is such a thing as culpable ignorance, too.  I regularly prove people committed fraud by proving they should have known what they represented was false.
        There is also the ambit of reality that considers “Too stupid to live”.  It is somehow suspended for many of us in our youth, but only sometimes.  Sadly, many people who express that trait also vote.  An intractable flaw in democracy that can only be cured with education.  That’s why I think one of our prime priorities has to be teaching our friend, neighbors, co-workers, and even adversaries in a way that works.

      • Its their fantasy football politics. Just like when we dream of living in feudal Europe, everyone thinks they are a Baron and not a serf.

    • “perhaps a teensy flaw or two in the execution.”

      I demur. If there is one thing Communist regimes are known for it is their flawless executions.

      • Dark…but true…

      • Practice, practice, practice… They even awarded medals for it.

        [Vasili Mikhailovitch] Blokhin is recorded as having personally executed tens of thousands of prisoners by his own hand over a 26-year period—including 7,000 condemned Polish POWs in one protracted mass execution — making him ostensibly the most prolific official executioner in recorded world history.  He was awarded both the Order of the Badge of Honor (1937) and the Order of the Red Banner (1941).

  • Can’t quote either of them specifically, but Martin Sheen and Alan Alda have both bought into practically every other leftist idiocy I can think of, so they’re probably guilty of that one, too.

    • Sheen’s father came over from Cuba, so one would think he would know better. But he did go on record as supporting the five Castro henchmen who were put in prison for various spy/terrorism activities, so maybe not.

      I don’t know about Alda. Haven’t heard anything from him in a while, and I can’t recall him cozying to Castro, despite his leftish tendencies.

  • Much more in depth!!
    Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him — Humberto Fontova (

  • Ya’ll are just jealous cause Che has cool T-shirts and Palin doesn’t.
    And, that’s pretty much the extent of the average leftie’s knowledge of Che.

    • Palin is a threat to the left,  Che is just some murdering scum.  Of course Palin is much, much MUCH worse.

    • “Che has cool T-shirts and Palin doesn’t.”

      Uh, have you had your vision checked lately?  Any T-shirt Palin wears is muy cooler.  Unless you are into hairy male chests.

      Not that there is anything wrong with that.

      • Geeze Tim, not her IN t-shirts (wouldn’t want to objectify a hot older woman – younger than me :D, now would I?).  With her ample bosom and full lips and naughty librarian glasses she don’t need to be wearin T-shirts TOO.
        I’m talking about that cool Che -beret wearin, silhouette, black and white artsy, far away hee-roic lookin t-shirt that’s just so danged popular with all the cool know nothings (to me, it’s like wear a Stalin T-shirt extolling his many ‘virtues’).
        Clearly Sarah just don’t have a t-shirt look ON the t-shirt like Che has!   Besides only uncool unhip conservatives would wear a t-shirt with Palin on em anyway.  The sort of people who won’t even speculate that Trig is really her grandchild, not her son, I mean, come on!

    • Yes, but he’s neither a celebrity nor a religious figure. He’s just a garden variety leftist imbecile.

      • Erb not a celebrity, religious figure?  he has a cult following (sorta a cult that wishes he’d fall into a patch of poison ivy regularly or be nibbled by ducks every morning)!  He drinks the kool-aid on a daily basis!  He has his own ERB simulator program!  Okay, he doesn’t have a world-wide foot print, yet, but, as our head judas-goat academician type likes to say “I’m optimistic!”.
        His greatness is only obscured by his lack of proper advertising or opportunity to post a New York Times syndicated column like Paul Krugman!  I mean, what’s Keith Olberman or Dylan Rattigan got that Erb hasn’t got?