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California decriminalizes pot

Gov. Schwarzenegger has signed marijuana decriminalization bill. Now, one ounce or less of pot is a ticket infraction only. No court date, no arrest record.

In 32 days, we’ll see if the voters want to legalize it completely.

7 Responses to California decriminalizes pot

  • I don’t smoke pot, nor do I live in CA.  Nevertheless… good news on this Friday.
    Question is, will smokers start calling it 10-1 instead of 420?
    Cheers.  And smoke ’em if you got ’em … it’s all good, man.
    That reminds me… I gotta call my broker and tell him to buy stock in Frito-Lay.

  • Yeah.  more useless people being even more useless.  That’ll stimulate the economy.

  • Ahh, but will local municipalities turn this into a revenue generator. It could be far more profitable than red light cameras.

  • If I were mayor of a cash strapped California town, I would find an unoccupied government building and open a potporium, It would have some couches, some big screen tvs, and lots of snacks.  Then charge a small cover charge and a resonable price for good weed, and before long it would be a huge revenue generator.

    • The opium den redux. What next, government prostitution?

      I mean selling sex, since we already have gov’t. selling power and influence for money.

      • Well, better than letting a bunch of pimps get all the money, I mean, it is not like you are stopping it or even slowing it down with vice laws.

  • I had a friend from San Francisco who got busted there years ago for smoking pot in public. He had to go down to the police station. Nothing happened and he was released. The police did become annoyed, though, when he asked for his pipe back.