Free Markets, Free People

Dale’s Observations for 10/1/2010

I’m perfectly happy to let Nicky Diaz stay in the US, if we can deport Gloria Allred, instead.

EA gutlessly knuckles under to pressure on Medal of Honor. Apparently, we’re fighting the “OpFor” in Afghanistan.

Gov. Schwarzenegger has signed the implementation bills for Obamacare into law. And he did it like it was a good thing.

Why is this Whitman/Diaz story a problem for Whitman? Why hasn’t Diaz been arrested for perjury? Or just deported?

I said CA’s hi-speed rail project was stupid back in 2008, before the voters approved it. I was right.

The U.S. Commerce Department said consumer spending rose 0.4% in August while personal income rose 0.5%.

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