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Lefty rally falls short of Beck’s day

It appears the astroturfed "One Nation" rally – which was apparently organized by unions and socialist organizations – didn’t quite add up to the attendance hype despite claims to the contrary.

You did know that’s what this is all about didn’t you?

It was all about who could claim bragging rights as to who turned out the most.  If you don’t believe it, go read the links at memeorandum.  In fact, Nicole Belle at the aptly named “Crooks and Liars” lives up to the blog’s name. 

Dr. Blue has a cool animated gif that seems to settle the question of comparative crowd sizes. But just as interesting is the seeming attempts by some media outlets to make the crowd at least equal to the Beck rally.

AP had the story which included this paragraph:

Organizers claimed they had as many participants as Beck’s rally. But Saturday’s crowds were less dense and didn’t reach as far to the edges as they did during Beck’s rally. The National Park Service stopped providing official crowd estimates in the 1990s.

However, when MSNBC ran the AP’s story on it’s site, well, as Confederate Yankee points out, that paragraph didn’t make the cut.  Of course Ed Schultz, the lefty loudmouth who boasted he could turn out as many as Glen Beck, works at MSNBC.

And then there’s CSPAN’s choice of a crowd shot.  They either missed the fact that the picture they used to illustrate the “One Nation” rally had Gadsden flags all through it (i.e. the picture is that of the Beck rally), or they simply ignored them (or, I guess, thought no one would notice).

I offer all this up as a perfect case study in media complicity (some media) in carrying a narrative.  The narrative?  There is no enthusiasm gap, the left can turn out as many as the right.

Damn inconvenient that the crowd shots and other media reports don’t support the narrative, isn’t it?



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17 Responses to Lefty rally falls short of Beck’s day

  • Sadly for the leftys, the truth is that even with all those organizations subsidizing this event, they just didn’t measure up in turnout.  In that sense, they failed the test and they know it.  It is only one month until the election.

    • Does turnout really matter ?   They march for the show of numbers ?
      Obama is probably out golfing .. Congress is adjourned already.
      You have to wonder why they didn’t march on Disney World or the Grand Canyon .. at least they would have gotten something out of it.

  • Anybody remember the old Cold War story about Pravda‘s coverage of the Soviet ambassador losing to the British ambassador in a foot race?

    “The Soviet ambassador finished second.  The British ambassador finished second from last.”

    But, honestly, is anybody surprised?  MiniTru has been distorting and miscovering such events for years.  Let a half-million conservatives show up… and MiniTru will report 1/10 that number (if they bother to report it at all).  Let 50 lefty activists show up to a rally, and it’s frontpage news.

    In a similar fashion, check out the latest cover of Time: a special report on militia groups!

  • Does anybody know what these “marches” are really for ?
    I mean .. they have made the area around he Lincoln Memorial a non-provocative speech area (you can’t sing the National Anthem for goodness sacks) so these folks either break the law or speak in oval tones about nothing.
    At the end of the month we have the Jon Stewart’s “March for Sanity” … sanity as defined by whom ?
    We have become a nation of “designer marchers”

  • I went over and read through some of the comments on Crooks and Liars. They were, to put it mildly, delusional. As bad or worse than the stuff I used to see on Democratic Underground during the “Kerry really won Ohio” conspiracy theory discussions.

    • I’m really glad that I wasn’t the only one with that reaction…

    • The most fascinating thing about both the blog post and the comments is that they seem to be singularly focused on the number of people who showed up, and specifically on how this compares to the turnout for Beck’s rally.  No discussion about the event or about what it might mean for the country or for the progressive cause.  It reinforces the impression that the most important thing was to prove that either (1)anyone can get a lot of people to show up to a political rally or (2)that progressives have as much (or more) momentum as anyone else leading up to the mid-terms.

      • They feel their power slipping away, and for the left, everything is really about power. Can’t do all those wonderful, progressive things without power, don’t ya know.
        So they seek indications that they still have the power that they imagined Obama’s election gave them. They were really convinced that the US populace was just waiting for someone to explain how wonderful progressivism truly is, and how it squashes all the fat cats and empowers the average Joe, and all the rest of the stuff they believe with no basis in fact.
        Once that happened, they thought the rest would be easy. Just pass the laws and make the world right. Presto!
        It’s easy to maintain your delusions when you don’t have any power. You can just say “Well, if we had the power, we could use it to make the world so, so much better.” It’s a hard thing to deal with actually having power and seeing your delusions tested against reality.
        One defense mechanism is to retreat into sports metaphors and find a venue in which you can “keep score” against your opponents. Even better if it’s something for which there is no clear metric, but it looks like there is one. Crowd size is ideal for that.
        Which is a long-winded way of saying that they are obsessing about stuff like the size of crowds at their rallies because of the insecurities they feel in other aspects of their political lives.
        Everyone around here knows that I’m no great fan of Republicans. But I really detest today’s left. I’ll get some serious amusement from a GOP blowout more because of what it will do psychologically to the left, while not really expecting any tangible change in DC except more gridlock in the next two years.

  • Sadly, I have a 30 year old daughter who’s politics are somewhere to the left of Che Gueverra.  She went to the rally (she also attended the Beck Rally – after attending the Left’s Counter-Rally on the day).  She claimed the rally was “at least equal in attendace to the Beck rally.” 

    When shown the two overhead pictures showing the difference between the two rallies, her response was “Who are you going to believe?  Me or your lying eyes?”

    My response, “Sadly, my own eyes.”

    • I looked carefully at the two pictures – it’s clear that the Washington was actually smaller in the Beck rally photo, evidenced by the trees and lakes to the left and right of the reflecting pool taking up less room in the photo. One of the things hidden in the Obamacare legislation was an expansion of the dimensions of Washington, which was scheduled to take place on October 1st of this year.  As a result of the smaller size of Washington on the day of the Beck rally, it took fewer people to fill up what appears to be the same area around the reflecting pool.  The evidence is clear, you just have to understand how it works.  This is what larger government means, more space for everyone!
      Anyone got Kool-aid left?

  • Of course the One Nation rally was bigger! We have the socially manufactured consensus already – Beck’s rally was about 75,000, as I’ve told you many times before, and the One Nation rally of compassionate leftists that are not either mostly communists and socialists was over 250,000. It will be on Wikipedia that way as soon as things settle down there, which makes it inviolate truth. Suck on it.

    One Nation was also more authentically grassroots, since everyone knows the tea partiers were paid to come in. In addition, One Nation attendees left no trash to be cleaned up while the extreme Tea Partiers, after their extreme speakers finished their extreme remarks about how we all need to become extreme, left mountains of trash. Again, socially constructed consensus, guys, which you cannot argue with according to the holy writ of post-modernism.

    Now, don’t start up with the photos comparing the two on size or trash. That’s just more of your grunt engineer lying. Besides, as CSPAN showed us, the photos can just be switched around to support the socially constructed multiple truth necessary.

    Photos certainly don’t count compared to the sincere observations of those who actually attended, and they have an intense intuition that One Nation was bigger. That’s all the evidence we need.

    I was too busy cleaning the giant magenta caterpillars with Sarah Palin’s face out of my basement to go, but I know these things because of my advanced degrees and judgment honed by years of experience teaching political science and having intense discussions in the faculty lounge about whether righties are the as evil as Hitler, which is the opinion of the Marxists, or simply bamboozled by corporate interests, as pragmatic moderate leftists like me believe. Either way, of course, we need to tell them what to do because they’re not fit to think for themselves.

    • I like the new suit, orange polka dots are YOU man, they really are.

      • Well, thanks, but I must defer the credit to an anonymous benefactor who commented under the name OFrnd in a thread on Sept 16th and left me a new avatar. His wonderful retouching skills brought out the true inner me.

        • Well, the hair certainly owes a great deal to post-modernism.

          • Are you implying that I have a receding hairline? That is absolutely not the case. It’s just that the hair above my forehead is experiencing quantum effects and in a condition of Hindenberg Uncertainty and is superposing and stuff like that, so it’s hard to tell whether it’s there. I have a socially constructed multiple truth about that, which has been completely validated in the faculty lounge.

            Besides, my wife, who is not either a Soviet deep cover agent, and who I most definitely did not get through a Russian bride service, says she likes my hair. She says it makes me look intelligent. At least, that’s what I think she’s saying, though sometimes with her accent, it’s hard to tell.

          • Ah, that’s why it appears sorta like an orange pink instance of Schrodinglemeyer’s cat that isn’t alive any more.   All that super posing and such….phew, I was thinking there was some less scientific reason behind it.