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Progress by fiat

The Obama administration is considering requiring US car makers to meet a CAFE requirement of 62 MPG by 2025. That is, of course how progress usually works: A beneficent, wise, all-knowing, government authority makes a decree, and the world magically changes to accommodate the desires of our political overlords.

Of course, it’s perfectly possible to make 62 MPG cars now. They just have to have tiny engines, and be extremely small and light. Who wouldn’t want that?

On the other hand, maybe steam-powered vehicles will make a big comeback.

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11 Responses to Progress by fiat

  • Let’s start by banning all but cars that can do 62 MPG from parking lots of federal buildings, including

  • 62?  Why not 63????

  • As long as they aren’t all Fiats.  I especially loved working on an old Fiat 850, which got about 2 days to the gallon, because of all of the down-time.

  • Actually that’s a very difficult number to meet in anything with a roof.  Things came sort of close a while back when Fuel Economy was important but emissions and safety requirements had just started to ratchet up.  Then regs and customer demand softened a bit on Fuel Economy but safety and emissions regs kept ratcheting up. 

    So no, those numbers will be very difficult to meet if the vehicle in question has a roof or more than 2 people.   Not even electric vehicles which will likely have a carbon equivalent MPG rating by 2025 could make it unless you go nuclear.   So this isn’t a conspiracy to force you into electric vehicles. 

    This is about forcing the poor and middle class out of personal vehicles and into shoebox apartments in the city using mass transit.  The rich will pay the fine on the cars that don’t make the regs.  Or buy some of the German luxury cars that seem to have gotten themselves exempted from our CAFE regs.  

    • WHat it means is endless subsidies for a nationalized domestic automobile industry and it’s union parasitical work force. There is no possibility that they can meet these requirements.

  • I see a few Smart cars from time to time. Ok so if somehow magically we all drove these go carts, multi-vehicle casualty figure might not go up much but in a mixed vehicle world, there is no way that I will drive or ride in one of those. Also drivers don’t just run into each other, they run into trees, curbs, buildings, etc… When all NHTSA, EPA, etc… people buy, drive, and ride in these clown cars with their 2.2 children and groceries, I’ll take another look.

  • You whining grunt engineer types never seem to understand your role in modern American society. We wise leftists just keep having to explain it to you, and all we get in return is whining about big government.

    Look, we have done the hard part and committed society to these noble aims. Through the goodness of our hearts and our godlike powers of political science, we attained control over the machinery of government. Why do you think we did that? To listen to you guys whine?

    Just as with healthcare, we have a clear division of roles and responsibilities. Our role is to set the direction for society. Our advanced degrees and advanced state of enlightenment make us qualified for that. Why, it’s even visible, when you gaze on Obama and see his christlike visage.

    Your role is to bear down and do the grunt engineering to reach these goals. And to stop whining while you do it, of course. Because all you have to is follow our glorious five year plans fifteen year plans, and you too can be a part of our march to glorious leftist utopia.

    Don’t you want to be a part of this wonderful march of progress? Don’t you want to save our planet and cut down on oil imports at the same time? Don’t you want to help our citizens have options to get out of those awful SUVs they drive? Probably not, because you’re mean.

  • I don’t see a problem. The lawyers say it must be thus, as the laws says that, thus it shall be so.

    Let the engineers in China figure it out.

  • Apparently, the only laws this administration can’t abide are the laws of thermodynamics.