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QandO hits 7,000,000 visits

Somewhere in the night, QandO rolled 7,000,000 visits. We continue to get about 1,000,000 a year.   Not what some of the “big boy” blogs get, but a pretty darn good average. Along with those 7,000,000, we’ve now surpassed 10,000,000 page views. That’s about a page and a half viewed per visit.  And our average visit length is 1:43 – which is pretty darn good.

Thanks to all that have and continue to visit, thanks to all the commenters who keep a vibrant and entertaining community alive. So, let’s work on 8,000,000.



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9 Responses to QandO hits 7,000,000 visits

  • Congrats!
    Just think, if you had a million dollars for each of those hits, you could almost balance the budget!

  • Gratz!

  • It is a great record.  The 1.5 page views probably means half of us go onto the comments,

    • That’s because we have the absolute best group of commenters of any political site on the web. And I mean that in a totally serious, not-trying-to-suck-up manner.
      The commenters here add greatly to the discussion, generally stay on point, and offer a nice variety of intelligent perspectives. With one notable exception, of course.
      Most political blogs either have only a handful of comments per post, or if they become popular, every post gets deluged with borderline comment spam that’s tedious and time-wasting to wade through. I don’t know exactly how QandO manages to walk the narrow path between those possibilities, but it’s been successful at it for years.

      • I agree. In fact, I write a lot of posts just to solicit comments. I’ve been told on more than one occasions that our community of commenters is one of the best on the net. That’s one of the reasons I always thank ya’ll when I roll out our annual “state of the blog” numbers.

  • Excellent, McQ!!!
    Of course you know that…according to Crooks And Liars…my blog gets 7,000,000 hits an hour

  • I’m dibbing 8,000,000  now!  See ya then 😉

  • Congrats on the milestone.  Thank you to the whole crew at Q&O for your efforts.