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VFW and VFWPAC come to a crossroads

Veterans of Foreign Wars National Commander Richard Eubank, Sr. Vice Commander Richard DeNoyer, and Jr. Vice Commander John E. Hamilton, all appear miffed at the political endorsements made by the VFW’s independent political action committee. The endorsement of Barbara Boxer (D-CA), known colloquially as “Senator Ma’am” seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. They now say they’ll be putting the question of the PAC’s termination to the membership.

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7 Responses to VFW and VFWPAC come to a crossroads

  • Did I read right that they had kicked the can down the road on this membership vote?  Something about next year?

    • The damage is done this year.   Who would have believed they would bother to endorse Alan Grayson ?

    • The VFW National Convention is only held once per year (August) and that is where the PAC will be dissolved IF these endorsements don’t dissolve the VFW before then.  I, and many of my post’s membership, are considering leaving the VFW over this.
      This year’s endorsements weren’t the first time we have been embarrassed by our PAC.  John Murtha was endorsed in the last election and he is well known among veterans for having been a full blown traitor.

  • holy spit! this must be an example of O’Sullivans law.  How the hell could anyone connected to the military endorse left wing slimeballs like that?

  • damn straight

  • As a Vietnam Vet and a Life Member all I can say is we members can accomplish the same thing with our leaders as we are about to do in three weeks on Nov. 2nd with the present Administration who has elected to ignore the will of the people. The VFW belongs to the Veterans who served this Great Nation, it is a unique membership that is not afraid to take adversity head-on!