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Wasserman Schultz – Obama creating more jobs than in entire Bush presidency (update)

Tis the season where absurd and wild claims are made (to be fair – by both sides) hoping they’ll hold up at least until the election has passed. Some, however, just are too off the wall and blow up immediately upon being uttered. An example is this claim by Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

“On the pace that we’re on with job creation in the last four months — if we continue on that pace — all the leading economists say it is likely that we will — we will have created more jobs in this year than in the entire Bush Presidency,” Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat from Weston, said on FOX News.

On its face, you immediately say –wait a minute, that can’t be true.  To make that claim, one has to ignore the jobs lost prior to the “last four months” and disregard the total jobs created during the Bush era.  Obviously the same process was going on during the Bush administration (job losses vs. job gains) which ended with a net positive.  Wasserman Schultz would like you to ignore the meaning of “net” and job loss numbers in favor of only focusing on the pace of job creation.  And I’m not sure she’s right about that.

As Veronique de Rugy points out over at NRO, while the jobs picture during the Bush administration was nothing to brag about, there’s no way that Wasserman Shultz’s claim has any credibility in the face of an economy that has shed almost 3 million jobs in the private sector during Obama’s presidency. 

In effect, it’s a shot at getting a meme started with low information voters hoping they’ll accept it at face value and it will influence their vote.  You have to love the “all the leading economists” appeal to authority she dropped in there.  But if you want hard numbers, well, forget it. 

They do exist however.  Instead of providing them (you can see them in de Rugy’s post at NRO), a graph will do a much better job of pointing out the absolute nonsense of the Wasserman Schultz claim.  While it is possible that more than 675,000 jobs created in the next 4 months somewhere, as we just saw with the latest numbers, the economy is still shedding jobs (95,000).  It is the net that counts – not just one side of the ledger. If you “create” 1,000,000 jobs but lose 2,000,000 during the same period, it’s a net loss.  And that’s what we continue to suffer right now.   So her’s is an empty and meaningless claim that is disingenuous because ignores the whole picture in a transparent attempt to drag the left’s favorite punching bag back into the argument.



While total employment rose slightly (675,000 net jobs) during the Bush presidency, most of it was government employment.  During the Obama presidency there’s been no overall growth of employment except slightly at the federal government level and no net increase.  What Wasserman Shultz wants you to ignore is the blue bar on the left and the negative net job numbers we continue to see.   If you do that, the claim sounds good.  If you don’t, then her claim is nonsense.  

Bottom line is Wasserman Schultz’s claim is selective statistical nonsense, but I expect to see it somewhere, sometime repeated as gospel. 

UPDATE: Dale sends along the Bureau of Labor Statistics spread sheet which shows:

  • From Jan 01 to Jan 09, a net of 1,080,000 jobs were created.
  • From Jan 09 to present, 3,348,000 jobs have been lost.
  • The low point in non-farm employment was Dec 09, when there were 129,588,000 payroll jobs
  • Since that low, 613,000 jobs have been created.
  • There are 580,000 fewer payroll jobs today than there were in January of 2000.

Make sure you understand that last line.  In a nation that has increased its population during the last 10 years, we have a net job loss of 580,000 jobs since 2000.



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17 Responses to Wasserman Schultz – Obama creating more jobs than in entire Bush presidency (update)

  • Like GE for example, receiving $24+ million in TARP funds, and increasing jobs by….uh, whups…uh….increasing…uh….the number of people with opportunities to work in other places by 18,000+!!!!
    Uh….uh…..But just THINK of how bad it would have been if Obama hadn’t passed the stimulus! Damn those Republicans, what a mess they made!

  • Who exactly is the “we” she is referring to?  Presumably it is the Democrats currently in power, i.e. loosely speaking the government.  For all intents and purposes the only jobs that the government “creates” are government jobs (I am ignoring the generally non-rpoductive compliance, legal, etc. jobs created by new government rules).  Jobs in the private sector are virtually all created by actors in that sector, not be government actors.  In other words, the government should not be taking credit for creating any non-government jobs.  If she is speaking of government jobs, then it would be true that the Obama-Pelosi regime has created a lot of US government jobs, but I doubt that even that eclipses Bush’s two terms.

    You are absolutely correct, this is another politician uttering a nonsensical nontruth in the hopes that some gullible sector of the electorate ignorantly factors it in to their decision on who to vote for.

    • Speaking of compliance, the recent progressive complaints about the Koch brothers political spending sparked my memory. I recall reading a book by Charles Koch about their business. One of their basic tenets is compliance. They absolutely do not compromise on compliance. Now, seeing as how the progressives think regulation is such a great thing, why are they attacking the owners of a company that also see compliance as vital (perhaps for different reasons) ? The evil oil companies might have skipped some steps, but these guys are sticklers for following the government rules.

  • Remember what Bush’s unemployment rate was?  And how “high” it was considered?

    Now we have “funemployment”

  • Funniest burb since …

  • This is not new for her.  If you google interviews with her she has been saying this for many weeks/months.

  • **You are not being fair to President Obama! He has increased government by 25% to increase jobs! We can always use more IRS Agents. In the private sector he has also done more to stimulate sales for Gun manufacturers and private ownership of firearms than any other President in history. It is a matter of indisputable sceintific factual concenses that the unemployment rate would be well over 30% if not for his record  number of jobs saved. Face it folks. He is the best job creator since Joseph Stalin!——-CONEY
    **All facts for this comment were derived from The New York Times

  • She also believed it back when I told her I’d respect her in the morning.

  • McQT’is the season where absurd and wild claims are made (to be fair – by both sides) hoping they’ll hold up at least until the election has passed. Some, however, just are too off the wall and blow up immediately upon being uttered.

    I often wonder how many politicians say things that they know are fundamentally untrue and how many of them actually believe what they are saying.  And which is worse?

    I’ve seen this fool Wasserman Schultz (with a last name(s) like that, can we accuse her of being a nazi sympathizer?) before, notably during the health takeover debate.  IIRC, she was blathering something then about diabetes treatment and how much better it would be when Uncle Sugar was completely in charge.  I’m not sure if she’s a fool, a liar, or both.

    I also have to wonder about the bozos in her district for electing her.


  • what i don’t understand is why nobody ever calls them on it.  I don’t expect that on MSNBC but i heard some talking head repeat this same quote on fox news and nobody stood up and asked them if they were high, stupid, or just making it up.  Perhaps we’ve grown to polite and PC to call liars what they are.

    • They only ask pointed questions of GOP candidates…like “maybe your money came from criminals and communists” ala Maddow.

  • I’m suspicious of any of the self-serving numbers that come out of government, especially jobs, money, unemployment, GNP, GDP…

  • Wouldn’t it be a nice thing if it were possible to really boost the economy by borrow and spend?  Why we would never have to have a recession, Just spend more! Unemployment would cease to exist, there would be no need for Welfare, but you would spend the money anyway.  And if we ever got in trouble, just borrow and spend a little more.  Paradise!

    Wouldn’t that be great?  Meanwhile, the adults will have to pick up the pieces after these spoiled brats have screwed everything up.

    • I saw a “fact” from the Heritage Foundation that Obama has added more to our deficit than all the presidents from Washington to Regan combined. — Of course, they couldn’t add Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. into their equation cuz that would make Obama look like a fiscal conservative.