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What a strange election

Democratic Rep Jim Marshall from here in GA (GA08) has an ad out which says it all:

"Georgia is a long way from San Francisco," drawls the narrator, over images of dancing hippies.

"Jim Marshall doesn’t support Nancy Pelosi," says the narrator, citing a finding that Marshall voted with Republican leaders 65% of the time."

How desperate is that?

If those two things are important campaign issues, then electing someone from the GOP should easily maintain the non-support of Pelosi and most likely up the percentage of votes with the GOP leadership, shouldn’t it?

Heh …



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8 Responses to What a strange election

  • Yet some things are entirely predictable, such as hard-core blue states (NY, IL) not getting their military ballots sent out on time….

  • The Chamber of Commerce supports Jim Marshall

  • After November, we will see the Tea Party influence the Democrats more. “3rd Party” positions are traditionally ignored until they are popular – then they are adopted by the major parties. Not to mention something called fiscal reality is taking effect, starting in some states like NJ, and eventually will affect everyone.
    Look for more fiscally conservative, “grow the economy” Democrats to make their appearance.

    • Yeah, but you could never trust them. Hell you can’t trust Republicans most of the time. But you can’t trust the Donks to do the right thing except under duress.

      • Yes, however, in the case of the Tea Party, they are not actually a third party. It could and should simply act as a political force to help or hurt candidates depending on their position.  Like the NRA for example, which has been  very successful.

  • If supporting Nancy pelosi is so bad, then why not get a Republican and go for more than 65% ?