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It’s not us, it’s them …

The "smartest man in the room" strikes again:

"Part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now, and facts and science and argument do not seem to be winning the day all the time, is because we’re hard-wired not to always think clearly when we’re scared," Obama told the assembled Democrats, who paid $15,200 a person to attend. "And the country is scared."

Ye gods – who knew we were getting a psychiatrist-in-chief when Obama was elected? He’s certainly no commander-in-chief so I suppose this will have to do. We, the "bitter clingers" are at it again.

Obviously the resistance he and the Democrats are encountering comes from our ignorance not their enlightened rule.  Now we’re scared and reactionary – unable to process how wonderful the things Democrats have done really are.  We can’t clearly comprehend that trillion dollar deficit budgets for the next 10 years are a “good thing”.  We can’t fathom that increased government intrusion into our lives at every level is for our benefit.  Obviously we’re just too dumb to understand the “science” that drives the cap-and-tax debate.  And we’re so on edge we clearly can’t comprehend the “arguments” which justify government take-overs of car companies and the health care system.

Good grief.  You really have to wonder what country this man grew up in, because I’m seriously doubting it was the US I grew up in and learned about before the liberal portion of my generation took over the schools.

It is never the ideas, concepts or policies that are the problem – it is, it seems, always the dumbass citizens who don’t “get” what these wonderful politicians are trying to do for them.  Forget that old and outdated belief in self-reliance and government in the role of night watchman.  It is obsolete.  It is no longer a government of the people designed to serve the people as a protector of individual rights.  Under this evolving concept of government, the people are there to serve government.  It is the collective that holds the exalted position, not the individual.  And “rights” are government’s to define, not nature.

The concept of governance which made the US the most successful nation in the world is nearing it conclusion and the people are resisting it. Why? Because they’re just not thinking clearly and are scared.

What a load of horseapples.



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21 Responses to It’s not us, it’s them …

  • Well, I guess telling us that we’re “scared” is a step up from “bitter”, “racist”, and even stupid.  Baby steps, Barry, baby steps.

    / sarc

    Has there been a president in the past half-century or more who was so openly contemptuous of the American people?  Who effectively said, on a pretty regular basis, “You are just too damned dumb to appreciate how wonderful I and my policies are”?  Oh, I’m sure that they all FELT it at some time, but I can’t remember any of them being so stupidly arrogant as to SAY it.

    It’s always “the message” and, by extension, the stupidity of the voters with the dems these days.  Lucky for the dems that MiniTru is not only in the tank for them, but even shares their reflexive disdain for the ignorant, uncomprehending hoipoloi: otherwise, they’d be looking at losing 150 seats in the friggin’ House this November.

    And it really IS disdain for the people.  What, after all, is the central message of liberalism:  “You are too ignorant, weak, helpless, and (really) dumb to know how to take care of yourself, so we’ll do it for you.  Yes, that might mean having to do things that you don’t really like (such as going to the doctor that WE find for you), but just keep in mind: IT’S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.”

    • I blame the Media Industrial Complex.  They have failed to tell us what is in ObamaCare … like it would help.

    • Has there been a president in the past half-century or more who was so openly contemptuous of the American people?

      Has there ever been? Ever?
      Okay, maybe Woodrow Wilson.
      Or FDR?
      Or LBJ?

  • Funny, I thought when one was afraid the survival instinct kicks in and the person takes the appropriate steps to survive.  Humans are pretty good at this.

    I would suggest to Obama that people are afraid and hence they are thinking clearly.  More clear than in recent history.

  • As always, this isn’t Obama’s fault. He thinks like me, and understands intuitively, with his christlike visage and his chin-pulling compassion, what you dense righties are feeling.

    Chief pyschiatrist? He has to be! Given how many of you thick righties are ex-military types wigged out from the stress to the point that you can’t think clearly, Obama has to provide the soothing voice of reason and calm.

    Besides, what else can he do to save his majority of wise leftists from the predations of extremist tea partiers and their extremely extremist positions? Somehow, this tiny group of extremist fanatics has managed to actually threaten pragmatic moderate leftist Democrat politicians, and threaten our glorious march to leftist utopia.

    And don’t start up with how it doesn’t make sense that a small, fanatic, extremist minority can muster enough votes to win elections and throw out establishment politicians! It’s astroturf! Corporate money is doing it all! Much of it foreign! And don’t you DARE start up with how the Democrats take in more foreign money than Republicans! Both sides do it, but it’s awful when Republicans do it and just a mild oversight of no consequence when Democrats do it. I decree it.

    Yes, the right is scared because the glorious election of Obama has led to a near-death experience for their extremist faction. So they’re thrashing around with their last energy before they experience a well-deserved political death and we never have to deal with their extreme extremism again. As I’ve said, the Republicans might very well have peaked too early, and might only win twenty seats in the House and two or three Senate seats. It could happen, I tell you! They’ve peaked too early, I say! And that’s not either facile, content-free nonsense! It’s analysis {analysis, analysis, analysis} informed by my advanced degrees and godlike powers of political science!

    For real analysis on this election, you should come on over to my blog and read my predictions. I put forth all the scenarios. And that’s not either so I can crow about being right no matter what happens! Stop saying that! It’s analysis, I tell you!

    Yes, I’m feeling optimistic. Just imagine how I’ll be able to come here and crow if the Republicans don’t have a huge election. No matter how well they do, I’m sure I can find some dense rightie somewhere who predicted that they would do even better, and I’ll use that as my basis to crow about how things just are not nearly as good for you thick righties as you think. Plus I can do a chin pulling piece about how it doesn’t really mean anything to have more Republicans since Obama can just veto anything they put forth, and they’ll probably over-react and shut down the government link that ogre Gingrinch did, and thus assure Obama’s victory in 2012.

    And I’m not either imagining what I’ll say about all of that as I drift off to sleep at night! I’m not, I tell you! I don’t have time for that. I have to figure out ever new ways to keep the magenta caterpillars with Sarah Palin’s face and ample bosom from taking over my house. And car. And office.

  • “we’re hard-wired not to always think clearly when we’re scared,””
    Oh, really?  REALLY?
    Well, THAT explains what’s been going on with the President for the last two years very nicely.  I’m surprised he could come down off his pedestal long enough to be that introspective.   Well, probably not, so maybe Michelle suggested it to him.

  • Who you gonna believe?

    Øbama or your lying eyes?

  • “we’re hard-wired not to always think clearly when we’re scared”.

     I thought Obama,  Pelosi, Reid, et al. were ignorant partisan political hacks before the election, when I wasn’t scared. I guess I’ll stick with that, since I must have been thinking clearly then.

  • “it’s because we’re hard-wired not to always think clearly when we’re scared…”
    Huh, well that explains how you got elected in 2008, Mr. President.

  • And someone should remind Madam  dumb ass that Bush hasn’t been President for 2 years –

    “We have lost millions of jobs to outsourcing under President Bush. We don’t intend to repeat that policy – no matter how much money the Chamber of Commerce dumps into our elections,”

    • It sort of reminds me of the eternal criticism about generals always fighting the last war.

    • Have they done anything to stop outsourcing? No.
      In fact, some of them make big money in China, or their family does. Feinstein comes to mind.

    • Someone should tell Madam Dumbass that jobs, primarily low end,  have been going overseas since the end of World War II, which is how the Pacific Rim became the bastion of cheap goods.
      As GE’s former CEO Jack We,lch shortly before his retirement, said (approximately), “In the 21st Century, do you want to be making toasters, or MRI’s and Jet Engines?”.

  • In a sort of “not us” and “them” side show re Dale’s post last week  – the VFW has taken an action on the VFW-PAC.

  • This attitude of disdain for the common people is nothing new. Check out todays Conservatives on Fire’s post and see what Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist had to say about the teeming masses.

    • Absolutely.  I would even say that the American people often deserve some disdain (I certainly was slopping over with it after that dark, dark day of rampant stupidity back in November ’08).  However, a smart politician simply DOESN’T SAY IT.  “Vote for me, you friggin’ morons!” isn’t exactly the world’s greatest political pitch.

      Once again, we see the disconnect between rhetoric and reality: the Lightworker, the uniter, the post-partisan smartest man in the room turns out to be not only arrogant and contemptuous of his country and people, but also stupid enough to say so publicly and repeatedly.  Even democrats aren’t stupid enough to swallow that forever.