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ObamaCare – Boeing to increase health insurance costs for workers

As the monstrosity that is ObamaCare is gradually phased in, expect to see more and more companies saying this:

"The newly enacted health care reform legislation, while intended to expand access to care for millions of uninsured Americans, is also adding cost pressure as requirements of the new law are phased in over the next several years," wrote Rick Stephens, Boeing’s senior vice president for human resources.

And with that, Boeing has informed its workers that their premiums will be going up.  Why?  Well they have a “Cadillac” plan apparently:

Spokeswoman Karen Forte said the Boeing plan is more generous than what its closest competitors offer, and the company was concerned it would get hit with a new tax under the law.

The tax on so-called "Cadillac" health plans doesn’t take effect until 2018, but employers are already beginning to assess their exposure because it is hefty: at 40 percent of the value above $10,200 for individual coverage and $27,500 for a family plan.

Of course, that’s just not “fair”, is it? 

One has to wonder, though, if Boeing may not be playing a little politics here, following McDonald’s example – make this visible and see if the administration won’t do for them what it did for McDonalds … issue them a waiver.

After all the administration that arbitrarily enforces the law in other areas certainly would trade a waiver for better PR as they did with Mickey D’s, wouldn’t they.



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7 Responses to ObamaCare – Boeing to increase health insurance costs for workers

  • Boeing? That enterprise stuck in two super liberal locations (Seattle and Chicago)?
    The key, of course, will be how well Boeing plays the “Political Entrepreneurship” gambit.  Since they are not a union shop, I’d not hold out any hope. If history is any indication, they (Boeing) will certainly try, but even the narcissist in charge knows that might spark political blow-back. Then, too, he probably doesn’t give a damn, knowing the voters will have forgotten it all by next Friday.
    /not cynicism

    • Boeing not a union shop? Uh, don’t think that’s right Sharpshooter. And note the article points out that the increases effect only nonunion personnel.

      • Correct: I was thinking of the non-union personnel, not the company as a whole
        IIUTC, it’s going to get interesting to see how different employees, in the same company, get treated.

  • Boeing is definitely a union shop.

  • McQthe administration that arbitrarily enforces the law

     This is a key point, one that underscores the lasting damage that this regime will do to our country.  The libs have succeeded in convincing a large fraction of our people that the law – the basis of ANY civilized society – is a thing to be twisted or outright ignored in pursuit of some Greater Good.  Whether it’s hiring lobbyists in spite of a much-ballyhooed policy against such, nullifying contract law with regard to mortgages or stock ownership, selective prosecutions, or granting arbitrary “waivers”, the libs have made a mockery of the rule of law.  This is an unsustainable path for any country, including our own.  I suppose I could invoke Alinsky, but I frankly don’t think that most libs are smart enough to be this purposeful.  Like little children when Mommy isn’t looking, they ignore the rules when it serves their purposes to do so, little thinking about the long-term consequences.

    Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot:

    “Citing concerns about the impact on employment and international competetiveness, the (generic Republican) administration has decided to waive (major corporation’s) federal taxes this year.”

  • I wonder how this will play in the (tight) Washington Senate race.  I would think this is an opening for Rossi.