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Quote of the day – Bill Clinton gap edition

You’ve gotta love Bubba – when he’s not losing nuclear launch codes, or entertaining interns, he’s engaged in some pretty hilarious rationalization:

“This election is about whether you want to reverse all the things that we’ve done,” Clinton said. “Because there’s always a time lag between when you do the right thing and you feel better. We’re in the gap here. This election is occurring in the gap."

Yeah, because given time we’ll absolutely be delighted with spending 3 trillion dollars we don’t have in 2 years with trillions more to come over the next 10 years.   We’ll thrive on jacked up health insurance bills.  And the anti-business atmosphere – a wonderful thing which is definitely settling the markets and getting businesses to commit their money toward recovery.  “Lean forward” and you’ll just get more of the same.

The only “gap” evident to me is that between the ears of anyone who buys into Clinton’s nonsense.  But hey, it’s Bubba – a man never much acquainted with the truth.



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7 Responses to Quote of the day – Bill Clinton gap edition

  • I think Bill has a point–there is a gap. The gap is the delay in benifits, and some will have benifits under Obamacare.

    Medicare and SS didn’t have or need this gap, so his historical claim that there always is one is false.

    From our side, we need to dump Obamacare before the benifits kick in. The left is skilled at defending entitlements by appealing to those who benifit from the entitlements. Welfare was partly reformed becuase the welfare class doesn’t vote, but SS and Medicare are golden because old white people are reliable voters.

    Of course, one could argue that the benifits of SS and Medicare don’t outweigh the costs, and that they lock you into bad systems, but that isn’t the perception of those who are on the recieving end of these programs. They just know how long they paid in and that they now want what is “theirs”.

    • Well, first, I guess, you have to consider what is coming a “benefit” to buy into the gap theory.

      • You have a point. From what I understand Obamacare’s benifits really amount to expanded Medicaid for some, the donut hole elimination, etc. I’m not aware of any benifits in the law that will anchor it like SS and Medicare.

        From what I can tell it will simply break our insurance based system, and the left hopes that they will be asked to fix it via a full on commie system.

  • “This election is about whether you want to reverse all the things that we’ve done,” Clinton said.

    Yes.  Yes we do.  Next issue, please.

  • Because there’s always a time lag between when you do the right thing and you feel better.

    Has Slick Willie ever done “the right thing” in his life unless there was something in it for him???  So how would HE know what it feels like???

    But I digress.  I suggest that he’s arguing from a false premise: doing the right thing generally IMMEDIATELY makes a person feel better.  I don’t say that aren’t often accompanying regrets, but virtue IS it’s own reward.

    We DIDN’T do “the right thing” with ObamaCare.  Rather, it was foisted off on us by an especially arrogant and corrupt congressional majority, led headed by a particularly ambitious, radical president.  There’s nothing to feel good about here for most Americans.  Even the dubious claim of “giving health care to everybody” carries with it the knowledge that the cost, both in money and damage to our health care system, will be catastrophic.

    No, we’re not in a “gap” of, “We did the right thing.  It was hard, but we’ll learn to be proud of what we did.” 

    It’s more like, “We got f*cked.  We know it.  We know who did it.  They are about to learn that payback is a b*tch.”

  • Maybe he’s forgetting about the reverse of this: buying a new toy on a credit card and enjoying it for a while until the bill comes.